Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 Movie) 1/4 Scale Leonardo Figure by NECA


It’s day number three of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles week here on Electrifed Porcupine and today I’ll be showcasing the 1/4 (quarter) scale Leonardo figure by NECA!If you missed out, I took a look at Donatello and Raphael this week and they were both amazing figures that really impressed me.  Make sure you check them out if you haven’t because they all share similar traits yet they are unique in their own right.  This write-up may be shorter because I’ve gone into detail in the last two features about specific things all the figures share.

This figure came out about a month/two months ago and living in Canada, it’s hard for me to get these as they aren’t licensed to be sold here. Thanks to my buddy Dave from Mad Rush Media, he helps score them for me and ships them my way so I don’t have to deal with the insane shipping prices from some Ebay sellers and Ebay’s awful Global Shipping Program.

Unsurprisingly, the packaging is the same as the other two! You can easily see the figure through the plastic window, surrounded by the old movie poster while the rest of the packaging is similar to the VHS release of the film.

The same body being used for all the figures means this figure is also 16.5″ tall and has 30 points of articulation.  I’ll say, yet again, I had to use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the joints to loosen them up before manipulating them because many were REALLY tight and could barely move.  There have been reports and pics on various groups where parts of the figure have snapped due to how tight they were so I wasn’t risking it.

The front shell (made of a softer plastic) seems to feature the same shading/paint as Donatello’s because it’s not as dirty as Raphael’s.  The back shell (made of hard plastic) is also the same as Donatello’s but the front and back look unique because of Leonardo’s belt and sheaths to hold his katana blades.

Leonardo still features the amazing textures and paint on the skin and the elbow/knee pads as the other two figures to give it that life-like appearance.  Once again, the spots on the skin are in various places which helps giving Leonardo his own unique look.  I’m wondering if the spots are just random on all figures meaning one Leonardo has different spot placements than the other ones manufactured.

I really liked Donatello’s facial sculpt and expression and I loved Raphael’s expression.  For Leonardo, I’m just not feeling it as much.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not bad at all but he just seems very passive to me.  Perhaps he’s just in deep thought or he’s thinking of the next plan of attack seeing how he is the leader of the group.  The expression reminds me of myself when I’m trying to figure out what to have/cook for supper.

I find the figure’s left eye is off just a bit and the eyes make him look like he’s looking up and off instead of forward.

Just like the other figures, the bandana is sculpted on the head of the figure but the tails are made of cloth.

Leonardo comes with six extra hands. Two of them are another set of hands for holding his swords.  They seem practically identical so I don’t know what the point of them are.

The piece of pizza is the same thing we’ve gotten with the other two figures, too, and feature the olives I hate so much.  Ugh….olives.  I think it would have been better if NECA added a unique accessory with every figure instead of the same slice of pizza.  I understand the logistics of making the most of a mold and how maybe some fans could only afford to collect just one or two of these figures so getting a slice of pizza would be mandatory.

Another extra Leonardo comes with is the canister of ooze that transformed the boys from their humble regular turtle form into the characters we know and love.  Donatello came with one that had a crack in it but this one is a solid, intact canister.

Leonardo comes with his trusty katana blades, of course! They are really lightweight and you want to be careful with them because I could see them snapping if your figure falls over with them in his hands.  There is some paint where the grip tape is but that’s about it.   The figure looks pretty sharp (excuse the pun) when the swords are placed in the sheaths.

The swords look great in Leonardo’s hands but because of his facial expression, he just doesn’t look like he’s too into fighting.  He either looks very calm or very focused but I want him to look more like he’s about to kick some ass.

As the gang grows, the team look simply awesome together.  In the group shot below, I can really appreciate the expression on Leonardo’s face because he looks like a leader.



While the expression may be a bit of a hit and miss for me depending on how I’m posing him (and my least favourite of the three), I still think NECA knocked it out of the park with him and the other figures.  I can’t wait for Michelangelo to round out the group and I’m excited to see what NECA will add to the line next year.  And before I’m asked, yes…I’ll probably buy the Raphael in his trench coat disguise.


Enjoy the video!