WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – October 9th & 10th, 2017


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Both shows had some decent moments this week but I was more interested to watch Smackdown to see what the fallout for Hell in A Cell was.  I think it was a good week overall!

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The main focus on Raw was the anticipated (by some) reformation of The Shield, and reform they did.  Not only that, but within an hour of the show, they had their reunion T-Shirts already printed up and wore them out on the stage.

Reports from people at the show said they were for sale before the show even started.  That really took me out of my disbelief bubble because I thought to myself, this is supposed to be a personal decision by the three superstars but it is already being used as a cash-cow and very pre-planned.  It’s like when someone wins an opportunity and immediately after the match, WWE flashes the promo pic for the match because they knew who was going to win.  No other show goes out of its way to showcase that they are fictitious.

On the show, The Shield said they were back to basically rule the roost.  They showed up to the ring to attack The Bar and The Miz and later on they confronted Brawn Strowman and destroyed him.  They took out all of them.  By the end of the second hour it was announced it would be The Shield vs. The Miz, The Bar, and Brawn Strowman at the TLC PPV in a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Why would anyone want to watch this now? The Shield just took them all out! No one is also going to buy that The Shield may lose their first match back together either, so there really isn’t anything to get excited about.

I’m not excited for The Shield to reform.  It doesn’t really fix anything with the overall product or show.  The reformation really only needed to be done if there was a huge reason to do so.  The Miz and The Bar don’t seem to be a threat that large to justify it even with adding Strowman into the match.   I still think Ambrose needed to turn on Rollins a while back to freshen up his character but instead, him and Rollins are holding the Tag Team Championships that could be used to elevate other stars.  As for Reigns, well, he’s still the same ol’ same ol’ but WWE is craftily trying to get the fans on their side with this reformation.

I am done with the Wyatt and Balor feud.  The recent backstage video where Sister Abigail spoke through Wyatt was just awful.  I know we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief when watching wrestling but this is just too much again with Wyatt.  Balor buying into the cheesy voice and the facial graphics just makes me shake my head.  This is bad shit right here.

Wouldn’t it have been great if Strowman beat Matt Hardy and then “broke” him after the match? I thought so.

So Emma is on her way to being beaten by Asuka at TLC? I’m fine with that.  I just wonder if it’ll be a squash.

I still can’t believe WWE is still going with what I call “Piggy James 2.0” by continuing on with the “old woman” angle.  She’s not old!!! Again I’ll say a man on the roster wouldn’t be subjected to this kind of angle.  At least James looked strong during this segment.  I hope WWE swerves us all and James wins the championship in a week and a half.  I’d love to see Mickie James and Asuka part two.

The Cruiserweight division ended Raw again.  I was tired and actually fell asleep because I thought one of the lumberjacks would do something that would cost Kalisto the match and Enzo would keep yapping on 205 Live.  Colour me surprised to read the next morning that Kalisto won the Cruiserweight championship.  It does make sense for Kalisto to win because WWE painted themselves into a corner with their whole no one being able to touch Enzo angle.  Let’s see how this unfolds at TLC.

To wrap things up about Raw, I was also surprised to read that Neville walked out before the show and that he’s been unhappy lately.  I can’t say I blame him.  I don’t blame Austin Aries for leaving either.

WWE could have done so much with 205 Live and the whole Cruiserweights but they haven’t.  Some can argue WWE putting them on Raw at the end the last three weeks shows they are important but damage has been done.  Neville deserves so much more than how his reign ended both times.  They could have had a story where Neville dropped the belt and moved into a different feud with a Raw competitor – or even moved to Smackdown.


Source: WWE.com

I really anticipated Smackdown to hear what Sami Zayn had to say about saving Kevin Owens from Shane McMahon’s jump off the top of the cell.  Zayn looked like he was unsure about what he did as the PPV ended so it’s not like it went off the air with Zayn as a full blown heel.

I actually liked how everything came across in his promo regarding what he did and why.  If anything, I came away with liking Zayn more after all of it.  Zayn didn’t want to walk the company line any more.  He didn’t want to sit and wait for an opportunity to come along anymore because he had already seen how that was working for him while Owens was kicking ass, taking names, and winning championships by taking the opportunities.  He stated that Shane told him everything he wanted to hear during their meeting to get him to go over to Smackdown and after he did, it was the last time they had a meeting.  It all makes sense to me and I don’t blame him one bit.

As well, Zayn explained that no matter what ups and down both he and Owens have had over the years, they were still brothers and he did not want to see Owen’s career end.  That makes sense, too.  I just can’t wait to see what happens next with these two.

Is it just me or was the whole Roode/Ziggler exchange full of miscues and forgotten lines? It just didn’t flow at all and nothing was really said except they both agree to another match.  I’m down for the match, just no more talking.

The Usos and The New Day kicking off Smackdown was actually pretty good.  It was cool to see The Usos give props to The New Day and The New Day accepting “Oohse-truce.” The Usos really blended heel and face qualities during their promo and delivered an engaging narrative that sucked me right in.

All the other teams coming out and demanding their shots at the Smackdown Tag Titles was a good idea because it reminded us that there actually are other teams on the show.  Let’s see some stories with them now, WWE, while Gable and Benjamin now enter a title picture with The Usos.

Speaking of tag teams, Rowan and Harper are back together again as the “Bludgeon Brothers?” Sweet f’n asscrackers…give us a break.  Their look is cool but the name is cringe-worthy.  I hope we get some kind of explanation as to why they have been off TV for so long and why they’re back together yet again.

Speaking of explanations, can someone explain to me why Nakamura would team with Orton after Orton attacked him the last time after they teamed up?  Why is Nakamura not addressing his loss to Mahal? Why was Mahal not even on the show?!? He’s the World Champion!!

The biggest shocker of the night is that AJ Styles was pinned cleaned by Baron Corbin.  I had no doubts that Corbin was walking away as the champ but I wasn’t sure if it would be by DQ or by interference by someone else.  Styles has had amazing matches and even beat Super Cena, so losing clean to Corbin was quite a shocker.  This win really elevates Corbin and us Styles fans know it will all be forgotten soon when he moves onto a new feud and hopefully in the World Championship picture sooner than later.

If Nakamura didn’t even discuss it and the champ wasn’t on TV this week, I wonder if WWE is just laying low until they finish their tour of India and then decide where the hell to go next.