WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – September 25th & 26th, 2017


Source: WWE.com

I’m not gonna lie.  This week’s programs didn’t do too much for me.  There was a lot of stuff that I thought we were going to move on from but didn’t and story lines that really didn’t even move.  I’m doing this in bullet point form as I’m strapped for time but didn’t want a skip a week.

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Source: WWE.com

  • Strowman just suffered his biggest loss at the hand of Brock Lesnar at No Mercy and WWE decides to have him go against Dean Ambrose?  Not only that, they let Ambrose hang with his a lot longer than they should have. Weak decision.
  • Next week Seth Rollins is Strowman’s opponent? Why?!?! Set the tag team champs in another feud with a tag team and let Strowman get involved in another high profile feud!  It seems they’re going to drag their feet now with both until we get closer to the TLC PPV?
  • You’re telling me that after Roman Reigns kicked out of everything and anything at No Mercy against John Cena, the audience was supposed to put their disbelief aside to actually think that The Miz had any chance of beating Reigns? He didn’t and we all knew it, so how do you get invested in any of it? Not only that, but the Intercontinental Champion got pinned.  Way to make him look good.  We’re also supposed to believe The Miz and his crew actually could beat Reigns down and Reigns would stay down? There’s no consistency!
  • I guess that makes a tag champ and an IC champ both pinned this week while the lazy Universal Champ probably won’t be back until closer to Survivor Series in November. What are they thinking?  How does this stuff generate ratings or viewer engagement? I guess I’m bitching about it all, so that counts.
  • There were too many recaps and vignettes during the show. I watched No Mercy the night before so why did I have to watch it in stills all throughout Raw?
  • The women really didn’t do anything on Raw.  We got a tease of an Alexa Bliss and Mickie James match/feud until Asuka shows up and the others were in another meaningless tag match.
  • The Wyatt/Balor feud is continuing? You have to be kidding me.
  • The rest of the show was throwaway stuff.  It was probably one of the least engaging Raw programs of the last few months.



Source: WWE.com

  • I guess Owens is playing the crazy character that snaps now? The exchange between Zayn and Owens at the beginning was decent but it didn’t need to lead to yet another match between them.
  • I’m unsure why WWE featured Shane McMahon arriving on Smackdown only for Shane to wait so long to go to the ring to get his hands on Owens.
  • I’m sure the Baron Corbin/AJ Styles US Championship match at Hell in the Cell that was announced this week will be changed into a three-way match with Tye Dillinger.  Why would he be involved all this time if he wouldn’t be?
  • So WWE Creative decided to have Jinder Mahal do the exact same crap for the third week in a row, especially after last week’s horrible segment? Unbelievable.  The plus side was that Nakamura decided to head down to the ring after having enough (after three weeks).  The weird thing was how he showboated to the ring with his music playing instead of just running out and pummeling all three of the heels. Wouldn’t you expect Nakamura to go ape-shit on Mahal and his crew after the stuff that has been said over the last few weeks?
  • Speaking of more of the same, Ziggler came out as The Undertaker to talk about how stupid entrances are again.  The payoff is now Ziggler and Bobby Roode facing off at Hell in the Cell?  I guess the rationale is fans will get behind whoever faces Ziggler after all time he’s wasted on the program.