Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – The Star Sisters


I’ll get the obvious out of the way – it has been weeks since I’ve done a MOTUC Rewind feature.  I was all set to dive into my look at 2012 almost immediately after closing the books on 2011 with Demo-Man, Battleground Evil-Lyn, and the Wind Raider.  That obviously didn’t happen.

What happened? Well, I had an influx of Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles stuff arrive, Force Friday came and went, and I just had other stuff I wanted to feature and needed to get to.  I’m actually pleasantly surprised I got some of the emails from some people who I don’t know asking me when I was doing my next Rewind feature. That was pretty cool.

Seeing how I’m kicking off 2012 and do my MOTUC Rewind features according to the order the figures were released, some may not be too excited for this feature.  Hell, I’m not even that excited because this installment will be focusing on The Star Sisters: a three pack that I still have interest in.

From what I remember, The Sorceress was supposed to be the initial January figure but she got bumped a month so one of the first larger offerings of the year came first.  I can remember the heat these figures generated.  There were people ticked about the designs and there were others really pissed about them being included within the subscription.  I can understand because if I wasn’t going all-in with the line (and because I kept my streak of buying two subs so I could keep one MIB/MOC and have loose figures to display), it was a tough pill to swallow for characters I wasn’t aware of, especially at $80 each plus shipping and currency exchange.

MOTUC was praised (or booed) for taking figures that were only prototypes or sketches and giving them their due in plastic form.  I guess The Star Sisters had a cult following and, as far as I know, they only appeared in one She-Ra: Princess of Power episode.  My memory of that show is almost nil as I never watched them again when I was older – I just never got the DVDs but it would be something I’d like to see if my daughter would like when she’s a bit older.  The Star Sisters were actually made as toy prototypes but never released.  You can check out the picture over at

The packaging is in the same style oversized box we saw Swiftwind come in.  I think the figures are displayed in a very cool way.  I think MIB collectors would be happy if they just bought one.  You can see their winged friend, Glory Bird, flying above them.

The bio is kinda lacking.  An evil witch is jealous of their beauty and traps them in a star.  They crash land on Etheria, She-Ra helps release them, and they pledge their allegiance.  Yawn.  I would have liked to know more about them before they were trapped for their beauty.  Why did they matter?

The first Sister in the three pack is Jewelstar.  It’s pretty obvious her name links up with the crystal jewels that appear on her body.  I supposed they couldn’t use Crystar because that name was trademarked by Marvel.  Maybe she fell into a giant “grow your own crystal” containers and fell asleep.

I actually forgot this figure had hair because I don’t repose (or look at them) too often.  I always see them from the front and the huge crystal that surrounds her head kind of blocks the hair.

The blocky look of the character’s body and outfit is ugly.  It’s a total contrast to how well done the translucent crystals were done.  The crotch area on the figure is downright repulsive, though.  I don’t want to end on a negative so I’ll mention I like how the cape was sculpted.

Here are some closer looks of the crystal pieces on the figure.  I really didn’t appreciate how well done they were until taking pictures for this feature.

The face is actually not too shabby at all.  I think it’s a pretty face but the huge crystal piece really takes away from it.  It’s just an odd looking head.  As a Canadian, I grew up watching Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High and this face sculpt totally reminds me of Caitlin Ryan, who was portrayed by actor Stacie Mistysyn.  Check out some pics online and see if you think there’s a resemblance!


Next up is Starla.  She’s the most aesthetically pleasing figure out of the three to me.  I think her colours work well together and the skirt piece is decent.  I don’t think it needed the star on it, though, especially with the star on her head and in the middle of her top.

Starla’s face sculpt is the best out of the three and is quite a good looking figure.  It’s too bad that attention for a somewhat decent figure was taken away due to much of the loathing about this set.


Tallstar is easily the worst of the three.  I hate the colours on this figure and the granny panties crotch piece is just like Jewelstar’s.  From the face down, there’s just not much I can say that’s good about the figure.

The face sculpt on the figure is decent but the figure’s colours really distract you away from that one positive aspect about the figure.


Tallstar is named because she can become taller.  Who would have thought? To do this, five additional pieces were included to help extend her neck and her limbs.  They are easy to add on and take off and was a clever way of pulling off the extension without resorting to the figure having an action feature.


It’s been years since I took the limb and neck extensions off and had to do so for the figure picture above.  I actually prefer the figure without them now but keeping them on makes her pop a bit more on the shelf because of her height, not because of the repulsive colour combinations.

The last piece of the puzzle to this set is the group’s bird, Glory Bird.  I don’t recall a damn thing about the bird so I can’t write too much.  As you can see, it’s a repaint of Zoar and Screech.  It has a slip-on piece to give it a mohawk.

The figures come with wand each.  The colours coincide with the figure.  I guess they are “star wands?” I wouldn’t know what powers they have.  It’s like a Care Bear Stare (yes, I know what that is) on a stick.

As a whole, the articulation on these figures felt a little flimsy when I got them and still are.  The worst one out of the three is Tallstar.  She’s not as bad without the extensions but with them, whoa, boy… good luck trying to get lots of poses out of her when she has all the pieces plugged in (with my figure, anyway).

Look, I’m not saying that any faction of segment should be left out of Masters of the Universe or not have figure representation. I’m glad those who wanted these figures got to finally see them in action figure form.  To this day, and even after doing this Rewind feature, I really could care less for them.


Lastly, before I get any emails saying something along the lines of my bias is affecting my review, well of course it is!  That’s the point.  It’s my site and I get to share my opinions on any figure.  Whether you like this set or not, thanks for looking back at them with me. I have more MOTU Rewind features to come sooner than later and will be picking up steam looking back at 2012!