Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Battleground Evil-Lyn


The last quarter of 2011 was quite heavy for Masters of the Universe Classics collectors.  It seemed like the last few months of the year (and a few during) had at least three items.  It hurt the wallet, but it felt soooo good!

December’s main figure was Demo-Man, but there was one last quarterly variant: Battleground Evil-Lyn.  Fans were clamoring for a 200X style Evil-Lyn so Mattel and The Four Horsemen delivered the 200X design to collector’s toy shelves by taking the first MOTUC release of Evil-Lyn  and changed the colours of her skin and outfit as well as sculpting a new head.

The bio doesn’t explain the drastic change in appearance but it paints the picture of the chaos she inadvertently caused herself and those on Eternia by unleashing many forms of evil that were trapped.

At first glance, besides the newly sculpted head and the cape, you see that this is indeed the first Evil-Lyn figure just with a different paint scheme.  While I am a fan of the vintage, classic look, I really like this version of Evil-Lyn.  She seems more sinister and I can really buy into her using dark magic (cue: Slayer’s tune, “Black Magic”).

The new head sculpt actually makes Evil-Lyn look more youthful to me.  The Four Horsemen did a great job making sure her facial features were exact to the first release but adding the new hair.  Too bad the eyebrows on my figure aren’t the same.

We also get a bonus with the a second head that is exactly the same as the first release but with the face and helmet cast in different colours.  I think that was a great idea to give fans the choice to have the vintage style head but with the updated 200X colours.

This figure comes with the “casting” hand that we saw on Catra.  I found it to be a little too large and I just wasn’t a fan of it.  Putting it on this figure didn’t win me over.


Evil-Lyn comes with the same staff and knife that she came with for her original release but in colours that match her new decor, of course.


With either weapon in hand, Evil-Lyn looks great. I DO think the casting hand idea works for her when she has her staff but I just wish it was sculpted a tad differently.

For fun, here is the first MOTUC release of Evil-Lyn beside Battleground Evil-Lyn.  Side by side I love the modern look even more.  I think she looks more human without the yellow skin.


I know this hasn’t been a particularly long Rewind feature, but I think I said all that needs to be said about this figure.  It was a cool addition to the line although it was a figure I wasn’t demanding.  Sometimes the fun part of the subscription model was receiving figures that you weren’t asking for and realizing they were a good call. This is one of those figures.