Star Wars: Rogue One – K-2SO Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


It seems like a plethora of Star Wars: Rogue One Hot Toys sixth scale figures have come into my collection over the last two-three months.  The latest arrival is the humorous, yet sarcastic, droid K-2SO! 

If you’re new to my site, I’ve taken a look at Chirrut Îmwe, the Death Trooper Specialist (Deluxe), and the Shoretrooper already (with Jyn arriving sooner than later).  The figures have looked great but some, like the Troopers, weren’t very functional.  Chirrut was a definite hit for me so I was anxious to see where K-2SO would fit in terms of quality and functionality.

The box for the figure is, again, the same thing we constantly see with the Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars figures.  The Rogue One figures have had a bit of differentiation with the paper band wrapped around the bottom of the boxes and you can see K-2SO was given the same treatment.  The box is slightly larger because of the size of the figure.

I was expecting this figure to be large because he was tall in the film but when I got the figure out of the box and standing up straight, I was really impressed with the size of it! At over 14″ tall, those extra two (and a bit) inches really make a difference.  The skinny legs and arms make the figure actually seem taller.

The paint on the figure is well done with gray all over the figure and the fantastic weathering effects.  The areas showing the scraping of the paint and the damage done to the body of the droid really gets across that he’s seen some action.

Other areas of the figure feature some paint work as well and none of it is sloppy or takes away from the overall look of the figure.  The little touches of paint in various areas of the figure break up the plain gray look.

The two little antennae that are sticking out of the top of the back area come separately in the box on a small rectangular peg.  I think that was a good call to make sure they weren’t damaged during shipping.

I applaud the people at Hot Toys for the abundance of articulation on this figure.  I go through it all in the video at the end of the feature but I’ll do my best to describe them with the pictures I took.

The arms are quite amazing because there is so much hidden. The arm can be rotated at the shoulder joint 360°, which is impressive.  The ball joint can also allow K-2SO to stick his arms out completely horizontal.  You can see the shoulder armor also able to adapt to the arm movement because it’s on it’s own articulation piece as well.  I am blown away by this because it hinders nothing and still manages to look great.  Now I’m wishing this ingenuity was on some other figures where the shoulder pads/armour has been a nuisance.

The arms also have articulation in the elbow and the wrist as you can probably tell.  What you can’t see are the many places where the arm can actually swivel at the elbows and writs as well.  This allows for a lot of posing options.

Every finger (and the thumbs) on K-2SO’s hands are articulated and each finger has three points to simulate a human’s finger.  The thumbs are on a ball joint to help with movement.  I had no issues with any of the fingers or the thumbs and I didn’t worry about them being too stiff or delicate like the ones on the Sideshow C-3P0 figure.

I’ll mention the legs can move at the pelvis and the knees can be bent 90° to the back as well.  The knee joints on my figure were tight but I wasn’t worried about them being so bad they’d break.

The tall, thin legs go down to ankles that are articulated and feet that have rocker joints.  You can move them only towards the inside of the figure, not the outside.  The toe area of the feet also have an area where it’s articulated as well to help with the balancing – something that was a bit of an issue with the figure.

The head sculpt on the figure is so damn awesome and accurate (at least to me).  The weathering  on the helmet is spot on and the small detailing in the robotic parts around the mouth area is striking.  The minute details are the things that really stand out and make figures more than just “figures” to me – they make them pieces of art.  It all elevates the realism of the figure.

The figure has a light-up feature that is activated by turning on a switch located under the top of the helmet.  The batteries are included and are not hard to put in.

One thing I’ll point out is the two clear plastic tubes can actually be moved about a bit.  You can see in the picture below that I took in the dark that the circle for K-2SO’s pupil can be seen in the right eye but not in the left.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I left it for this feature instead of taking another one so you can compare it to the picture above where I moved the tube so both circles for the pupils could be visible.

A quick tip to remove the top of the head: pull up while holding the middle of the bottom section because the top piece is secure and you don’t want to end up breaking the two peg pieces on the bottom front of the figure.

The head can move on the neck peg that also features some excellent sculpting (and you can see the sculpting added to the bottom of the head as well). The neck piece is then connected to a ball joint that’s attached into the body.  You get a lot of range of motion of the head with this figure.


Most of us expect a lot of accessories with our Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars figures (more usually lately from Hot Toys), but for this figure, you only get two items: a blaster pistol featuring some weathering detailing on it, and a grenade we’ve seen with the Death Troopers.  That’s it!

I think I can understand why there aren’t many accessories here – we’re getting a new fully tooled body with a light-up feature and I’m sure that doesn’t come cheap.  As well, what else extra could K-2SO possibly come with that would make sense?

The amount of articulation means you can get K-2SO in a variety of shooting poses with his blaster pistol.

The other extra the figure comes with is a stand.  Just like the two Rogue One Troopers, the base is the same and you have the option to put a sticker piece on top of it.  I just lay mine on top and place the wire piece into the slot and that holds the sticker in place without permanently attaching it.  I think it looks cool and makes the stand look unique.

The part of the wire that holds the figure is made specifically for K-2SO and fits perfectly into the gaps in the legs.  I’m glad they made a stand that holds the figure securely because the main issue with the figure I had was actually getting it to stand up straight.  The figure is so top heavy that even with the support from the feet, you can’t leave it unsupported until you’re absolutely certain it won’t be tipping over.  I will always have this figure attached to the stand in my display case.  I will say that the more I posed the figure, the easier it was to get it to stay in place.  I did my video before my pictures so I was really wrestling with it at first.

Ever see a droid box? Put your money on the “S-O” for the K-O!

I just started to have some fun with the figure for some other pictures.  I had him just looking for high fives, doing John Cena’s “you can’t see me” shtick, and I wanted to see what he’d look like touching his head with both hands.  He could be a poster boy, I mean, droid!

Below are just a few more shots I took. You can get some pointing poses from the figure if you desire.

K-2SO holding the grenade tightly is a testament to how well the figure’s hands/fingers have been developed.  You have to play with it just a bit, but once you get things positioned correctly, you’re laughing.

To end the barrage of pictures, let’s take a looks at K-2SO if he was channeling the attitude of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Yeah, some may think this is juvenile, but I don’t care.  This is my site to do what I want and I want K-2SO to flip people off just because he can.  I think it hilarious.

While I was kind of put back with the price of the figure ($229 US), I can understand why it’s that price even with a lack of extras.  We’re getting a new, fully-tooled figure that isn’t using any existing pieces or parts and that even goes for the stand that only shares the base with other figures.  Add in the light-up feature and I think we are getting a lot of bang for the buck here.  It’s a damn good looking figure and I’m happy it’ll be among my other figures in my collection.

Enjoy the video!