Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April O’Neil (Newshen) Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a TMNT sixth scale figure from DreamEX.  Near the beginning of the year, the four turtles were complete with the release of Michelangelo and Donatello.

An April O’Neil figure was teased earlier in the year as well and I was excited to see more being added to the DreamEX TMNT line.   About two months ago, promo pics came out of the Krang figure DreamEX teased a while back but it was just called “Cerebral” and is being released by “Hero Club,” whatever that is.  We also got promo/finished product shots of April O’Neil but now she was known as “Newshen” and all references to TMNT were gone.

I have no idea why DreamEX doesn’t have the TMNT license anymore.  Could Playmates and Nickelodeon have been charging a hell of a lot more money for the license and DreamEX didn’t think it was worth it? Was there no renewal option? Did DreamEX say screw it and not renew knowing this figure and the Cerebral would be an easy sell to the people that bought the turtles, Shredder, and Casey Jones anyway?  Your guess is as good as mine.  If I ever find out, I’ll edit this part of the feature.  It’s tough enough to find anything out about DreamEX on the Internet as it is.

The slip-case to the box is similar in style to all the other TMNT DreamEX figures that have been released.  You can clearly see there are no TMNT logos anywhere on the package.  On the other figures, we didn’t have pictures of what was inside on the back. There were Nickelodeon, Playmates, and TMNT logos, along with legal stuff.  At least they kept the front and the sides the same.

All the other figures in the TMNT DreamEX line came in a hard box inside the slip case.  That isn’t the case here.  The box is quite soft and delicate, but there is foam packaging on the inside that keeps everything safe.

The figure comes out of the packaging as shown below.  It’s just under 12″ tall and all the articulation you’d expect is here: head/neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, a little in the waist and legs, knees, and a bit in the ankles (although there are boots on).

The huge issue I had right out of package was the knee articulation was looser than I’d like and some of the wrist articulation became a tad looser as I took pictures and played around with the figure.  You’ll definitely want to use the stand when displaying this figure.  Now that I mention it, I forgot to take a picture of the stand included, but you’ll be able to see it in the video at the end of the feature (as well as me demonstrating the articulation on the figure).

The outfit is tailored very well.  I didn’t have any issues with mine.  There were some odd threads hanging here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be quickly snipped off.

There are three Channel 6 news logos on the figure above the right breast, on the left arm and on the left back pocket.  The belt is made of a soft leather-like material, has a metal buckle, and can be taken off.

The zipper kinda looks like a microphone to me and pulling it down exposes a white undershirt.  When unzipped, the collar is hard to manage.  The right side pulls away from the neck while the left side pulls closer.  I may have to experiment on how to make it look just right.

The head sculpt is decent but there is something just off about it to me.  It looks like an “April O’Neil” and the take on the figure mixes in well with the others in the series, but I think the face may be a little too long.  I haven’t put my finger on it yet.

The hair is sculpted onto the head and it’s done well.  The paint on the head is great, too, except for some opaque slop near the top right of her forehead.  The paint on the eyes is good, too, especially they was they did her eyebrows and eyelashes.  I think it’s how the eyes/pupils are actually painted on that bother me a bit, too.  Some angles she looks good where other angles she doesn’t. Everything does look pretty clean, though.

April, or “Newshen,” comes with four additional hands.  Two closed fists and two to hold accessories.  The thing that is really different with these alternate hands is how they plug in.  Look at those pegs! I’ve never had a figure with pegs this long before.  They swap in and out easily, though, which can’t be said about the hands on any of the actual turtles (see my past reviews on them about that garbage).

I love the old-school video camera that comes with the figure.  It’s got a great design and an abundance of little touches to make it look authentic.  One of my favourite little details is the name brand of the camera: SNOY.  I wonder what company that is supposed to be a play on?

The camera fits snugly in her right hand, although the wrist is a bit loose and can cause the camera to tilt instead of being held straight.

The figure comes with an abundance of accessories: a little fanny pack (you need to remove the belt to put it on, so I didn’t bother), a press card, a pen, a watch, and a microphone.

I was unsure what the other little thing was (beside the watch) but I think it is a mic holder.  I used it as that because the left gripping hand is too loose to hold the microphone. I slipped the piece onto her hand and put the mic in it and it seemed to work.  You’ll see it in various pictures below.

I’ve never had this accessory before with any sixth scale figure: a folding steel chair.  This one is plastic, though.  The first thing I thought of, though, was wishing I had some sixth scale WWE figures so they could bash each other with it.  I’m a product of the WWE Attitude Era, OK?

April comes with a communicator device.  I’m actually happy that it’s different than the same one that came with all four turtles.

When you put the watch on, you’ll have to really pull on it to fasten it, but it becomes loose quickly.  Adding a dab of crazy glue will hold it together and when you want to take it off, all you’ll have to do is remove the hand.

A second head comes with the figure. It has a gag sculpted onto her mouth so you can recreate scenes where poor April gets kidnapped by the Foot Clan.  It’s an interesting choice for a second head and I’m sure some will use it for their display, but besides using it for photos for this feature, I won’t be.

Scene one: have Shredder tells April she’s nothing but bait and he’ll soon destroy the turtles.  Scene two: Leonardo faces off against Shredder while his bros are taking care of other members of The Foot.  Scene Three: A kiss on the head as a thank you to her hero after Leonardo and the crew dispenses of the evil.

For size comparison, here is April standing alongside other figures in the line.

While not the most exciting to pose, April (ahem, “Newshen”) sure does look pretty good alongside the rest of the TMNT DreamEX figures.  I’m guessing with the release of this figure, we probably won’t be seeing any more sixth scale TMNT (licensed or unlicensed) by DreamEX, besides whatever is happening with Krang (or Cerebral). Last I read, it’s basically going to be a solid piece with moving arms.

I’m sure most that have picked up the DreamEX TMNT figures will enjoy this figure and welcome it to their shelves.  I don’t regret buying it.  I’m kinda sad, though, we won’t be getting a Splinter, Baxter Stockman, a Foot Soldier, Beebop, or Rocksteady from them, as I was hoping we would.  Perhaps I’ll have to get ThreeZero’s henchmen to thicken up the Foot Crew.

If you missed out on any of my past TMNT DreamEX figure reviews, you can check out Shredder, Casey Jones, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.  All of them have videos embedded like the one below.  Enjoy!