WWE Survivor Series 2017 Predictions



Source: WWE.com

I haven’t written about WWE since the last PPV, Battleground. Hell, I didn’t even write up the results and my thoughts on it. One part has been I’ve had such a busy month at work and at home right after the PPV, I haven’t had as much time for the site, especially taking the time to write about wrestling – all my figure reviews get more hits.

As well, while two matches saved Battleground, the event really didn’t do much for me. The next night on Raw, WWE began their build to Survivor Series with Smackdown’s “siege” on Raw. That just made me shake my head and I wasn’t writing about the whole “brand vs. brand” garbage again for the next couple of weeks like I did last year.

The whole notion of “brand loyalty” between Raw and Smackdown is so unbelievable; it takes me out of the whole bubble I’m supposed to be in when watching WWE programming. It’s so absurd, my mind won’t let me enjoy it even though I know it’s all fake.

You’re telling me we have wrestlers in the ring and backstage fighting alongside each other who absolutely despised one another not even a week prior all working together because of the show they’re on? A show they could be traded to and from over the course of two years? Seeing some of the wrestlers working side by side, like Strowman and Reigns, who have wanted to basically murder each other over the past year, would never happen on other TV shows.

What is the motivation here? Why would anyone want to fight for Stephanie McMahon? She does nothing but berate and talk down to her roster. Why would anyone want to fight on behalf of Shane McMahon? He has taken wrestler’s time on TV and their spots on PPVs!

Another thing: if you wanted your wrestlers on your team that represent your brand at their best to face off against the other brand, why in the holy hell would you book them in matches that could injure them or could piss them off at you? That especially goes for the week leading up to the big show (excuse the pun).   All of this makes absolutely no sense!!!

When AJ Styles won the WWE Championship on Smackdown almost two weeks ago, I knew I had to watch Survivor Series.  I mean, I was going to, but that match got me excited.  As of right now, I’m intrigued to see how they are going to book the show and where WWE will be going into the holidays – usually a lull time for them as they await the first Raw in the new year to kick off the trek to the Royal Rumble.  It may make for some good TV!

You’d think Smackdown would be booked come out on top in most matches because they’ve shoved Smackdown being called “the B show” so much that if they don’t perform, it’ll definitely hurt Smackdown in so many people’s minds.  Then again, with the focus on Stephanie and Kurt and what will happen between Shane and Daniel Bryan on the programs after the PPV, I’m sure most wins or losses won’t really matter anyway – just like last year.


Enzo Amore (Champ) vs. Kalisto – WWE Cruiserweight Championship
(Kickoff Match)

Source: WWE.com

This isn’t a brand vs. brand match, so I understand why it’s getting put on the Kickoff Show.  I really don’t care about either guy and I just don’t see WWE taking the belt off their newly turned mouthpiece – especially against Kalisto.  Rumor has it Neville will be finding his way back to the company and I wouldn’t be surprised that he makes his reintroduction after the match ends to a huge pop, turning him face.

Winner: Enzo Amore


The Miz (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Baron Corbin (United States Champion)

Source: WWE.com

I don’t think WWE has built up this match enough.  They let these two go at it on social media and that’s it.  While Corbin should come out on top here due to the difference in strength and size, you can never count The Miz out and that’s why I’m picking him to win – he just always seems to get out of intense situations.

Winner: The Miz


5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Women’s Elimination Match

Source: WWE.com

Team Raw is totally stacked here.  There’s no way Carmella, Tamina, and Naomi can hold a candle anyone on Team Raw besides Alicia Fox.  Natalya could be placed on Team Smackdown but could we see a return of someone else?  Could Brie Bella come back? Maybe Paige is showing up on the Smackdown roster to add more Star Power.   Is there an NXT call-up we don’t know about? I think I’m going to put my money on Paige returning. (EDIT – WWE announced it IS Natalya).

Unless Team Raw totally implodes here with infighting and miscommunication, there’s no way they can lose here.

Winners: Team Raw


The Shield vs. The New Day

Source: WWE.com

Ugh…two factions I have no interest in.  Roman Reigns is a part of The Shield and that’s enough for me to know where WWE is going with this.  That’s really all I have to say.

