Masters of the Universe Classics – Wind Raider


Three years into the Masters of the Universe Classics line, we had been treated to fan favourites making their debuts, fan requested characters, never before seen characters, giants, beasts, and more weapon packs.  The only thing up this point we didn’t have was a vehicle.  That changed with the release of the Wind Raider.

I’ve said it many times through my Rewind features that I was pretty damn lucky as a kid because my mother bought me so many of the figures and the vehicles in the vintage Masters of the Universe line.  There were few things I didn’t have but you can add this vehicle on that list.  Friends and relatives had the Wind Raider and I got to play with it back in the day, but I never had one of my own and it never bothered me.

When it was announced that the Wind Raider was going to be the first vehicle released in the line, I wasn’t as excited as many other probably were.  I just didn’t have any nostalgic tie to it and probably because I wanted one of the other vehicles first.  Don’t get me wrong, I was stoked as an adult that we were finally getting a vehicle and it would hopefully open the door to more.

The packaging features some amazing artwork that brings back nostalgia to the vibrant art that was featured on boxes for the vintage line.  So many people were hoping the Rotons would be coming shortly thereafter (including myself) because of them being on this package.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see them until five years later at the end of Mattel’s handling of the line in 2016.

The back of the box features an illustration that is supposed to be Man-At-Arm’s sketch of the Wind Raider, pointing out the key features of his newly designed vehicle.  I thought this was a pretty cool idea and the “Duncan” signature at the bottom left of the box was amusing.


When I first got the my two vehicles in (yeah, I bought two – one to keep MIB and one to open), I was amazed there was a full 7″ scale vehicle tucked into the box.  The box is large, but the boxes for the giants were larger than this.

Once you open the box, you take out the the main body of the Wind Raider and plug in the wings.  I think you plugged in the back rudder/stabilizer as well. I can’t remember.

When the wings are all plugged in, the vehicle is pretty impressive.  It’s big but not bulky.  It really mimics the vintage vehicle’s design and intricacies.

There’s not a lot of colour variety on the Wind Raider but what it has is well done.  The paint has some metallic shine to it (to my poor colour distinguishing eyes anyway).  The Four Horsemen added a little feature on both sides of fuel tanks.  You can open them up to take a peak at some of the inner workings of the vehicle.  All we needed packed with this vehicle was a little tool box with tools so Man-At-Arms could be posed tinkering with it.


One thing that I thought was a really good idea was having the buttons and other details sculpted and painted on (especially in the cockpit) instead of using stickers.  It brings a  higher end look to the product and I think the collectors appreciated that decision.  I know I did.  Side note: sorry for the dust in some pictures – I thought I got it all (oops!)


There aren’t many action features with figures in this line so I was surprised when it was announced the Wind Raider had a projectile feature.  You simply press the button underneath the bird-like skull to launch the anchor and then raise the skull up a bit to rotate it to wind the string back in.  In all honesty, I think I’ve pressed it less than ten times since owning it.


The Wind Raider comes with a sturdy flight stand that hooks into the bottom of the vehicle.  It allows you to pose the vehicle like it’s in flight instead of on the ground.  If you prefer it on the ground, it actually slides across the floor thanks to the three wheels it has.  I always have mine on the stand.

Most of the MOTUC figures can fit into the Wind Raider.  He-Man really enjoys it’s smooth ride even if he can’t get his hand completely on or around the little handles.  He also has no issue flipping off those Eternians or evil fiends that cut him off in flight.  Hey, the guy doesn’t kill anyone but that doesn’t mean he’s immune from losing his cool the odd time while driving.  We all have our moments.


You can see in the two pictures below how you can position the Wind Raider in an upward or downward position.


The Wind Raider was well made and a perfect throwback to its vintage counterpart.  The sculpted details, the bright paint highlights, and the surprising action feature made it a really good value for $45 US (and it included the stand).  It’s too bad we didn’t get more vehicles in the line.  The Wind Raider wet our appetites for more to come but they were few and far between.

That, my friends, ends the Masters of the Universe Classics line for 2011.  There are a lot more reflective MOTUC Rewind features to come.