Figure Shield Protective Cases for Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Figures


Stickers that were sent with my order

I took a look at the Star Wars Black Series figures in series one and two (as well as the exclusives) a while back.  I’m someone that got these figures to keep on their cards and hang them up.  I was looking for a solution to protect the cards and still be able to hang them up.  Thanks to Figure Shield, I found what I was looking for!

Just to let you all know before I start, I’m not endorsed by Figure Shield.  I bought these cases with my own money and am featuring them because I really like the quality and I know that there are many people looking for the same solution as I was.


Over at Figure Shield’s site, you can buy the cases as singles or in 5s, 10s, or 15s.  I chose 15 because I wanted to protect all my figures.  I have two left over but one will be used when I get myself another Darth Vader.

The clamshell packaging is made from RPVC, durable, non-yellowing plastic. I find them to be really solid and when you lock the figure in, they don’t move.  You’ll see in the video at the end of this feature how to snap them into place.

Clicking the pics below will let you see the various figures all snug in their new homes.

I’m really happy with the quality of these cases and how fast they shipped here to Canada.  The only thing I could suggest it to place the peg hole elsewhere at the top of the clamshell so they don’t hang unevenly on the wall.  I’ve used some sticky tack to place in the corner to try and keep them from slipping.


Enjoy the video where I go into all of this in more detail.  I’d definitely buy products from this company again – especially if they made cases for Masters of the Universe Classics!