My Sixth Scale Collection – End of Aug. 2017 (Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys)


It’s a slow start to the week with getting ready to end my vacation and the whole fam-damnly fighting colds.  My head is pounding but I’m whipping some goodness up, nonetheless.

Here are some pics I took with my iPhone to put on my Instagram page and a video I just filmed of my sixth scale collection.  I figured I’d showcase the pictures in a post today because some people who frequent my site may not follow me on there or maybe new people may come across this feature.  If you’re not following…why not? Make sure you go the right side of the main page and follow my social media! I always preview what’s coming on there.

I finally got all my four Detolf cabinets lit up at the beginning of August.  I’d like to thank Dustin for helping show me how to get ‘er done.  Also, for the video, I’d like to thank Mr. B for providing his tune, Epic Lobster!

Many of these figures I’ve already taken a look at in features on my site and YouTube channel but you’ll see some figures that I’ve had for a while that I will hopefully get around to.  Use the search feature or the menus to find my reviews!  Not featured IN the cabinets is my Jabba the Hutt and his Throne Environment by Sideshow Collectibles.  That’s on top of two of them along with the Salacious B. Crumb creature pack.

I still have to do some more posing to do of the figures and need to change up some of the hands and accessories, but that will come in time.  I took the pictures before my latest figure, Chirrut Îmwe, showed up but he is in the video at the end of this gallery.  Any questions, feel free to ask on any platform.  Click on the pics for a larger image – not the best, but something fun to throw together.  Enjoy!


Cabinet 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael,
Shredder & Casey Jones) Figures by DreamEX.  Mousers by Mondo.

Ash and Jason from Sideshow Collectibles and Classic Predator from Hot Toys


Cabinet 2

Darth Vader, Darth Maul and General Grevious by Sideshow Collectibles
A New Hope Stormtrooper by Hot Toys

Tie Fighter Pilot, AT-AT Driver, Boussh, Bib Fortuna, and Gamorrean Guard by Sideshow Collectibles.  Snowtrooper and Sandtrooper from Hot Toys.


Cabinet 3

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca,
and Yoda from Hot Toys.

C-3P0, R2-D2, R5-D4. and R2-Q5 by Sideshow Collectibles.
Death Trooper Specialist (Deluxe) and Shoretrooper by Hot Toys.


Cabinet 4

Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, First Order Stormtrooper, BB8, Rey,
Han Solo and Chewbacca by Hot Toys

Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, and Greedo by Sideshow Collectibles.

There you go! That’s that current sixth scale collection minus the ones I mentioned at the top.  More goodness to come! Spread it around and thanks for the support!