Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: The Sorceress


The first official figure of 2012 was one that was so fan demanded for this line you could feel the anticipation rise as the release date got closer (and it heightened due to the figure being pushed back about a month).  That figure was none other than The Sorceress.

Growing up watching the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon, I really appreciated the character of the Sorceress.  She was powerful and gave important advice to He-Man and the other characters, although there were times where she only guided those looking for truth and they had to use free will and make their own decisions.

I also felt sad when I first saw the episode, “Teela’s Quest”, when I found out the Sorceress was really Teela’s mother but couldn’t tell her.  That was a powerful cartoon for children right there!

The packaging was the same for 2012 as the previous years except for one thing: the large Masters of the Universe 30th anniversary logo on the back of the card.  All the cards for 2012 have the logo and we also got a special six additional figures specifically to celebrate this event.  I’ll be blending those figures into my MOTUC Rewind features.

The bio explains that Skeletor cloned the Sorceress (aka: Teela’Na) into a child form but the cloned child was rescued and given to Man-At-Arms to raise and protect.  It was great to read in the bio how The Sorceress ended up on the throne and how she was a women of strength and dedication before becoming the keeper of Grayskull’s secrets.

I liked this figure a lot when I first got it and after doing the photos for this feature, I can say I still do.  There was something just not right with the vintage figure for me.  I thought it really never represented the character well and was rather cartoonish.  This figure was the representation of the Sorceress I wanted since I was a child.

The figure is on the similar female buck and has all the same articulation as the other female figures except the shoulder area and the head.  The headdress really prevents you from turning the head.  I’ll get to the shoulders in a bit.

I’ll keep focusing on the great stuff about the figure: just look at the head sculpt below.  It’s amazing!!!  I’m so glad in a way that we got the Star Sisters in the mail before the Sorceress because this figure’s excellent look really took the bad taste out of my mouth about that three pack.

While the outfit may seem plain, I really like the Four Horsemen’s work on it.  There is subtle detailing on the feathers on the hip/waist piece as well as the top of the boots and around the bottom of the headpiece.  They could have left these plain white but the extra love shown here really made the figure pop more.

Now about those pesky shoulders…  The articulation for the arms are hindered due to the large drums that were used to make the layers of the wings “work.”  They are very bulky and an eyesore.  I totally get what the designers were trying to do here but I think a lot of the anger online came from how large the drums were, how they stick out, and how there is no way to separate the arms from the wings.  I’m not sure what the options were or how it could have worked a different way.


When you raise the arms out horizontally, the wings spread out.  The wings have detailing in the feathers and the colours are bright and vibrant.  I love the figure in this pose and it’s usually on my shelf like this.  I never thought the Sorceress needed to be posed in many different ways, so the arms being hindered by the wings/drums, doesn’t bother me.  Aesthetically from the side, it’s not very pretty.

The Sorceress comes with her alternate form, Zoar.  It sculpt is the same as Glory Bird from the Star Sisters set and Screech, who came with Evil-Lyn.  Zoar comes with a piece that slips over the head.  It’s an armour piece that has missiles and guns on it.  The piece is a throw back to the same piece that came with the large sized vintage figure.  The bird was released before the Filmation cartoon turned the bird into the Sorceress.  Why would the Sorceress need to be decked out in armaments anyway?

The Sorceress comes with one accessory: a staff.  There’s not too much to say about it except she can hold it well and the winged icon on the top of it has a great sculpt.

Having both forms of The Sorceress in Classics made for a great start to 2012!


Although this figure has a design that put fans on one side of a fence, I liked it and still do.  I know many are excited for the upcoming Filmation Sorceress figure from Super7 next year and they should be – she’s a great character and an intricate part of Masters of the Universe.