Star Wars: Chirrut Îmwe (Deluxe Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


The majority of my friends and people I talked to seemed to have enjoyed Star Wars: Rogue One and I really liked it as well. I wasn’t sure if I was going to delve into buying any of the sixth scale figures from the movie but I did. Thanks to a $50 code, I snagged the deluxe version of Chirrut Îmwe about a month ago.

If you frequent my site, you’ll know I love collecting sixth scale Troopers and I had already snagged the Death Trooper Specialist (Deluxe) and the Shoretrooper from Rogue One, so I thought I needed a Rebel to balance out the evil.

I did pre-order the deluxe version of Jyn because I was floored with all the stuff she came with and, of course, I couldn’t pass up K2SO, who will be arriving within the next two weeks (stay tuned).  With a $50 code about to expire, I figured with all the praise this figure was getting, I picked up Chirrut to hang out with Jyn and K2S0 when they arrive.

When looking at the packaging for the figure, we see the regular style Hot Toys Star Wars packaging featuring the figure you’re getting on the front in a pose.  The neat part of this deluxe version is that “regular packaging” this time around is just a slipcover that goes over a heavy duty box that has some fantastic artwork on the front.  Opening it up reveals some text about Chirrut himself.

Damn…this figure has presence.  Taking it out of the packaging and holding it in your hands is quite impressive.  It features all the articulation that many of Hot Toys’ Star Wars figures has and I’m happy to say that the majority of the articulation isn’t hindered by anything (except a few issues with the left arm I’ll get to in a bit).  As well, my figure has a little bit of a balancing issues but I think I’ll still attribute to me not positioning it well enough.

While I’ve been a fan of many of the costumes/outfits that Hot Toys has tailored for their figures, Chirrut’s outfit is fast becoming one of the favourites in my collection.  I just really like all the multiple layers from his shirt, cape, the tunic around his legs, and his pants.  It’s very intricate and I can really see the value of the figure JUST with the work that went into the outfit.

His bandolier is securely in place and has seven little flares. You can’t take these out as far as I can tell and I wasn’t trying to force them.  In my video (embedded below) I wasn’t sure what they were.

His shoes are well designed and probably cost Hot Toys more to make than the sneakers I wear.  Another cool touch I found with the figure is how the pants are tied just above his ankle. That’s impressive attention to detail.

The item that is attached to the bottom of the bandolier isn’t detachable either. I’m still not sure what it is and I don’t remember him using it in the film.

What’s really interesting about the design of the figure is how the left arm is presented.  You can see at the shoulder that the outfit/sleeve isn’t one piece like on the right side.  Hot Toys had to add the leather style piece for the forarm and it seems to be running down the whole arm, which makes it tougher to pose and manipulate than the right arm.

Another thing that makes posing the arm tough is the gauntlet on the forearm.  It plugs into two holes and can come loose pretty easy.  It’s also in the way when trying to swap hands.  Be careful because you don’t want to break off the little scope attached to it.

I said it in my video about this figure and in other features but damn, I can’t believe how sculptors and artists pull this stuff off.  This portrait looks so much like Donnie Young it’s incredible.  The glossy, cloudy eyes are on point and really captures his cool, calm, demeanor.  It makes me proud to collect and show off these pieces of art.

For the accessories and extras that come with Chirrut Îmwe, you get seven extra hands which brings the total to nine.  This is one of those figures where getting these many different hands makes sense to replicate many of the scenes he’s in.

One of the other accessories doubles as one of his weapons – his staff that also features some metal/mechanical parts to it.  It’s well designed but not the most exciting thing.  It’s a staff after all. The silver metal parts really stand out, though.

Chirrut Îmwe looks pretty damn cool just calming using his staff to support himself or as a weapon.

The accessory that really provides the eye candy is his crossbow.  The level of detail in this thing probably makes it the most elaborate weapon I have in my sixth scale collection.  Hell, the amount of pictures I took of it for this feature just to show all the details on it should back up my statement.

The crossbow can have the arms extended approximately 70 degrees or close to the body of the weapon.  You don’t want to extend them out any more than 70 degrees because you don’t want to risk them snapping off.  The pieces on this weapon are pretty delicate.

The handle of the crossbow, just past the trigger, can be extended and you can rotate the crossbow left and right at this section.  I wasn’t expecting that and thankfully the instruction booklet brought it to my attention.

Posing Chirrut with the crossbow is just so fun to do.  Having it up in the air, by his side, or having him hold it with both hands makes him look pretty damn bad-ass.

The crossbow also features a leather-like strap that allows you to place it on Chirrut’s back.  It fits pretty snugly and he looks cool with it ready to go.

So what else does a “deluxe version” get you besides special packaging? Well, you get this excellent diorama base!  I really like the detailing on the tree stumps, the ground, and the foliage.  The part that I’m surprised with the most, because it works so well, is the section in the middle that’s made to look like a small puddle of water.  This is a great display piece and my figure will definitely be on it in my cabinet.

The second piece for the deluxe version is a Stormtrooper helmet. Chirrut can’t wear it but he didn’t in the movie so that doesn’t matter.  I think it is a neat little extra to remind you how he kicked the asses of many Stormtroopers in the movie.

I didn’t buy myself any Stormtroopers from Rogue One because I just thought they were basically the same figure.  They are to a degree but it wasn’t until I saw some pics recently on Facebook groups and having this helmet in hand that I really noticed the differences in the designs of the helmet and the armour between the Stormtroopers from Rogue One and Episode IV: A New Hope.  If I ever come across one for a decent price, I may add a Rogue One Trooper to my collection.

This figure is fantastic.  I’m glad I had that $50 promo code that was about to expire because not only did it help the eat up the cost of the figure and make the deluxe version (at $245 US) an even better bargain, but I scored a figure I was kinda sitting on the fence about.  Seeing how the regular edition is now sold out and there’s a wait list for the deluxe version (at the time of writing this), I’m glad I didn’t miss out.

While I had some issues with the two Troopers from the Rogue One collection, this figure made up for the disdain a bit.   He’s quite excellent but sets the bar really, really high for Jyn and K2SO. Here’s hoping the three of them mesh well together!  Hopefully his buddy, Baze Malbus, sees the light of day as well.


Enjoy the video!