Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Draego-Man (30th Anniversary Series)


Masters of the Universe Classics was off to a great start in 2012 with some amazing figures (except The Star Sisters).  To add to the plethora of figures in 2012, we also got six all newly created figures to coincide with the 30th anniversary of MOTU.  Fearless Photog was the first and April, 2012 brought us the second,Draego-Man.

Created by none other than the superb sculptors of the line, The Four Horsemen, it was the first time the sculpting team got to create an all new character to add into MOTU canon and did they ever knock this figure and character out into the stratosphere.

The 30th anniversary line featured the same style packaging which was a good call for people like me who bought it all (and continue to do so).  The bio is pretty in-depth for such a small piece of writing and it makes me want to know more about the character.  Why Draego-Man so angry at the people of Eternia? Why was he shunned by the great Granamyr? Why would he be so scarred that he would join Skeletor instead of just trying to persuade his own kind to wage war against all humanity himself?

This figure is one huge chunk of plastic, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  It wasn’t until getting this guy in the mail and feeling how heavy the overall packaging was that I realized what we were really getting with this figure: a massive dragon.

Yes, the figure is on the regular buck we’re used to, but there was a lot of new stuff added to it.  Draego-Man has a tail, reused from Whiplash, and two huge wings, both adding a large amount of weight to the figure.   The figure also features new armour, wrist guards, shin armour, and newly sculpted arms and legs.

The sprawling wings are huge and can be moved up and down on the ball joints but can also fold in or spread out.  There are so many different ways you can pose the figure just with wing options!  The detail work on both sides of the wings (and the top claws on them) show that this figure was a labour of love from the get-go.  The scaly texture is prominent all over the back and there are other textures on the inside of the wings.

This is one of my favourite head sculpts in all of MOTUC.  The Four Horsemen know dragons and how to do them right.  I love the serious look they gave this figure and how they didn’t make it look cartoon-like.  The sculpt also just blends in so well in the line.  This looks like a head sculpt that should be in MOTU.

The expression looks menacing, the scales are intricate, the horns suit the overall look of the figure, and the teeth are not over the top.  This is a very well thought out design.

Draego-Man only came with one weapon: a flame sword.  It is fitting because a dragon is usually known for its ability to breathe fire so in the realm of MOTU, we shouldn’t be surprised he is able to command fire in other instances.  I can buy into this guy being a great swordsman and it’s believable that the sword could become engulfed in flames. Just thinking about Drageo-Man looking down on his sword, breathing fire onto it, and then turning to his enemies and saying, “let’s do this,” is pretty exciting to me.


Just when you think Draego-Man could look any better, add the flame sword to his hand and you put him over the top.  How could anyone not like this figure??

When Draego-Man was first announced, he was also supposed to come with additional accessories.  After The Four Horsement delivered the final product and wanted it to turn out they way it did, Matty just couldn’t afford to add all the other items. I don’t even think they could have with all the room he took up in the packaging.  I totally get that and, again, the rationale behind that decision became more clear when I got the final product in-hand.

I usually don’t do this, but I’m featuring the additional weapons that were later released for Draego-Man in the weapons pack later that came out later on in the year (October of 2012). I try and keep things in my MOTUC Rewind features linear and only feature stuff in the order they were released, but I’m making an exception here because I really wanted to do more photos with these accessories that I keep with him on the shelf and I think it’s justifiable considering the weapons pack was only half a year away from this release.

The weapons that were promised finally were delivered half a year later where a sword (without the flame effects), a flaming shield, and a flaming whip.  All of the weapons feature the high level of detail the figure and the flame sword have.  Nothing was lowered in quality just because they were a part of a weapons pack.

What’s scarier than a massive dragon with a sword? A massive dragon with a flaming sword!  Having both options is awesome for anyone making stop motion cinema or animated gifs of this guy.

Even without the flame, the sword works well with the figure and give it a vibe like he’s holding an ancient weapon and is a master of it.

The Four Horsemen made it even more difficult to pick one weapon to pose this figure with on your shelf because the flame whip is another outstanding accessory.  The sculpt of the flow of the whip and how the flames hang off of it is hypnotic.

Adding the flame shield to the figure, with or without a weapon in the other hand, continues the trend of the figure looking completely bad-ass.  Having the shield match the colours of the armour and feature the same logo as the chest plate was a smart idea.  It keeps everything completely uniform with the figure.

If you’re not a fan of the shield, you can go ahead and pose Draego-Man with both flaming weapons for some duel-wielding action.  Have I mentioned how incredible this guy is??


This figure is in my top ten MOTUC figures.  I don’t care that he was an original character and not a part of “vintage” or “original” canon.  The Four Horsemen delivered one of the figures of the year with this character and he set the bar high for all the other figures in Classica and the 30th anniversary line (which really hurt some of the other figures that came after, especially many of the 30th anniversary figures that dropped after this guy).

The only thing that could have made this figure better (which is nearly impossible) would have been if the figure had a articulated jaw along with a flame that could be inserted.  Hell, they could have kept the head sculpt the same but added a second head with a slightly different look with a flame permanently attached to the mouth.  That would have been sweet, but I know it really would have pushed the price of this figure way higher.

I didn’t think it was possible to love this figure even more than I did before the photo shoot for this feature, but it happened.  This figure simply blows my mind and it is the epitome of what a great action figure should be.