Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Shadow Weaver


Besides The Star Sisters, 2012 was off to a great start with The Sorceress and Fisto.  A perk of being a subscriber to the MOTUC line was getting an exclusive figure.  The sub exclusive for 2012 was none other than Shadow Weaver, a figure that had never been in action figure form previously.

2012’s exclusive really ticked some people off but not because of the choice.  It was because you had to commit to a whole year of MOTUC and figures you may not want in order to get one.  I had no issue with the decision because I understand it was a huge incentive to drive subs.  Matty was a business after all.  I really didn’t have an issue with the decision because I had had two subscriptions and could afford it.

I totally understand people not being able to commit to so many figures in a year because it is very expensive.  At the time, the line up for the whole year was never announced up front and I understand wanting to cherry pick only the characters that you want.  Just because I can/could embrace an “all-in” mentality and could afford to do so, that didn’t mean I couldn’t empathize with those that couldn’t or just wouldn’t.

Business wise, having this figure was a great idea.  You had a character that people loved in the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation cartoon who never had plastic representation. What better way to drive more subscriptions?  I know people could answer that a number of ways.  Hindsight now shows the demand for this character was there because it commands a huge price on the aftermarket, along with Fisto.  They could have chosen a character more obscure.  I think after the anger that came with this announcement, Matty’s decision for sub exclusives turned to less non-essential characters.

The bio gives the classic story of someone turning to the dark side because the promise of great power.  Shadow Weaver betrayed everyone close to her in order to aid Hordak get what was promised to her.  It’s also great to read about her secretly wanting to betray Hordak as well.

The figure really encompasses the overall look of the figure from the cartoon while pumping up the anger volume just a bit.  The figure has the usual articulation with the arms, shoulders, head and hands as many of the other figures.  With the long robe, there are no legs to articulate but she does have the ability to rotate at her torso.  There’s also the option of being able to tilt her forward or backward with articulation cut just under her Horde logo.

The figure is a solid maroon with the red Horde symbol popping from her waist.  The paint on my figure is good except the left side of her hood where it looks scratched a bit.  I never realized how bad it was until taking photos for this feature.  I’m unsure if arrived like that or if it got like that from rubbing up against something when I moved.

The face sculpt is pretty menacing.  I like how she can portray disdain and hate just though her yellow eyes.  The hood has some folds at the front while the back tail of the hood looks like it’s in motion.  I think this was a good choice because the character was usually floating around, so this tail on her hood makes it look like she’s in flight.

When you extend Shadow Weaver’s arms, the back piece of her robe extends.  This feature doesn’t hinder the movement like the wings on the Sorceress.

This is the third figure to have the spell casting/open hand that was previously on Catra and Battleground Evil-Lyn.  I’m not a fan of it but on Shadow Weaver, the pale white paint used on it, contrasted with the black nails, makes it a bit more tolerable.


Shadow Weaver comes with two accessories: a spell book and a wand.  Both are fitting for the character and I couldn’t think of anything else she could come with except perhaps an effect to put over her spell-casting hand.

The figure comes with a translucent base to give the figure a hovering effect.  I only use the iPhoto on my Mac as I’ve never really used Photoshop (and don’t have a copy to learn with), so I do my best with my photo editing and being able to eliminate portions of pictures.  I tried to eliminate the base for the majority of the figures.  Below is before and after.

The figure has no issues holding either accessory although you do have to balance the book in her spell-casting hand to make sure it doesn’t fall out.

For a figure that is in a static pose more or less from the waist down, you can still have some fun posing the figure a few different ways with and without the accessories.

I added some smoke to try and get an effect like she’s materializing.  In retrospect, I should have used my black background.

This figure is on many’s re-release wish list and understandably so.  This is an important character not only to have in your Evil Horde collection, it’s a necessity for Princess of Power fans.

Matty took a huge gamble making this figure a subscription exclusive and I still see anger about this decision every now and then.  If I didn’t have my two subs and was missing out on this figure, it would be really hard for me to justify dropping the money it goes for just to complete a faction or a collection, so I get where people are coming from who don’t have it.  It’s a well done figure and I’m glad I’m one of the lucky ones that have it (well, two of em).