Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Thunder Punch He-Man


2012’s first quarterly figure was one of the variants of the main man himself, He-Man! Thunder Punch He-Man was my favourite variant out of all the ones Mattel did.  While I did think Battle Armor He-Man was cool, I really liked the new outfit on this version of He-Man and, of course, the action feature.

Back in the day (oh, the awesome days in the 80s) when I was a kid, we could buy caps to blast.  They were in little red rings and you could put them in toy guns or other toys and they would make a loud popping noise.  You could also get caps on a paper strip and run coins across them to make them go off, sometimes burning your finger or thumb in the process.  Those were the days.  Mattel took the popularity of caps and incorporated it into the next version of our hero.

I like how they explain He-Man’s newfound power by utilizing untapped Powers of Grayskull to enhance his abilities and weapons.  It’s also cool to see how they tied it all into the newly laid out Classics storyline/timeline.  It makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things now that we know how the story unfolded.

While the figure seems pretty basic, the main focal point is the armor harness and the backpack.  I would have liked the bio to explain why he wears something so bulky.  For the vintage figure, we knew he had it because that was the area you’d put the cap rings.  Without the action feature in the Classics figure, the backpack almost seems redundant.

For those who have never had this Classics figure, the backpack does open up and you can place the cap ring inside of it.  It’s been such a long time since I reposed this figure on my shelf, I actually forgot it did so I didn’t take a picture of it opened.

The paint on the head makes me like this one even more than the original Classics He-Man head.  I think it’s the paintwork on the eyes and how the eyebrows are done.


To match the silver around the front of the harness, the “blast” shield is cast in the that shiny plastic.  It can hold the (empty) cap and the sword as well.  I really like the little accents sculpted onto the shield.


He-Man’s Power Sword and flame for his right hand are sculpted in a translucent plastic and really help this version of He-Man stand out from the others on your shelf.


The flame/energy piece, that fits onto He-Man’s closed right hand, is a clever idea to symbolize the “thunder punch” without the loud bang of the caps present.

I know I’m probably not the first one to say this, but putting this piece on He-Man’s hand and then seeing the red on the harness, along with the blond hair, all remind me of Ken from Street Fighter II.  I wonder if anyone made a custom from this figure.

The Power Sword looks really awesome cast in the translucent plastic. Getting this newly powered-up look for the sword makes it seem like it’s definitely charged up with a new power.

Once again, this figure really reminds my of Ken from Street Fighter II doing his Shouryuken move.  You can get some really cool poses from each of the accessories or mixing and matching.

I know this feature is on the short side but I think the pictures of figure speak for themselves.  Thunder Punch He-Man is a fun variant and my favourite He-Man after the original.  I love the accessories that came with this figure and the flame/energy piece for He-Man’s hand was such a good idea to create to go along with the figure.

As you can see behind the figure in the packaging, this figure came with one of the few mini-comics that were included over the life of the Matty-era of the line.  The comic, entitled The Legend Begins, was the first issue out of three that would appear during this year.  It was a cool bonus to have and really brought many of us fans back to our childhoods where getting and reading a new MOTU comic brought us such excitement and joy.  You can get all the mini-comics from all the lines in the Dark Horse Mini-Comic collection.  I took a look at that and many other MOTU books in another feature you should check out, if you haven’t yet.