Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Kobra Khan


The figure that came out in March, 2012, was a favourite of mine when I was a kid because of his awesome action feature where he was able to squirt mists of water from his mouth! That character is none other than Kobra Khan.

I always loved the design of the vintage figure but no matter how cool he looked, nothing beat being able to fill his chest cavity up with water and press down on his head to squirt water out of his mouth.  I probably spent half the time spraying my figures with the mist and the other half trying to squirt my sister to bug her.

Kobra Khan was character that always caused some argument back in the vintage days as to what faction he was a part of.  Was he a part of the Evil Warriors and tied to Skeletor and his crew or, because of his reptilian DNA, was he really a member of the Snake Men?

Well, the Classics bio sorts all that out for us.  For those that use this as official cannon, Khan discovered where King Hssss was banished to and joined Skeletor’s ranks in order to align himself with those powerful enough to help him with this secret plan of freeing Hssss.

Kobra Khan’s design is pretty identical to the vintage figure’s look but improves it with Classics articulation and fine details like those found on his belt, the tights, and the shin area.

The same can be said about the face/head sculpt.  The newly styled eyes and addition of fangs really makes the character actually seem like an update and a bit fiercer than the vintage one.  I’m really a fan of all the textures that were added to the head as well.

As a bonus, Khan comes with a second head to look more like his appearance in the 200X MYP cartoon.  It think it was a great bonus and I was always a fan (and still am) when a second head is provided.  My wallet doesn’t like it because I always buy an extra figure so both can be displayed on my shelf.

The head sculpt is the same as the regular one except the huge “wings” on each side that make it look like he’s about to strike.  The unfortunate part of the large wings is that affects the side to side movement and you barely get any.

The only weapon Kobra Khan comes with is the blaster that is basically the same as Zodac‘s, minus the colour and paint.  I never put two and two together when I was a kid to realize that Khan came with Zodac’s gun and as an adult I find it crafty that Zodac is tied into the bio as well.


The other little bonus that comes with Khan is his little companion from the 200X cartoon.  I think Matty called it “Fang” or something like that on their info page when it was sold.  He’s pretty tiny but there are intricate details on it with its sculpted legs and face.

The cute little guy fits on Khan’s shoulder but can be knocked off easily.  I’m actually surprised I haven’t lost both of them.

While I love the character, it’s one that didn’t get my brain going when thinking of different poses to put him in for this feature.  I have an extra staff King Hssss staff so my 200X style Khan holds it on my shelf.  If he’s a Snake Man, he needs a signature staff, right?

I know this feature is a tad shorter than some of my other ones, especially for a figure with two heads, but I think I’ve been pretty concise with this Rewind feature.  I supposed one thing I would have loved to have seen included, in hindsight, is a piece that could have been anchored in Khan’s mouth to replicate the mist being sprayed.  That would have been cool.

I really have nothing bad to say about the figure and I can see why many collectors who missed out on him are paying some good coin on the aftermarket to get him.