WWE No Mercy 2017 Results and Thoughts


Source: WWE.com

Last’s night’s show looked really good on paper and for most of it, I enjoyed it. I was on with my predictions, too.  Besides one of the title changes, the two winners I predicted were more from the heart rather than what I knew WWE’s book probably would be, but it was nice to dream.  Here’s a quick recap of the show.

The Miz (Champ) vs. Jason Jordan – Intercontinental Championship Match

I’ll give credit to Jason Jordan for hanging well with The Miz.  It was a fun match to start the show with but it seemed the crowd was almost 100% behind The Miz.  That’s a really tough spot for Jordan to be in when being pushed as a baby face.  I wonder if WWE will change direction with him now that the audience is really showing they’re not getting behind him.  They did it with Reigns, right? I’m being totally sarcastic here, of course.

The Miz won with interference from The Miztourage which is no surprise to anyone.  That’s what they’re there for!  The promo and the delivery from Jordan at the end of the match made me cringe.  It was awful and it shows that Jordan really needs continue to work on his promo skills and WWE Creative needs to learn how to write. 

Winner: The Miz

Anyone else find it strange that when The Miz was backstage with Angle, Angle didn’t address the cheating tactics from The Miz and his crew and not just force The Miz into a rematch on Raw tonight?  Instead The Miz will be interviewing Roman Reigns.  Is this the set-up for The Shield to reunite and give The Miz and The Miztourage their comeuppances?  Will Reigns be booked to face The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship so if the Shield reunites, they’ll all have gold again?  If The Shield does reunite, will Rollins and Ambrose be brought down by the fan’s hatred for Reigns?  These questions really make me want to tune in tonight to see what goes down.


Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt

WWE had me for a bit. I actually thought the match was going to be written off after Wyatt attacked Balor before the bell rang.  I found the match to be decent.  I’d compare it to a high level main event match we’d see on Raw.  With Balor taking the victory over Wyatt, it’s established that Balor can be an effective baby face with or without his Demon persona. 

Now, for Wyatt, where in the hell does this loss leave him? Is he going to show up on Raw with another cryptic message for another person on the roster only to lose that feud, too? I feel so bad for Wyatt because WWE Creative has so dropped the ball with him and his character.  Someone that good on the mic and with that persona should be the number one heel on the roster.  He needs a rechristening/baptism live on Raw by someone claiming to be his higher power to reset his character.

Winner: Finn Balor


Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (Champs) vs Cesaro & Sheamus –
Raw Tag Team Championship Match

I have to give props to both teams for giving it their all once again, well, when they picked it up halfway through the match, that is.  I found most moves and kick outs to be easy to buy-in to, but the spot where Rollins was power-bombed onto Ambrose should have been the end of the match right there.  It’s ridiculous that they allow a spot like that to be kicked out of. I still wish the heels would have won here so we could have had Ambrose turn on Rollins but I guess I still have to wait for that to happen.

I’m sure the thing people will remember the most is Cesaro hitting the turnbuckle area and losing his teeth.  I almost threw up when I saw his mouth after he hit then I almost threw up when they showed the slow motion replays. I won’t even look at the pictures online of his mouth.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose


Alexa Bliss (Champ) vs Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Nia Jax vs. Emma –
Fatal 5-Way Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

I absolutely nailed this match in my prediction piece. The women got just under ten minutes and Bliss got the victory.  There was some good action here, but ten minutes for five women to shine doesn’t really give them much time for them to showcase their individual talents.  I’m surprised the returning Bayley took the loss as opposed to Emma.  Now we play the waiting game until the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV in less than a month to see the arrival of Asuka and the decimation of Alexa Bliss.  Now let’s stop with these multi-women matches and give the women some story lines.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns

I may be in the minority of people (with the people whose thoughts I’ve read on this match/card) but I didn’t like this match.  I thought Cena acting like a baby and threatening to walk away from the match at the beginning was stupid and Reigns attacking Cena while he was walking up the ramp was illogical.  You’re telling me Cena would not have expected that?

I thought something was up after the hit on the ramp because it was a open hand face slap that was delivered and Cena sold it like he got power-bombed.  When Cena and Reigns got back into the ring, Reigns delivered another open-hand slap and Cena walked around all wobbly.  Even one of the announcers said he had the “spaghetti legs” going.  Immediately I thought Cena was pulling the same crap HBK did in his match with Hogan and was overselling just to be comical or to protest.  Maybe he was.

What pissed me off about the match the most was the last ten minutes of it.  These guys kicked out of everything and anything.  I get it: they are fighting to show who is the absolute best here but there should be a limit to what they can kick out of.  Reigns should not have kicked out of the two AAs from Cena.  It takes away from both of their huge moves.  Call me more old-school, but I liked it when a finisher was a finisher or we had the odd kick out of one here and there, not what we got last night.

With the amount of hatred these two spat at each other leading to this match, you’re telling me that Cena could just walk over, raise Reigns’ hand and Reigns and him are “good” now? Not only that, wouldn’t Reigns want to bask in the glory of his win instead of letting Cena stay in the ring?  It all boggles my mind and I didn’t like it.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Once other thing – the announcers were commenting on how huge of a win this was for Reigns and it was equivalent to Reigns defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  By that logic, shouldn’t Shinsuke Nakamura be getting that kind of rub over on Smackdown? He beat Cena just over a month ago, too! Nope. He’s being placed in a story line with racist material and not being booked to run down to the ring to absolutely destroy the person doing it.  Unreal.


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Enzo Amore

Here was another horribly booked match.  Never in a million years would I think Enzo would win here.  I don’t think he deserves it at all.  Neville kicks Enzo’s ass all match and then Enzo wins with one low blow? Ridiculous.

Enzo Amore is not Eddie Guerrero and he hasn’t been built up enough to pull off a major “cheat to win but still love me” title victory (or any victory for that matter).  I think this is officially drained the 205 Live interest I had left. Maybe this time around Neville will just say screw 205 Live and just get back on the main Raw roster and shine as a heel and let Enzo be relegated to the usual three on three throwaway matches WWE Creative gives the amazing, but underutilized 205 Live roster.

Winner: Enzo Amore


Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman

This match disappointed me, too.  I mean, the action was good for the most part but a) I didn’t like that Lesnar won and b) I didn’t like how it was another stupid suplex offense by Lazy Lesnar followed up by one F5 to take out Strowman.

Strowman has taken more punishment and lasted longer (and had better matches) with Roman Reigns so why such a short outing here? That’s right. Lesnar is lazy. I cannot fathom why they still have the belt on him.  Under ten minutes for the main event? F that.

I feel like last night’s loss will take the wind out of Strowman’s push and this loss hurt him.  If he was going to lose, why not give someone else the program instead of Strowman if Lesnar is just going to win? If your champ is too lazy to show up to TV or work a long match with others, get the belt off him, WWE.

I know people are thinking this is still leading to Lesnar keeping the Universal Championship until Wrestlemania where Reigns will beat him.  To me, that’s too far away and I think the WWE fans would shit all over it.

Let’s not forget to mention that Strowman got the better of Reigns in the majority of their matches.  Why then is it logical to have the one that kept losing to Strowman come in to win the belt from the guy that beat Strowman? I shake my head.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

The one thing I hope we see tonight is Cena come out to the ring to discuss his future (if he’s not off to film again) and have Strowman come out to tell him to stop whining.  If Strowman takes Cena out and off TV for a long period of time, that may salvage the huge loss Strowman took last night.