Han Solo in Carbonite Sixth Scale Piece by Sideshow Collectibles Review


Sideshow Collectibles is on its way to completing the bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back.  They were all summoned by Darth Vader for one reason: to find Han Solo.  To the victor came the spoils and Boba Fett not only tracked down Solo, he got to bring him back to Jabba the Hutt frozen in carbonite.

What sixth scale Star Wars collection would be complete if it didn’t have Boba Fett’s main score or Jabba’s most prized possession? Sideshow has created a new sixth scale Han Solo in carbonite for fans and it just got released this week to collectors in North America.

Sideshow has done a sixth scale environment that featured Solo in Carbonite displayed on Jabba’s wall previously and they’ve also done a premium format representation as well.  Both have been long sold out so people like me, who only started with sixth scale collecting over the last few years have a hard time swallowing the pill for what those pieces go for on the aftermarket.  Thankfully, this new version of Han’s dark days can still be purchased as of the time of writing this.

While this collectible (I can’t call it a figure – it’s a display piece) comes in the standard Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars box, it is quite a bit bigger.  If you check my video out at the end of the feature from my YouTube channel, you can see a quick comparison as to how much bigger this box is.  I’d say it’s about one and a half times bigger.

Everything in the box is secure in Styrofoam.  Everything was snug and there were no broken or defective pieces.  Make sure to pay attention as to what side is “up” when opening it.


Getting this piece out of the box is kinda surprising.  At first, I thought it was going to be a bit darker based on the promo pics, but I realized it was all setting the mood with the pictures taken. I tried to keep things bright for this feature so you can all have a really good look at every nook and cranny.

You’ll notice the sides are empty when you unwrap the plastic from it.  That’s because all the panels are wrapped separately and you have to put them in.

The piece is 13″ tall and weighs about three pounds.  I was actually surprised it had the weight it did.  I suppose if it was really light, I’d feel like it was just cheap material.

When looking at the face sculpt close-up, I’m not 100% sure if they nailed it.  Comparing it to the life size version they’ve done, it looks like they face isn’t as accurate as it could be.  I know it’s a different scale, but I’m sure more could have been added.  I do think the eyes and nose are done well, though.


The detail all over the figure is pretty good but I just keep questioning if there should be even more intricate detailing to it or if it’s just me looking at it in very bright light instead of the darkened environment that we have seen it in in the films.

Once thing I’m really surprised about after looking at this piece in this scale is how Han’s legs really disappear.  The effect of his legs fading out at different points is really cool to see in this scale.  The look of the carbonite trying to settle over the smooth areas, but still rippling, would be quite the job to sculpt.

The hands are done well but I think I’d like to see a little bit more skin creases or details coming through.

The piece comes with seven interchangeable panels.  They’re numbered so you have an idea what order they go in.  I started from the top left with number one and worked my way around counterclockwise as the I tried to match how the panels were on the box and that seemed to line them up that way.  The piece comes with an instruction sheet but it doesn’t show you what numbers go where.  That’s why the box was a good reference point.  I’m sure checking out Sideshow’s site will help.


The battery powered control panel can only be placed in top left or right slot.  There are three AAA batteries included and they come inserted with no protection.  That means you can immediately flick the on/off switch and the panel is activated.  For those people that keep these mint in the box, you may want to open it just to remove the batteries from the compartment.

When switched on, the panel flashes numbers and readings in the two smaller black areas while the larger grid flashes with a bright light.  Check out the video at the end to see it in action!

Below is what the piece looks like with everything in place.  It’s quite the sight!  The pieces are actually held in place by a magnet and are very secure.  You won’t be worrying about them falling out.  They are also very easy to remove and swap.

The display base that comes with it can be used to mimic the carbon chamber base where Han was actually frozen in carbonite or to create the hallways of Bespin where Han was being carted out to Boba Fett’s ship to be delivered to Jabba.  I think having the two display options is a really cool bonus for fans.

To change the display options, you just slide the top piece off and turn it over to reveal the Bespin floor.  The area at the front can be changed just by sliding out the red transparent strip. It’s really easy to do.

The base can be illuminated and the switch is located at the bottom of the base (as seen in the picture collection above).  Three AAA batteries are also included for it and they are also already inserted for you, ready to go.  It’s another piece collectors may want to remove the batteries from immediately upon receiving it.

There are two stands included and they are kinda hefty! One is used to keep Han upright and the other one helps replicate the carbon imprisoned Solo floating down the halls in Bespin.


The carbonite block is held in place by a magnet in the square area of the stand.  The magnetic attraction is very strong and you don’t have to worry about this piece falling over. In my video, I tilt it everything forward and nothing budges.  I’m glad some thought went into making sure this piece will stay in place.

Below is the display if you want replicate the Bespin hallway scenes.  While I think it’s an amazing option, this isn’t the way I’ll be displaying mine.  It will be cool to show off, though.  When you look at it from a top/down angle, it really looks like it’s floating.  For those with better photo editing skills than me, you’ll be able to get some really awesome pictures of this thing floating above the tiles.

One of the things I’m thinking about now as I’m coming to the end of this feature now that everything is done is where exactly in my detolf cabinets I’m going to place this piece.  Do I put it with Boba Fett so he can gloat and guard it?  I don’t think Fett would have a problem with that.

Do I keep Leia disguised as Boushh beside it so we can all be reminded that this imprisonment is only temporary and that true love will prevail?  How about I just leave Han alone with his thoughts in carbonite and display it alone on its own shelf?

No matter what way and with whom you display it with, I think the majority of collectors out there are really going to like this piece for their sixth scale collection.  While I’m on the fence on whether or not enough detail was put into the face sculpt and if it’s as accurate as it could be, I still think it’s pretty impressive.  I’m used to looking at various Han in Carbonite pieces in the 3 3/4″ scale I’ve collected over my life time, so seeing it in this scale is quite the experience.

The price tag of $249.99 US is a hard hit for our wallets.  Thankfully I got $50 off this thing using two codes that combined (I’m international so it happens once in a while for me), so that helped me justifying buying this a bit more than it will for others.  Now I can’t wait for the rest of the bounty hunters to arrive so they can all fight over it.  Hopefully Sideshow or Hot Toys revisits Boushh as well!

Enjoy the video!!