Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Fearless Photog (30th Anniversary Series)


Every so often with Masters of the Universe characters, one comes along where you have no choice but to think, “what the hell?” The third figure released in February (along with The Sorceress and Fisto), and the first in the additional MOTU 30th anniversary line was none other than the man (?), the myth, the camera: Fearless Photog.

The quick backstory on this figure goes like this: in 1986, Mattel launched a contest for fan created characters via Masters of the Universe magazine.  It came down to six different contenders for the top spot and the winner, voted on by the fans, would have an action figure made of their creation.  It was announced that Nathan Bitner won and although he did get a trip to Disneyland and a $100 000 scholarship, the figure was never created.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of MOTU, Matty decided to launch a second assortment of figures alongside their regular Classics line that featured six all new, never before created figures.  I don’t think there was any better way than kicking off the line than by giving this character its due.

This character is so absurd, it’s hilarious.  The bio made me laugh because just the thought of some guy getting merged with a camera and then becoming a hero is just comical.  Jay becomes a Master of the Universe because he gains superpowers to drain other’s energy that can be displayed on his chest? What a wacky coincidence!

What I didn’t like in the bio, though, was reading how Photog was intricate in defeating main-staples, Clawful and Whiplash.  I don’t think a “create-a-figure” character deserves such a powerful part in the lore but maybe it’s also that I just can’t ever imagine main baddies being handed their demise by any Heroic Warrior.

The yellow, black and blue really makes this figure stand out on my shelf.  It’s the combination of the colours and the lines that do it for me – and that’s saying a lot for a figure with a huge camera for a head.

To get across Photog’s power capturing ability, a lenticular lens was used.  Turning the figure makes it seem like there is someone running and jumping on Photog’s chest display.

I’m not sure if the film reels on Photog’s belt are ammo, Photog brand snacks, or just aesthetic.  I’m not even 100% sure if he’s wearing a belt and if this stuff was merged with him as well.  Is he really wearing an outfit at all or is this his new “skin?”  What does he consume for energy and expel for waste? These are all the silly-assed questions that actually pop into my mind with a character like this.


Photog’s head isn’t a “head.” It’s a large camcorder.  The lens on my figure seems cracked and I never noticed until taking the pictures for this feature.  There’s a lot of detailing on the camcorder.  It looks high-tech and futuristic in a classic sci-fi sense.  There’s a lever near the back on the top of the camcorder that, when pushed, extends the lens.  It was a cool little bonus for the figure to have.

Keeping on with the movie/film theme, Photog’s weapon is a gun that ended up being merged with an old-school video camera.  That makes even more questions pop into my head like why on earth would he be near a vintage camera with a gun on him that would allow them to merge? Perhaps Photog designed this because he’s retro and wanted to keep his new appearance unison with whatever he was using as a weapon.

I wonder what Photog would do if an enemy confronted him: shoot first and film later or vice versa? The questions just keep coming…

Although the whole notion of this figure completely ridiculous as a whole, Photog looks pretty damn good.  It’s the moments when you really put your disbelief away and just look at this guy as a cool action figure.  I suppose the same can be said about many of the characters and their appearance in MOTU.  This guy just tips it for me, though.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Fearless Photog  has a shield that is basically an oversized flashbulb reflector.  Once again, I wonder if Photog made this or this was another result of stuff merging.

I think Fearless Photog would look good on Eternian movie poster.


While this figure and character is one of the wackiest in all of the Masters of the Universe cannon (to me anyway), I still think it works.  I know there are many who didn’t pick this figure up and won’t consider it (or many 30th anniversary figures) a part of MOTU.  I enjoyed the 30th anniversary line (for the most part) and think this figure was a great starting point.  I’m glad Nathan Bitner finally saw his design appear in plastic. I thought it was also pretty awesome seeing the pictures of him pop up online when he received his figures from Mattel.  It was a cool moment.


On a side note, this figure came in the mail the week I lost one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  I had my dog Buster from the time she was about two (thanks to owners who just wanted to give her away) until she started having tumors grow on her very rapidly when she was 12.  Every time I see this figure on my shelf, I think about Buster and how much she was loved and what she meant to me.  Buster was a loving dog and got me through the toughest shit life had thrown on me.  This feature is dedicated to Buster and it’s about time I had her somewhere on Electrified Porcupine.  RIP, baby!