Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Stinkor


The figure for May, 2012, really had me excited.  It was a favourite of mine as a kid and I needed him, and his scent, to join my ranks of evil warriors.  That figure was none other than Stinkor!

We all know MOTU figures came with an action feature or something wacky to make each one unique.  Stinkor didn’t have an action feature but he had the wackiness factor.  If having an evil skunk warrior wasn’t wacky or over-the-top enough, the smell embedded into the figure was.  Infused with the scent of patchouli oil, the scent was enough to knock someone out but make it a grotesque feature kids kept coming back to.

I really like how the Classics bio really incorporated the 200X MYP cartoon.  Instead of this guy just being just a “skunk man,” like the vintage figure had us older guys believe, we learn that Stinkor was really a thief named Odiphus came across Tri-Clops’ lab and it was there he got accidentally infused with the potent, repelling odor he’s known for.  Tri-Clops later designed a power vest and mask to help direct and control Stinkor’s aroma to take down foes.  I think it’s all quite genius, especially when I would have been happy and content with some “skunk-person” story.

With the more mature origin story established, it’s still nice to know for those who just liked Stinkor for what he was – a stinky skunk-man, you could still just display him like the vintage figure and ignore everything and anything in the bio.

For those who wanted the 200X inspired look, you could add the second head, the gas mask, and the chambers to the armor/vest to get a Classics 200X version of Odipus, I mean, Stinkor.  As you can see above and below, I needed both to display on my shelf, so I bought an extra to go along with my two subs.

I’ll state here that the patchouli smell is still as potent on this figure as I remember on the original.  I can’t actually compare which one was actually stronger because I really can’t remember how badly the original knocked me on my ass when I was a kid.  Both my open figures still have a strong aroma after having them out of the packaging and in the open for many year.

The Classics version of the head sculpt is pretty damn spot on with the vintage one, albeit a bit more fierce thanks to the painted teeth.  Just like the vintage figure, the old-school head sculpt is the same as Mer-Man’s head, just painted differently.

The 200X inspired head also matches well to the source material and actually looks even meaner than the vintage-style head.  You can even put on the gas mask on the 200X head for another option! There’s so much goodness here!

The only wish I had for this figure was the ability to connect the tubing from the mask to the tanks on his back to really mimic the 200X animation representation and NECA staction (statue).

The figure comes with two accessories: the shield that came with the vintage figure and the gun that I assume helps spray his stank!  Like I mentioned above with the mask, I really wish there was a tube or wire that could go from the gun to the tanks.


Most of the ways you can you pose Stinkor with the accessories makes him look pretty damn cool.  The only hindrance is not being able to see all of his face with the middle of the armor sticking up in the middle.

Speaking of that middle part of the armor, you can actually add a secondary piece that seems like something that intakes air.  You can have it point up and down.  For these pictures, I pointed up.

While Stinkor may not be as exciting for some, the nostalgia factor hits me huge here.   I also get an action figure representation of the badass looking 200X style for my shelf.  Many of my friends who love MOTU and those who only remember the figures faintly always stop at this figure when they see it on my shelf and he becomes a discussion topic.  It’s funny how an awful smelling figure can be ingrained into 80s pop culture like it has.