Force Friday II – Star Wars: The Black Series Haul/Review (The Last Jedi)


Force Friday II came before I knew it and thanks to getting out early and finding the majority of the stuff I wanted, I returned home and got to work so I could feature these new Black Series figures on here!

The people lined up at my local Walmart were really friendly and sharing collecting stories.  No one ran to the back of the store to grab figures and people basically took one of whatever they wanted.  I didn’t notice any scalpers.

Unfortunately, there was only ONE Hera figure, so you’ll see I’m missing her in this feature.  When I end up finding one, I’ll put her in another feature or maybe add her to this one.  I’m not sure yet.   As well, I didn’t see any vehicles, play sets, “Force Link” accessories, or many sets (besides two in the 3 3/4″ scale I’ll show in another feature today.  Once I left, most of my Walmart was cleared out – and that was by 7:10 AM.  There just wasn’t a lot to go around.

I’m sure that most of these will be easy to find in the coming weeks in stores and online, so if you didn’t find your particular figure (or figures at all), be patient.  I guess that’s easy for me to say because I scored most of what I wanted today.  Note: I keep these in the box because I hang The Black Series figures on my wall for display – that’s why my look at the figures are in box only.

Anyway, here are the new figures I picked up from The Black Series.  Click the picture to enlarge the images and head on down to the bottom to check out the video I did that’s embedded from my YouTube channel!


Darth Vader

This figure is the new version of Darth Vader that was released in the 40th anniversary box set.  I’m glad they decided to give fans the chance to buy this improved figure without the other stuff attached to it.  If you missed my look at the 40th anniversary figures, go here for wave one and here for wave two!


Rey (Jedi Training)

This figure is the same as the one that came in the SDCC 2017 two pack with Luke.  For those who couldn’t attend the convention and refuse to pay the insane prices on Ebay, Hasbro has given people the chance to get the figure this way.  I think it looks like Denise Richards a bit!


Kylo Ren

Here’s another unmasked Kylo Ren for the collection. At least it’s different than the other two.  The face sculpt isn’t that accurate, but it works.


Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)

As mentioned, this is the figure that was packed with Rey for the SDCC exclusive two pack.  I’ll probably be returning my figure when there’s more stock because I have some awful paint slop on the face, especially on the nose.  I’ll update the pictures when I score a new one.


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn has been a part of the Star Wars universe since I was in high school through the Expanded Universe books and toys.  When Disney bought everything Star Wars, they dumped everything and said it wasn’t cannon.  So many people were happy when Thrawn got brought back into world of Star Wars.

This figure also had a SDCC release with elaborate packaging and extra items.  I have one coming to me in the next few weeks so I’ll compare them in another feature.  Once again, it’s great that Hasbro is making a fan demanded character available without having to resort to the aftermarket.



As far as I can tell, this is just the same Stormtrooper from the 40th anniversary wave, which was basically the same as the original Black Series figure.  I think I got tongue tied in my video below.   Nonetheless, more Troopers make army builders happy and it’s rare to see these guys just sitting around on the pegs.

That’s it for this wave.  Thanks to Force Friday, I got the four figures that came before this wave finally ordered from Walmart Canada (if you can believe that), so they’ll be arriving soon with more goodness, so keep checking back.  As well, you can click HERE and check out my haul of the 3 3/4″ figures from The Last Jedi I also picked up today.  Enjoy the video!