Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Slush Head


By this time in 2012, we only had two characters representing the divisive New Adventures of He-Man cartoon: Optikk and Icarius.  I totally understand because while the cartoon did have its fans, I think there are more haters out there than fans.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think the characters shouldn’t have their time in the spotlight.  The Four Horsemen had proved already that their updated takes on characters, new and old to plastic, kicked ass and that meant that I welcomed many different characters from various corners of the Masters of the Universe world.

I thought Optikk was a cool mutant/bad guy and I welcomed him into my collection.  Icarius, while a dull character, was a really well done figure. To bring more people on board with New Adventures, the Four Horsemen needed another knock-out.  Slush Head appeared in May of 2012 hoping to be that figure.

The bio really doesn’t explain too much about the character.  Kalamarr (cool name) got his head encased in a dome how? Why does he have the mechanical arms? What lead him to a life of crime? How exactly did he meet up with Skeletor? I found this one to be a lazily written bio.

First thing first: I really like the overall design of this figure. I think he’s a stunning bad guy and if I was a kid when this rendition of the figure came out, I think he be one of my favourites. If I was a kid and I had a monster with huge mechanical arms and all the features this figure has, I’d be in heaven.

Some of the attention to detail on this figure is great.  Although it shares many parts, particularly with Whiplash, the armor has great mechanical detailing and the backpack area also features the same.  I really like the how it all meshes high-tech with a DIY look.  The two mechanical claws fit perfectly into the backpack.

I know companies don’t have to go the extra mile with some details, but I have to say I really like the extra money spent on the wiring/detail that go over Slush Head’s forearms.

Slushhead’s two mechanical arms (that make me want to either play Bionic Commando or tell this character he needs more like Dr. Octopus) can rotate 360 degrees at the back pack.  The wrench arm has no articulation while the clamp one does.


What makes Slush Head different is the ability to add water to his dome.  As you can see from the picture below, it’s as easy as pulling out the plug from the dome and adding water.  Draining it and making it dry again takes forever, though.  Thankfully my figure will always have water in its dome and I don’t have to worry about it drying or what the water may potentially do to the figure.

Some didn’t like the fact that this feature prohibited the figure from being able to turn its head left and right.  I could care less because I really liked the feature and it made a figure I had absolutely no nostalgic attachment to gain some cred with me.

Slush Head has a weapon that can be used and displayed as two separate ones: a gun and axe.  No matter what what you display the weapon, he looks pretty cool with it because it’s large and the detailing on it is pretty intricate.   Some paint on it really would have made it pop.

I know some of the unique tooling must have eaten up some of the cost related to this figure but I wish he could have had had two unique weapons.  I suppose the open hand was sculpted to help represent his wrath when using his mechanical arms and thus negating the need for more than the upgrade to his vintage weapon (not to mention keeping him in line with his vintage counterpart).

As mentioned, the lack of being able to move the figure’s head does hamper some posing but for this feature, I had a great time posing him in a variety in attacking or resting positions.  The ability to move the mechanical arms around above and underneath the figure’s arms really does add more diversity to how you can display it.

I still stand by my thoughts on the cartoon (that I don’t think it’s that good), but with Slush Head, I thought Matty, MOTUC, and the Four Horsemen had another hit on their hands.  He may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I know there are many out there who wouldn’t (or won’t) give the figure a chance due to its attachment to the particular cannon of Masters of the Universe.  Just like Optikk, the excellent work on this figure made me want more Space Mutants into my collection.