Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection Retro Figures (2013) from Playmates Toys

Day four of my Teenage Mutant Turtles week brings us back to the beginning! Well, almost.  These are figures that were released in 2013 by Playmates toys to give fans of the original 1988 TMNT line another opportunity to get them!I think the rationale behind releasing these figures was because it 2013 was the 15th anniversary of the toy line.  While this set of six figures didn’t include the other characters released at the same time (April O’Neil, Foot Solider, Rocksteady, and Bebop) it did deliver what most people would say are the most important.

I did the video at the end before looking back at the original packaging and I couldn’t remember if the original figures came on a similar card.  The layout is similar but the pictures of the Turtles on the front weren’t there.  The back of the card was set up differently but it featured the same story and illustrations and the figures shown are the same (or at least in the exact same pose).  Check out this look at Raphael to see the original 1988 packaging.

When these came out, they were about $20 each at Toys R Us.  While my local store had them and I did have them in hand almost ready to purchase, I put them back on the pegs.  My rationale was I needed to save money because I was getting ready to move and didn’t need more stuff (at THAT time, mind you).  As well, I wanted to hunt for the original figures instead of just getting reissues.

This set of six figures and the Party Wagon appeared on one of the Facebook groups I’m in and I couldn’t turn them down for the price.  I paid way less than retail for all of them even with a small shipping fee.  I just couldn’t turn down the lot! It will satisfy my vintage TMNT lust until I finally hunt down some MOC figures.

With all that said, I’m going to showcase the figures.  I’m not really going to comment on them too much because if you know the Turtles, you know what they’re coming with and they really don’t need an introduction.


Leo comes with his katana blades and other weapons.  I used model paint to paint the weapons when I was a kid.  I couldn’t comprehend why they came unpainted.


Donatello comes with his Bo Staff and all the other accessories the other figures do. He seems a lot angrier than his character ever is.


Raphael comes with his two sai weapons and looks really pissed off.  I think it’s hilarious he’s posed the way he is in the packaging.  He looks like he’s going on a rampage.


For the cartoon “party dude,” he sure doesn’t look happy! Perhaps his pizza is gone or something isn’t “tubular.”


Am I the only one feeling like Splinter isn’t getting a lot of love over the last few years? Maybe I feel that way because I don’t pay attention to the new line of figures at all.  Here’s hoping NECA gets the green light to make a 1/4 Splinter.  I’d pay almost double what the turtles cost for him.


I love this classic look of Shredder.  He’s ripped and looks pissed. I played with this figure a lot and that classic cloth cape brought back a lot of memories for me.  It’s just a timeless figure for me and my favourite of the bunch.  I’d love to get a large version of this very figure like Gentle Giants does the retro jumbo Star Wars figures.

Turtle Party Wagon

I had so many of these figures up until the last couple of waves but I owned very few vehicles or play sets for the line.  I’m not sure why.  I think it had to do with having everything under the sun for the original Masters of the Universe line and I was probably pushing it asking for more action figures getting older.

My friends owned this vehicle (as well as the sewer playset AND that huge blimp) so I got to experience the fun it provided.  It’s just nice to know I have one of these in my possession.  I wonder if my daughter will enjoy these in a few years.

Enjoy the video!