Star Wars: IG-88 Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review


Before you read any further, I’m letting you know that this ISN’T the 2017 re-release of the figure.  This figure was released in 2012 as part of the Scum and Villainy line by Sideshow Collectibles.  Seeing how Force Friday II is tomorrow, I thought I’d give this figure some love and attention.

I got mine my IG-88 figure for a pretty damn good price about two years ago (considering what I see it go for now) when I started collecting sixth scale figures.  I love the bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back and when I started collecting sixth scale Star Wars figures, Boba Fett was one of my first and Bossk had already also been released so I thought getting the three of them would be a good start for my collection.

I really like the backstory of IG-88.  If you don’t know much about the character, I say go over to Wookipedia and read the bio.  It’s really interesting and this damn droid sure is bloodthirsty.

The packaging is the older school look but still is kinda similar to what we see today with Star Wars releases from Sideshow Collectibles.  As you can see on the front of the box in the bottom left, there’s a little sticker indicating this is the exclusive edition that was released (limited to 750 pieces).   The box features IG-88 in various poses along with some information on the assassin droid.

When I got this figure, it amazed me because it was the tallest sixth scale figure I had at almost 14″ and because this was an entirely newly sculpted figure.  There is no body part to reuse for this figure.  The level of detail and the various paint on this figure was (and still is) quite a bit to take in and very impressive.

There are so many intricacies all over this figure’s body.  I suggest just clicking on the pictures below (and throughout this feature) to take a look for yourself because I’m not sure my words can do them justice.

All over the figure, there are various tubes, mechanics, and wiring sculpted and inserted. Various electronics and mechanisms and sculpted onto the figure and many are very apparent while others are quite subtle like around the shoulder area.

To get across the amount of thought put into this figure to make the articulation work, go to THIS image over at because they actually have a picture in their gallery that points it all out very well.

Below is a closer look at the lower half of the figure.  All the articulation points are hidden very well and you’d be surprised how well the “feet” work because they can swivel left and right but they also be adjusted up and down, too!

The wiring/tubing doesn’t get in the way and is firmly attached to the figure.  It’s got some give to it but you’re not going to be able to manipulate any of them to take a different shape.

Enlarging the pictures will also really help you appreciate the great paint job on the figure.  You can see the rusted areas, the paint scraping away, and some weathering.  It’s all done really well.

One thing I didn’t feature in any of my pictures, as I totally forgot, is the section where a figure’s knee would be, there’s an option to actually extend the leg to make the figure taller.  I suppose the reason I forgot is because I hadn’t extended them since the first week I got the figure and he just won’t fit on in my cabinet if I extend the legs.

There are even more options for posing because there are ball joints for the “knee” area and you can even pose IG-88 in stride.  You can see it all in the video embedded at the end of the video.

The side views allow you to see even more of the detailing that sculpted all along the torso area of the figure.  Not only that, you can see the small tubes/wiring that have also been added to this part of the figure.

The joints for articulating the arms are hidden well.  There is movement in the elbow area hidden under the softer plastic piece.  The arms move at the shoulders and you can get them to go out completely horizontal.  Twisting the “C” shaped piece allows you to move the arm up and down.  I run through this all in the video as well.

All the articulation joints on the arm (the wrist, the elbow, and the bicep) all can rotate! That gives you so ways to pose the figure that appears to be stagnant.

I love the head sculpt for IG-88.  It doesn’t remind me of any other robot and I’ve always liked the uniqueness of this character.  I suppose the only fictional character I’m reminded of a bit is the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz because of the top of the head.  I’m not really sure if IG-88 has one set of eyes or if it he (it?!) has various sensors used for detection.

The design of the head is actually quite clever because you can actually turn the different section to get a variety of looks.  I usually pose the figure as you see below because I like to think it does have “droid eyes.”

To make the figure even better, Sideshow included a light-up feature.  All you do is inert the batteries into the very top part of the head and then press down on the top.  I was hoping the lights would be a bit brighter but after taking the pictures you see below, I was surprised how well the lighting came through.

For the extras IG-88 comes with, there are two Instrument pins that get inserted into his leather-like bandolier (that can be adjusted).  As well, there are three large mines that can be placed on the back of the bandolier through the magic of magnets!   They stay on pretty well!

The first weapon IG-88 comes with is the BlasTech DLT-20A Blaster Rifle.  This really large rifle has quite a bit of sculpting for such a thin weapon.  IG-88 doesn’t have hands to grasp weapons; he has two pincers.  Sideshow knew he wouldn’t be able to hold this (or the other weapons I’ll feature below) without some support so they added it onto the gun.   You can see a little peg sticking down at the end of the blaster rifle.  That piece gets inserted into a little hole onto the forearm section of IG-88 and it provides support.

Unfortunately, the weight of the blaster rifle along with the elbow joint on my figure not being strong enough, it’s hard for the figure to hold the gun out without the arm getting weighed down.  I wonder if this will be improved for the re-release or if it is just my figure that has a weaker elbow joint.

The second weapon IG-88 comes with is a smaller BlasTech E11 Blaster Rifle.  It’s another weapon that has some great attention to detail.  Just like the larger blaster, it has a support system to allow IG-88 to hold it.  This time, there’s a peg that comes out of the figure’s right forearm that gets inserted into the rifle.  You’d never even realize the little peg on the forearm was there for this purpose because it blends in with the figure.  The handle rests on a curved piece on the figure.

IG-88 looks great with either weapon in hand but I can see him running and gunning more with his smaller blaster.  All he needs is some robotic one-liners that mix Johnny Five’s voice (from Short Circuit) along with the lines from many of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 80s action films.


The Sideshow exclusive accessory is the Vibro-Blade dubbed “The Butcher” (source: Wookipedia).  I’m not sure if he’s supposed to hold it and go on a chopping spree because he doesn’t hold it well.


The BlasTech E11 Blaster Rifle and the Vibro-Blade both fit in a holster that attaches by magnets to the bandolier.  When both weapons are put into the holster and it’s placed onto the bandolier, weighs the bandolier down a bit.  You’ll have to adjust the placement of the holster or the length of the bandolier to get it look just right.

If all this isn’t enough, IG-88 comes with a base that lights up.  It’s identical to the one that came with my Boba Fett.  It’s a great stand and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this older edition because it sure beats the generic stand that’s coming with the reissue.

I really, really like this figure more now than I did when I got it because I actually played around with it more and took in the all the minute details.  Funny how that happens sometimes, huh?

The reissue of IG-88 Sideshow just released has an updated paint sculpt (dubbed “movie accurate”) and a couple newly sculpted concussion grenades instead of the large mines. It doesn’t come with the vibro-blade and includes a generic stand.  If you missed out on the figure and don’t mind not having a few things the first release (or the exclusive edition) came with then make sure you grab one before the run of 2000 figures sell out.  With Dengar and Zuckuss coming (along with the reissue of Bossk), I can see this figure selling out again so new fans can have a set of all five bounty hunters.


Enjoy the video!