Winners: The Shield


Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Source: WWE.com

With the addition of Charlotte to this match, the prediction just got easier.  While Bliss is a favourite of mine now, when you compare her in-ring ability to Charlotte’s, there’s no comparison.  I just wonder if Carmella could still cash in her Money in the Bank opportunity here.

Winner: Charlotte


Cesaro & Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

Source: WWE.com

Hot damn! Thank goodness they took the belts off of Rollins and Ambrose and moved Sheamus and Cesaro into this match because this one is going to be a contender for the match of the night.  The Usos haven’t had a bad match in ages and I think I can say Sheamus and Cesaro always seem to perform well.  Putting these two together will be a treat and I think this will be one of Smackdown‘s big wins for the night.

Winners: The Usos


5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Men’s Elimination Match

Source: WWE.com

I could probably write a whole piece about what’s wrong with this match.  I think it’s pretty obvious but why would Shane, someone who isn’t a wrestler, put himself on a team that he wants to win?  You think he has any chance against anyone on Team Raw? That’s f’n laughable.

We have boring Randy Orton on Team Smackdown so that brings my interest down for that team. I hope Bobby Roode turns on the team, particularly on Orton, because that’s the program that makes the most sense coming out of this show.

Shinsuke Nakamura hasn’t been built up enough yet so he just seems “there” and nothing more than an entrance for people to get excited about.  Mind you, Nakamura will be magic in the ring against anyone on Team Raw and that will be a big plus for the action in this match.

Last, we have John Cena, a “free agent,” whose point or purpose of being on Team Smackdown has not been explained. Why would he care about any of this if he is a free agent?  Why would he align himself with Smackdown over Raw? Why couldn’t other people be a part of this team? Dolph Ziggler comes to mind – someone who has performed well at previous Survivor Series shows.

On Team Raw, Angle and HHH are past their prime and shouldn’t be taking up more spots the younger wrestlers on Raw should be taking.  Balor and Joe shouldn’t be on the same team because of the animosity between them.  Finally, Strowman shouldn’t be even part of a “team.”  He should be portrayed as a monster only interested in winning, destruction, and becoming champion.

There is nothing on the line in this match that makes anyone really invested in this match, except Angle’s career as GM.  The same goes for the whole card! Bragging rights mean nothing because except for the Raw and/or Smackdown after, WWE will move onto new story lines. A stipulation for either show should be on the line for each match or for the show with the total of matches won.  I guess when the McMahons are the focus on the shows and behind the curtain, you can’t do much.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will have something to do with this match. Will they be Smackdown‘s saving grace or will they not give two middle fingers and help Raw get the win?

Winners: Team Raw


Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) vs. AJ Styles (WWE Champion)

Source: WWE.com

I say it every time I write about a match featuring Brock Lesnar: I want the other person to win.  I hate that lazy piece of shit.  He is the epitome of a greedy, lazy person who does not give two shits about the company he works for.

That being said (yet again), you have one of the best wrestlers in the world, AJ Styles, going to bat for his brand.  In terms of strength, of course Lesnar would come out on top – but Style’s in-ring ability and prowess makes him a contender.

My question about how this match is booked comes from the decision to have Styles beat Mahal two weeks ago.  If they were just going to feed the WWE Champion to Lesnar, they had Mahal to do the job.  Raw would get the victory, Lesnar wouldn’t have to work more than five minutes, and everyone could move on the next night happy.  I just don’t see Vince feeding Styles to Lesnar.

My bets are on this match ending in less than ten minutes because Lesnar can’t be set up to be wheeled to the back on a stretcher here for half the match so he can catch his breath and he can’t go longer than ten minutes, as seen all year.

Here are the two scenarios that are going to happen to cause the end of the match: 1) Lesnar wins due to Mahal and the Singh Brothers distracting Styles in some manner (then getting laid out by Lesnar at the end) or 2) the lights go dim, the Undertaker’s bell tolls and he appears.  Lesnar is distracted and Styles gets the win.

There is just no way one is being fed to the other clean here.  I just can’t justify WWE doing that to Styles and unless Lesnar wants to be a team player (ha!), I just don’t see him wanting to lie down for Styles.  I’m going with my hopes here and the one that would shock the WWE fans.

Winner: AJ Styles