Star Wars: The Black Series Wave 11 and the Exclusive Clone Commander Gree


It’s a photo from my phone, but it does the job.

Although the new waves of the Black Series have hit the shelves, particularly the one that came out for Force Friday (check out my feature, if you haven’t) and a new one starting to trickle out, Wave 11 hit in the summer time but I never saw them anywhere in my city. didn’t ever have them available to buy (that I ever saw), so imagine my surprise when this wave went up for sale at midnight on Force Friday on’s site.  I couldn’t believe it.  As of the time of writing this, three out of the four figures in this wave are still available but the Imperial Royal Guards sold out by the time I woke up.

This little feature is just for me to showcase the figures for those who haven’t seen a good close up of them.  Yes, I keep my Black Series figures in the box.  I hang them up for display and I’m perfectly fine with my decision.

It’s cool to see the original trilogy be represented here in this wave along with one of the prequels.  The variety is great for this wave and I think there’s something for everyone.

Imperial Royal Guard

While all the other figures in this line are super cool, this is the figure I wanted the most.  From the looks of it online, so did others and it’s the harder one to find (or you’ll be paying a lot more for it than the others in this wave on the aftermarket).  I always liked the design of this figure when I was a child and I haven’t lost my admiration for it as an adult.  I’ll definitely be picking up Hot Toys’ sixth scale version when it is available.  Return of the Jedi fans and probably picked up at least two so one could be on either side of the Emperor.

Tusken Raider

This figure is the exact same as the one that was package as a part of the second wave of 40th anniversary wave I previously looked at.  I’ve already stated I really like the look of the figure and the interchangeable parts of the gaffi stick.  I’m still sticking to what I said: I’m eventually get an extra one of these to open because it is just a great looking figure.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Liam Nesson’s character from The Phantom Menace gets his debut in the line.  The more figures that get released, the more I wonder why it’s taken so many years to get them out! I think this figure looks pretty stellar.  I wasn’t expecting it to look this good, so it’s a pleasant surprise.  The expression gives him a serious look like he’s about to go into battle and I’m happy Hasbro decided to give him this head sculpt.

Lando Calrissian

The smooth talker himself finally gets a figure in the Black Series line, too! The soft goods (cloth cape) looks really awesome and the head sculpt is damn good, too.  I was gonna do a Colt 45 reference here somehow but I think that’s everyone’s go-to now.  All kidding aside, I wish this wave had better distribution because every Black Series collection needs Lando in it!  Now we need more Bounty Hunter representation from The Empire Strikes Back.

Clone Commander Gree

This figure wasn’t a part of Wave 11, but I got him in around the same time so I figured I’d make it a part of this feature.

I don’t know too much about this guy.  I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t watched Star Wars: Rebels yet and the new characters I’ve learned about just from collecting the figures.  He’s a Target (US) and Toys R US (here in Canada) and I read some people getting ticked that he was made an exclusive but it doesn’t look like he’s been too hard to find.

I really like the amount of weapons he comes with and the deco all over his outfit.  He’s a cool looking figure but the $40 price tag here in Canada is too much.  Thankfully TRU had him on for $30 with free shipping for a bit and getting him then was a no-brainer.