Predator 30th Anniversary Figures & SDCC Exclusive Dutch by NECA


I’m a fan of the movie Predator and I think you can see that from the different coverage I’ve given figures based on the movie on this site.  Sometimes I don’t realize how much time has gone by in life until someone announces an anniversary of a movie or an album.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the film (damn, I feel old) and NECA decided to help celebrate the anniversary by bringing back some older figures that are harder (and expensive) to get now with some improvements to the bodies and articulation.  They also created one new figure for this wave that you’ll see below.

I have to say before I showcase the figures, I’m not showing the whole assortment in this feature.  There are a total five Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character) figures: four available at retail and one San Diego Comic Con exclusive as well as three Predator figures.

Most of the Dutch figures were available at my local comic/collectible’s shop but the Jungle Disguise Dutch (covered in mud) was sold out.  I decided to buy just one Dutch because they were all pretty damn similar.  At $30 a pop, I thought I’d get the one I liked the most and in a few weeks get the others if they were still around.  If I do, I’ll edit this feature.

All of the figures come in the same window box packaging with a red-foil logo.  I really like the look of the packaging.  You can see a close up of the figure’s face on the front and the whole figure on the back.  The back also features a quote from the movie,  previews all the characters in the 30th anniversary line, and lets you know the accessories and amount of articulation it has.  I think it’s all very aesthetically pleasing and seeing how I’m keeping these in the box to display (somewhere in the ever filling man-cave), I appreciate the uniform look.

Jungle Briefing Dutch – SDCC Exclusive

Knowing I was probably going to get most of this series (or all of it), I couldn’t pass up the exclusive.  It’s not because it’s a figure that blows me away but it’s more because I’m a completest with some lines – so that’s why I couldn’t believe I just bought one Dutch!  I added this figure to my order when I snagged my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC exclusive box set.

I think it’s pretty cool how the packaging replicates the scene where Dutch shakes Dillon’s (Carl Weathers) hand.  Seeing how they haven’t made a figure of Dillon, this was a neat way to kinda give this scene a nod and kinda justify this figure.  Below is a video I found of the encounter and just thought it was fitting to include (plus how can you not see the handshake on the package and not say out loud, “Dillon!! You son of a bitch!”

The likeness on this figure is pretty awesome. The one thing that looks a bit weird is his beard. The left side looks like it has a bit more paint/shading on it than the right but it just could be because I don’t have the best angle to see the other side.  The cigar in his mouth is an excellent touch, too!


Jungle Patrol Dutch

This is one of the four retail Dutch figures.  For budgeting reasons, I figured picking one of the three available at the time of purchase was a wise choice.  This figure was my favourite of the three available at the time.  It features some cool camouflage paint on the face and I think the sculpt/paint for the face is very well done.

The outfit on this figure was another reason why I chose this one over the others.  I like that it features the camo pants and shirt along with the vest.

Jungle Hunter Masked (Prototype)

I did my video for these figures (embedded at the end of this feature) and I didn’t know too much about this prototype mask and still don’t.  I looked around on the net (as much as I had time for before going live with this) and all that really came up was this figure.  I’m going to ASSUME that this was what the prototype looked like when they were developing what we ultimately saw in the film.  If anyone can fill me in, that would be great.

I also really dig the human skull and spine that’s included with this figure.  I’m also sure that with the 30 points of articulation, you could get great poses from this figure (and the other ones featured here).

Jungle Hunter

This is the iconic look that I can never get enough of.  As much as I love the Predator mask, I love the Predator’s look without it.  The paint and detailing all over this figure and the face is very impressive for a 7″ figure.  If I was getting another one of these, I’d put it beside my Hot Toys Classic Predator I recently acquired and featured on my site.  The paint for the left eye is off just a touch but you can’t really notice it unless you’re looking at it really close-up.


Jungle Demon

This is the figure NECA created for this anniversary line and it absolutely blows me away.  You know a figure is awesome when it becomes my favourite figure in a line over the classic Jungle Hunter figure!  NECA is even planning a 1/4 scale figure of this figure because the reception to it has been so great.

The mix of the different types of plastic and the paint used really make this figure seem like it truly coming out of (or perhaps going into) the cloaked mode.  Props to the designers of this figure because it is breathtaking. It makes plunking down the money for the 1/4 version seem even more probable….and those things aren’t cheap for us Canadians.


BONUS figure!!  Predator 2 –  Ultimate City Hunter

I know this isn’t a part of this 30th anniversary wave but I ended up picking up this figure two days after the others.  I know this figure has been out in the US for a long time but my Toys R Us JUST got them in.

Like all the other Ultimate figures, NECA takes a previously released figure and ups the ante by including many accessories and tweaking the figure to perfection.  Not only that, but they make the packaging so, so attractive – a huge reason why I keep them in the box (well, that and the lack of space I have to have them out of the package AND store the box somewhere).


Just like putting the NECA Jungle Hunter Predator beside my Hot Toys one, I’d be putting this guy next to my NECA 1/4 scale City Hunter I got a while back.

The figure is loaded with two different heads (more incentive to buy two figures) and five hands.  You also get a head with a spine attached, the smart disc weapon, a removable net launcher, a blast effect for the canon, and both a collapsed and extended spear!  That’s a lot of bang for the buck!  Now if I can only find an Ultimate Jungle Hunter around here. At this rate, I won’t see on at my TRU until 2018.  First world problems, huh?

Overall, I’m impressed with the sculpting, the painting, and the packaging for all the figures I’ve shown in this feature.  If you’re a fan of the movie and have never bought some figures, now is the time to do it!

Enjoy the video!