Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) SDCC 2017 Exclusive Box Set by NECA


To end TMNT week on my site, I’m ending with a bang. I’ll prepare you right now: for a box set this huge and epic, this is going to be a longer feature than usual.  It’s jammed with an abundance of photos and it has my longest video yet embedded at the end of the feature from my YouTube channel.NECA went balls out with their latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC exclusive for this year: a huge eight figure animated style TMNT set with many accessories.  It all boxed in a vibrant collector’s case.

There were 5000 of these made (I think I said 3000 in my video, but what’s a couple thousand, right?) and were available at for pick up at SDCC, 2017 and on NECA’s web store.  NECA put the sets up (at $200 US a pop) and they sold out over the three days they were available in less than a minute each day.  I consider myself lucky to have grabbed one.

I know I’m late showcasing this on my site but a) it was only licensed to be sold in the US, like the 1/4 scale Turtles I featured this week and b) I had to order it and get it shipped to my buddy Dave’s place and then he had to ship it to me.  I would have had it a few weeks ago but even though I ordered mine on the first day it was available, mine didn’t ship from NECA until the first week in August.

The Packaging

As mentioned this set of figures comes in a large, eye-popping collector’s case.  It has resealable packaging so you always have a place to put them.  I love stuff like this because I don’t have the room in my man-cave currently to display them loose, so it’s cool to be able to take them out, do a photo-shoot and admire them, and put them back in.  I’m not worrying about “breaking the seal” because I don’t plan on selling this.


I’m going to try and keep things brief with all the figures after Leonardo because there are a lot of characters in this set to get through.

Leonardo and the rest of the Turtles are in scale for 7″ figures.  You can see in the video all the articulation but I’ll state quickly here that all figures (except Krang) have an articulated head, ball joint shoulders, articulation in the bicep area, double hinged elbows and knees, wrists that twist, leg articulation (they can almost do the splits) and articulation in the ankles.  If I had the time (and a cool backdrop/diorama) I could pose these figures so many ways and spend days doing it.  NECA did an excellent job with designing the figures so they could be posed in so many ways.

One problem that I had with my figures (that I’ve seen in other people’s reviews) is some of the articulation joints are super tight and they required me to use a hairdryer to blow hot hair on the shoulder and elbow joints so they loosened up.

The other problem I have with the figures is the legs on most of them are very loose and some of the figures are a pain to make stand and balance.

Leonardo (and the other Turtles) has his iconic colours assigned to his bandana and protective pads.  I love the colours on him and the rest of the Turtles because I find the black paint for the muscles really makes them stand out.  The accents work very well.

Leo’s main weapons are his katana blades, of course, and they fit snugly in his sheaths on the back of his shell.

The pictures below just show a few ways Leo can be posed with this swords.  Like I said, if I had way more time, I could pose and repose one figure for a whole day (well, the time I can dedicated this site during one day).  I found Leonardo to be the hardest to stand up because of his loose legs.


My Donatello figure had the same issues as Leonardo with the tight joints in the shoulders and the elbows along with the loose legs.  I like the expression on Donatello’s face more than Leonardo’s, though.

Donatello comes with his Bo Staff and it can be placed into the holder on the back of his shell.  I like the white cloth paint and the black accents.  I would have liked to see this detail on the Bo Staff for the 1/4 scale figure.  The Bo has a bit of give because it’s soft plastic so it’s easy to have Donatello hold it with both hands.


I found Raphael’s elbow and should joints to not be as tight as the Leo and Don’s out of the packaging.  He has an aggravated expression for his face sculpt and suits the character.  I’m surprised there is no spot on his belt to hold his two sai but I learned after doing all these pictures (go figure) they can but tucked into the front of his belt.

The two sai weapons are pretty basic with just a bit of paint for on the handles.  I’ll be showing the extras that can be used among all the Turtles down below, but you can see one of them on Raph’s sai: a piece of pizza!  I love how NECA added a hole in it so it could go on the sai.  Too funny.

Raphael’s weapons are easy to slide into his hands and have no issue staying put.


I like Michelangelo’s expression.  He looks a tad goofy but in a humorous way.  I find his right eye looks a bit off due to the placement of his pupil.  I’ve seen some other paint jobs on other people’s figures and they have been way worse than this, so I’m not going to complain.

It’s no surprise that Mikey has his trusty nunchucks/nunchaku.  Both of them have a small metal chain which is definitely way better than plastic.  As well, one of the nunchucks has a handle that pops off and can be attached to a circular piece that is painted to mimic the nunchaku been spun around.  I love this idea and if I had a place to keep these guys permanent out, this would always be in one of Michelangelo’s hands.

The Turtles come with eight extra hands that can be interchanged between all of them.  There’s grasping hands, open hands, and hands that give thumbs-up.

There are also four communicators – two are open and two are shut.  I didn’t take any pictures of them holding them because I found them difficult to stuff in the hands.

I had two issues you’ll see if you watch the video at the end of the feature – the pizza box looks like the lid can close because there seems to be a cut in the middle of the plastic.  I put a bit of pressure on it to try and close it because I thought the joint may be just a tad tight and the plastic cracked. Bummer number one.

