Star Wars: Death Star Gunner Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Death Star Gunner? Who? What? Yeah, that’s what I’m probably gonna get from many people who I show this figure to.  It doesn’t matter because that iconic helmet and costume that make this figure what it is made me really look forward to adding it to my collection ever since it was announced.

I’m not sure why Hot Toys decided to release this generic (albeit cool) looking figure over other aliens or major characters, like one of my faves, Admiral Ackbar (bless his squiddy soul!).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they did because I want my Imperial collection to grow and I love figures that come from the original trilogy.

The box for this figure shouldn’t be a surprise to collectors out there.  It’s the standard box that features the figure on the front and credits on the back.  On the inside, we get a cool picture of two of the figures, each with a slightly different look.  That’s right, you get two display options with this figure.  I’m really going to only showcase one in this feature (and in my video review), but I’ll touch on why later on.

Out of the box, the figure is on a the buck that has been used with many other figures.  All the joints that are articulated are tight enough and I had no issue with the elbows, legs, or knees at all.  The wrists are another story I’ll get to in a bit (or you can watch what happens in the video).

The outfit for the figure is really well done.  The outer vest is a smooth leather-like material that is secured in place on the back.  Underneath the vest is an excellent looking jacket featuring more faux-leather material, similar to the kind that was used for Darth Vader’s under-suit.  This jacket can be removed to reveal the tailored shirt that you can see in the picture that comes inside the box.

The jacket hinders the articulation in the shoulder a bit. You can’t extend the arm out too much vertically because the jacket doesn’t have that much give and forcing the arm may rip the seam.  I did these pictures before I shot the video and you can see the creases in the elbow area from bending it.  I’m sure you probably don’t want to keep your figure in any pose where the elbow is bent for a long period of time because I’ll assume there will be some wear of the material.

The pants are tailored well.  They are tucked into the boots that don’t feature any articulation at all.  It doesn’t bother me because I wouldn’t use that with a figure like this – these gunners didn’t see too much action in the film.  The boots look great and are probably worth more than anything I put on my own feet.


The helmet sculpt on this figure is bang on! I think it’s the figure’s main selling point and that’s saying something considering how well the entire outfit is done.  The helmet has a really glossy shine to it, as you can probably tell from the pictures and the reflection of the lights and my photo box.

This was the first figure that I actually went and looked at some pictures online because I just wanted to see for myself if I could pick out anything that stands out as not accurate and I can’t.  I’m sure there may be some subtle differences or maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s really movie accurate.

The little antenna that sticks out from the helmet needs to be put in and it is very delicate.  Be careful taking it out of the plastic and inserting it into the hole as I’m sure some may snap it if they aren’t careful.

The Death Star Gunner comes with four additional hands for a total of six.  For a figure that doesn’t do too much in A New Hope, I think six hands is sufficient.



One of the issues I have with the figure (that you’ll see in the video) is how easy the hands can pop off after you take switch out the ones shipped on the figure.  It’s hard to get the hand in the peg tight because you have the jacket, then two wrist pieces that are all around the peg hole.  When you’re trying to press the hand into the peg while it’s inserted into the wrist (or the peg into the wrist hole), the clothing really makes it hard to do because you can’t get a tight enough grip.

The figure comes with same kind of stand that many Hot Toys figures have in the past.  I’m a fan of them and, like I’ve said many times, I like them more than the generic stands that come with the Sideshow Collectibles figures.


The only weapon the figure comes with is the gun that is affiliated with the figure.  I really like it because it’s unique compared to many other blasters that have come with other figures.

I find it really odd that both the trigger hands have an index finger that is too long and can’t rest on the trigger.  The finger sits on the outside of the gun past the trigger.  I wonder if this was an error in manufacturing somehow or if the hands on my figure are just wrong.  Can anyone chime in?

Quick addition: I went and finally looked at the promo shots and it seems like the “trigger fingers” are used in many of the promo pics as “pointers,” although the figure also holds the blaster/pistol with it.  In those shots, the trigger finger doesn’t seem to go close to the trigger either.  I still find that to be really odd, though.


On the side of the figure, it features the same kind of holster that I’ve grown to dislike because of how delicate they are.  The one on my Death Trooper Specialist (Deluxe) figure seemed to disintegrate on me and looks awful on my figure now.  This one didn’t fall apart but the gun needs to be wiggled because it’s a really tight fit.  When you get the gun in enough to be able to get the strap over the gun, the bottom of the blaster pops out of the bottom.  I don’t think this was well thought out.

The figure does look good posed, though, in all its glossy glory!

I’m usually pretty thorough when I do my features and videos, but for this figure, I’m not going the extra mile.  As you can see from the instruction book (and in the picture from the inside of the packaging), you can take the jacket off to give the figure a different look.  To do it, you have to take off everything on the figure’s arms and torso then take off the jacket, and then put all of it back on.  With how delicate some of these pieces on Hot Toys figures can be, I’m not bothering to do it because I’ll always have it displayed with the jacket on.


Below, with the proper text, could be an awesome propaganda poster the Empire could use for recruitment.

Yeah, this figure has a couple of issues as mentioned above: the trouble with the hands staying in, the trigger hands not looking right with the gun, and the holster being too tight and too short, but I still like it.  The issues make me wish the figure was about $25 cheaper, though. I guess the whole glass half full perspective is the helmet and the outfit make the figure look damn sharp and a welcome addition to the ranks of your sixth scale Empire.


Enjoy the video!