The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set from Spacelab9


I don’t know how many hours I put into Skyrim.  I think the last time I checked it was in between 104-109 hours, maybe more. I moved onto other games so I didn’t go through all the DLC (but I still plan on going back…especially now after buying this).

The music was a great aspect to an overall wonderful game so I didn’t think twice about ordering this vinyl box set of the soundtrack from Spacelab9 when it went live on’s website.  I had never bought from them before and I have to say their shipping to Canada was damn fast, not expensive, and they packed this very well.

The four vinyl set comes in a sturdy box that features the Skyrim dragon logo on the front, just like the game while the back lays out the tracks.  All 52 tracks from the game from composer Jeremy Soule are all featured here in their full sounding glory.


Taking out the albums from the box, you see some of the amazing artwork that is featured in this set.


When you open up the booklet, you are treated to large pieces of art that are quite stunning.  This is a reason I like buying music on vinyl – the art is large and immersive.  Each of the four records fits into quadfold sleeves.


The silver and black splatter (dubbed the Dragonborn variant) is quite attractive and every record in this set looks the same.  I’ve had a chance to listen to this and it sounds amazing.   There is no noise or popping on the albums.

The “H” side (B side of the fourth record) features the Skyrim logo on it as well.  I have many records with etchings on them but this one is the hardest one to see.  I tried getting a picture and below was the best I could do in the time I had.  I tried in the video, too.


I think this set is easily worth the $79.99 US for this set.  I love the overall packaging and I think the surreal soundtrack was given the proper treatment.  Fans of gaming music and Skyrim should pick this up immediately.  If you want to join me on Xbox Live, my gamer tag is EATMEAHX8.

Enjoy the unboxing!