Bummer number two is with the grappling hook. I wasn’t if the hooks could pull out from the sides but they can. I did one side and as I was pulling the other hook out, it snapped.  That kinda pisses me off.  I know you have to be delicate with these things but if these pieces are mean to be moved, they shouldn’t be so brittle.  I’ll crazy glue it but as you can see below, I didn’t use it for this feature.


Foot Soliders

This set comes with two Foot Soldiers.  I wasn’t expecting too much from them but after getting them out of the packaging and playing around with them for this feature, they’re quite amazing figures.  If I was an army builder, I’d be begging NECA to make more of these guys in two-packs if it was possible.

Both figures had tight shoulder, elbow and knee joints.  They don’t have the knee pads like the Turtles do so you can see the double hinged knees a better.

I really like the sculpt of the mask/head on the figures. It’s very cartoon-like but quite menacing.  I also don’t know whether to laugh or be intimidated by the large foot in the middle of their foreheads.  The paint on these two figures is also well done.

The Foot Soldiers come with four extra hands and two guns: a rifle and a blaster.  They are sculpted well and the paint job helps with the accents and details.


These guys look cool and ready to fight with their fists closed or with gun(s) in hand.  I think they also look pretty funny being “buddy-buddy” with each other.  I really wish I had small beer cans to put in their hands and chairs for them to sit in so they could lounge about at the Foot HQ.


I have last year’s two SDCC arcade-style Turtles sets (here and here) and the NYCC Villains set so I was really excited when Krang got announced as part of this set because it was a newly sculpted character.

Krang’s expression is really awesome.  He’s evil looking but he also seems to be in some kind of rant.  The paint job on Krang is well done and brings the figure to life.  His two little tentacles can rotate as well.  When taking pictures of this guy, all I had in my head was the character’s voice from the 1990 cartoon.

When I was doing my video and taking all these pieces out of the box for the first time, I pulled out this little piece and had no idea at first what it was for.  I accidentally flipped Krang over and saw the little space on the bottom of the figure and put two and two together. It’s a little stool/stand for him!

Krang comes with his Bubble Walker.  While it’s not the awesome Cerebral robot that I like more, this walker is a nice extra because it reminds me of the vintage figure.  Too bad this didn’t have an attachment to add arms and a blaster to it like the vintage one had.

The walker, much like many of the figures and weapons, really pops because of where the black paint is used.  The sculpted wiring is also a nice touch.

To place Krang into his walker, you pop off his little tentacles, put him in, close the lid, and attach the tentacles to the front.  This was a well designed idea and it looks really cool.


We can’t forget about the leader of the Foot Clan, can we?  Oruku Saki, better know as The Shredder, is very well done.  While I was anticipating Krang more than anything in this set, I have to say this figure has blown me away the most.

The combination of the paint, the articulation, the face sculpt, the cloth cape, and the razors on his armour all comes together to create one hell of an impressive figure with presence.

It’s a shame NECA can’t sell these in toy stores because this is one of the best figures in this scale I’ve seen.  I really, really love it.  Playmates should be ashamed selling the TMNT garbage they do after seeing this stuff. I know this is directed at collectors while the stuff in retail are more for kids but c’mon Nickelodeon and Playmates, let the public have the choice to buy stuff like this in a store in many countries.

Shredder comes with four extra hands – two for gripping weapons and two open hands.  He also has a communicator so Krang can contact him and yell at him when needed, a sword, a laser blaster, and (what I think is) a canister of mutagen.


The razors on Shredder’s armour are made of soft plastic but that doesn’t mean they don’t look deadly.  I’m not sure how they pulled it off but it looks awesome.

It’s not often we see Shredder with a blaster/laser gun, but this sleek accessories looks really good in his hand.  The sword also looks killer, too.

These four are ready to try and take down the Turtles by any means necessary.


As these eight are getting ready to face-off below, I have to say I’m really impressed with this set although there are a few negatives.  There is definitely some paint slop in a few areas as you can see in the various pictures (and the wonky eye on Michelangelo).  They’re not that bad unless you see them close-up and anything on mine are minor compared to some other ones I’ve seen posted.

I wish the legs were a lot tighter on these figures. Not as tight as the shoulder and elbow joints, mind you, but at least I could loosen them up with a hairdrier.  I also wish some of the pieces weren’t so damn brittle.  It is a piss-off when things break when you pay a lot of money for them and because this was an exclusive in the US, I have no idea if I can even be entitled to a replacement grappling hook (if they even have them).

Besides those negatives, I love the colours, the designs and sculpts, the abundance of accessories, the character assortment, the resealable packaging, and the value for what you get.  It’s too bad there are many out there that won’t be able to get their hands on these because they are well done minus a few issues.

I can’t wait to see what NECA is going to do next with the Turtles in this scale.  We’ve seen what was teased with the Rock Warriors and Slash at this year’s SDCC so we know there’s more goodness to come.  As usual, I’ll have to import them to Canada without breaking my bank account.


Enjoy the video! It’s a long one because as you can see, there is a lot to cover here.  Remember, I was taking these out of the box as I went along so I didn’t have the insight I did after taking pictures so I may not have pointed certain things out or was surprised with some things as I was seeing stuff for the first time.  Thanks for reading!