Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Fisto


2012 started off hot with a slightly delayed Sorceress figure and right behind it was another highly anticipated figure. It was a member of the Heroic Warriors: Fisto!

As a child I thought Fisto was a cool character.  I mean, the figure had a giant metal fist! What isn’t cool about that?? The vintage figure didn’t look cartoon-like and I think that’s what made him more intimidating as a part of the Heroic Warriors.  I guess you could call him a man’s man.

The packaging continues on in the same way as all the others, albeit the 30th anniversary logo now on the back of the cards for the entire year.

The bio tells the story about how Fisto ended up with his huge fist via Man-At-Arms replacing it after it being destroyed protecting others from the Snake Men.  I didn’t remember in the Filmation cartoon if it was mentioned that Malcom (aka Fisto) was Duncan’s (aka Man-At-Arms) older brother but I think it’s cool they added it to Classics continuity.  Now if we could only find out about their earlier partying days together…

The figure features the same style armor and colour scheme as the vintage toy.  This is a figure that really didn’t need more added to it to make it “better” because the simplicity of Fisto, and the silver of the armor matching the fist, really accentuates what matters with the character – his mammoth fist!

The fist has a great sculpt and you can clearly see each finger although it’s in a static clenched pose.  The little touches of paint on the knuckles was something I actually forgot was there until taking pictures for this Rewind feature.  The fist is very well done and the perfect size for the figure because it’s larger than the vintage figure’s but not over the top like the 200X version of the character.

Speaking of the 200X version of the character from the Mike Young Productions cartoon, Matty and the Four Horsemen gave fans a gift with this figure – the option to actually display it as the 200X rendition thanks to the extra large sword, a belt, and a second head.

The belt has a cool sculpt to it with the middle looking like a skeletal head of a horned beast.  The back of the belt has a small container for some fluids and what seems to be a little book.  It’s made of a softer plastic and it’s easy to get on and off.

While the fist of Fisto is supposed to be the focal point on the figure, I think that isn’t the case here with the Classic version because the head sculpts are so damn good.

I think Fisto’s head sculpts are some of the best in the whole line.  As you can see, the one without the headpiece has a slightly deformed nose and I never noticed it until taking these close-ups.  I sold the two extra heads from buying two figures years ago so I can’t swap it out, so that kinda bums me out after discovering this tiny flaw, but it still doesn’t take away too much from how amazing the sculpt is.

The expression is stone-cold.  It’s like he’s saying with his eyes, “back off now or you’re going to get hurt.”  The beard is so badass that I really wish I could grow something this awesome.

It’s funny because as I’m doing my finishing touches on this feature, I’m watching WWE Smackdown Live and the head sculpt kinda resembles Bobby Roode a bit.

Fisto comes with two swords: the smaller vintage throwback sword with the guard on the handle and the large, insanely oversized sword from the 200X cartoon.  For a large sword, it’s actually light enough to not affect the figure’s balance when holding it.  Props for adding the closed fist at the end of the handle.  I’m sure Fisto could use that to really punish some villains if he wanted to.

I’m not really sure Fisto needs a sword and I don’t think I had him use it very much when I was a kid. Variety is the spice of life as they say, so it’s great the vintage weapon was included.  He does always have it in-hand on my shelf, though.

Yeah, I’m lucky enough to have three of these figures so I can pose both versions on my shelf (I always bought two subs and scored a third if there was an alternate pose available – I’m nuts, I know).  The 200X style Fisto is usually posed on my shelf holding the sword as seen in the bottom left picture.

No matter what version of Fisto you have on your shelf and what weapons you give him (if any), you know this is one figure that is going to look incredible no matter what options you use.

I think Fisto is an awesome character and he translated so awesomely to the Classics visage.  He just oozes personality and badassery.  I can see why he’s so sought after on the secondary market and commands quite a bit of dough.  I’m with many of you and hope one day Super7 produces an Ultimate version of the figure so collectors who missed out can add him to their collections.