Star Wars: Rogue One – Jyn Erso (Deluxe Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Although we are almost a year out since Rogue One hit the theatres, Hot Toys has finally released their figure based on heroine Jyn Erso, who was portrayed by Felicity Jones.

I had a $50 off so when this figure was announced so I decided to use it to pick up the deluxe version over the regular version.  For a difference of $30 US ($249 vs. $219), there was a lot more that came with the deluxe version that justified me paying more and after doing the pictures and video for this review, I’m so glad I did.

When pictures of the final product started hitting certain FB groups and other forums, some people were bitching and complaining about how it was “so different” than the prototype, how it didn’t look like Felicity Jones, and how some were gonna cancel their orders.

I kept my pre-order because I didn’t think the pictures I saw were bad at all.  Sure, there were a few slight colour differences but I didn’t think there was anything so drastic that changed.  Plus I already had my sixth scale Chirrut Îmwe and K-2S0 figures and I needed another Rogue One character to fill the ranks of the Rebellion!

The packaging seems to be similar to the usual Hot Toys packaging but it’s a bit different.  This packaging follows the same style as Chirrut Îmwe’s packaging where the regular looking packaging is actually a slip case and underneath is a sturdy box that features a really cool picture on the outside and a little write-up about Jyn on the inside.

This figure is just over 10.5″ tall and keeps her in perfect scale with not only the Rogue One characters, but the sixth scale Star Wars universe in general.  I’m happy to say the figure didn’t have any loose joints and nothing was broken or damaged on the figure or its accessories.  I find that it is a bit hard to pose standing up with her legs close together so I had her standing as you see below.


For the face sculpt/portrait, I think it is very, very well done.  No matter what angle I look at it, it looks like Jyn/Felicity Jones.  The only thing I can nit-pick at here is I wish the pupil/iris where more in the middle and not looking up.  If you enlarge the picture where she is looking straight forward, you can see that the top of the eyeballs look like they have some kind of curved line on them.  I only notice it when looking at these close-up pictures and not when I’m just holding it.  I’m curious about if it’s just my figure that has this.

I usually discuss the outfit before the accessories but so much comes with this deluxe version, I’m going to tackle it all now because some of these actually get added on to the outfit.  Not only that but there are three different outfit options for you to chose from when displaying this figure.

First off, what’s a Hot Toys release without additional hands? You get six additional hands with this release on top of the two that are on her when she arrives.  Open hands, closed hands, gripping hands, and trigger finger hands are all here to mix and match.

Also featured below is Jyn’s green scarf, her necklace, and the data case.  I wasn’t expecting the data case to come out looking so cool and high end.  It’s quite the neat little piece.

Two accessories that are exclusive to this set are the aviator helmet and the quadnoculars.  The helmet features goggles that cannot be removed from the helmet along with a communicator piece on the side.  You attach it to Jyn by removing her hair and placing the magnetic end on her head.  You can see me do it in my video embedded at the end of this feature.

The quadnoculars look really great.  There are weathering effects on it along with a display on one side and lenses on the others.  Like usual, Hot Toys crams an immense amount of detail on such small accessories.  I think it’s was a good idea to have the strap included on the quadnoculars so if you wanted to have them hanging from Jyn’s neck, you can.

Another exclusive accessory that comes with the deluxe version is a bandolier that has removable cartridges and a gas mask.  This piece goes with the third display/costume option for the figure.  This piece looks like a lot of work went into crafting it all and the quality alone makes it a great addition to the deluxe package.


More accessories include (what I think is) a grenade and some other little thing (I’m not sure what it is).  They both fit in the front pocket of her vest.  Jyn also comes with a baton that can be displayed and held in both the compressed and extended forms.

Jyn’s large poncho comes as shown in the picture below and is really easy to put on the figure.  I’ll get to that in a bit.  Following in the same style as the other Rogue One figures, the stand it comes with can be displayed with the tiles showing or with the sticker that can be placed on top.  Thankfully if you don’t want to permanently place the sticker, it can still be put on top and held in place.

The two weapons Jyn comes with are the E-11 blaster rifle and a blaster pistol.  We’ve seen some variations on the blaster rifle before but this is one of my favourites due to the detail on it and the various scopes.

The blaster pistol (shown above and in the top left picture below) also features meticulous details as well.  It’s great to get another unique sixth scale pistol.  The icing on the cake, though, is all the additional pieces that come with the deluxe version to transform the pistol into another blaster rifle and a sniping rifle.  I put it all together in my video at the end of this feature.

Now that I got the accessories all out of the way, I can get back to discussing other aspects of the figure, namely the three different display options.  The first option is how she is packed out with her jacket and vest on.  Sticking the two smaller accessories into the front right pocket complete the look.

The tailoring on the jacket, the vest, and the pants are superb.  It pains me to see that these figures probably wear better and higher quality clothes than I do.  OK, I really don’t care that much because I’m happy with my jeans and heavy metal T-Shirts and it allows me to buy more of these figures.  All kidding aside, every time I think Hot Toys can’t impress me more than they already have, they create amazing pieces of work like the vest and pants and floor me again.  The boots look great as well.

The belt, while basic, hangs well and is durable.  Ever since the pistol holster for my Death Trooper basically fell apart, I’m very weary about them and extremely careful.  You have to take off the front of the pistol in order for it to fit in the holster.  It’s very snug in there and as you can see from the picture below, I still couldn’t get it in all the way.  I wasn’t about to force it either.

To the left of the pistol, you can see the area where the baton hangs.

Adding the scarf onto the figure gives the first display option a 2.0 feel to it!  You can keep it wrapped around her neck or you can pull the hood up and over the figure.  The scarf comes wrapped exactly how you should place it on your figure, so don’t play around with it too much.  If I did, I know I’d never get it looking right again.

Putting the quadnoculars in hand and posing the figure really makes it come alive.  I had a blast posing this figure and taking the pictures.

The second display option for the figure comes with taking off the jacket and keeping the vest on as you can see in the first and third pictures below.   The picture in the middle showcases Jyn holding the baton and brings me to my one little problem with the figure – the gripping hand isn’t tight enough to hold it properly.   It’s a bit of a bummer but I’m not sure if I’d be posing her in my display case holding it often.

The last display option comes from placing the poncho, bandolier, and helmet on Jyn.  It’s like you suddenly have a completely different figure!

The poncho is easy to put on by moving the arms back, removing the hands, removing the vest and jacket, and then placing the poncho on.  I didn’t have any issues whatsoever and nothing felt like it was going to break or rip.

The bandolier is a tad trickier because you have to squeeze the clip to get it to unlatch and then insert one of the ends into a slot of the poncho at her top right shoulder and then snap it back into one piece at the back.  It isn’t hard and the pictures in the instructions make it clear.

I’ll also note that there’s a spot for the grenade to be held on the poncho just under the bandolier at her right pocket area. I didn’t realize it at the time until after everything was done.

The face sculpt/portrait works so well with the helmet on and it looks great from any angle.

I had no issues with posing Jyn with any of her blasters. Everything fit in her hands well and she just looks awesome with all her weapons.

It’s great that you can still get yet another look for Jyn just by switching the helmet for the hair and having her hold the helmet under her arm.  Simply amazing.

It almost brings a tear of joy to my eye seeing these Rogue One figures together.  I didn’t think I’d be so blown away by them all but Hot Toys has really nailed them.  I’ve also looked at the Shoretrooper and the Death Trooper Specialist if you missed those.

This is one of those figures where I think it is totally worth the money and if you’re getting one Jyn figure, spend the extra and get the deluxe version.  I know there’s the disguised version available but it can’t hold a candle to what this figure brings to the table and what it comes with.

I’m going to enjoy switching up the look of Jyn from time to time because the figure looks great in every configuration.  Unfortunately, I think this figure is Rogue One‘s swan song for Hot Toys because Baze, who was teased, is still MIA and Krennic and Cassian weren’t made.  That’s too bad because after how pleased I am with Jyn and the others, I would have bought all three.   Don’t let the other figures not getting made deter you from picking up this figure, though.  Get it.  You won’t be sorry.


Enjoy the video!