Masters of the Universe Classics Ultimate Figures by Super 7 – Thoughts & Comparisons


I finally have my set of Masters of the Universe Classics Ultimate figures in and like many, a sigh of relief has been let out as I have been expecting these for a very long time.

Let me preface by saying I know that Super7, who took over Masters of the Universe Classics from Mattel, has been getting slammed by many for a couple of reasons: these were really delayed and not released in the window initially given, they didn’t deliver on the resealable packaging that was advertised when they took pre-orders, and people are complaining about bent packaging, sloppy paint application, and loose joints on their figures.

I had no issue waiting because I already had these figures and was buying them to display on card (except the additional Ram-Man).  Do I think Super7 should have let people know about the packaging as soon as they knew and gave people the chance to cancel their order if they wanted? Damn right I do.  As for the paint slop and loose joints on figures, I’m reading on forums and Facebook groups that Super7 is currently handling stuff.  Hopefully the new factory they will be using for the PowerCon exclusives and their next set of Classics and Club Grayskull figures will fix issues with the figures.

All drama aside, the main reason for this feature is to run down the five MOTUC figures that have been given the “Ultimate” treatment and to compare them to the initial releases.  If you prefer to watch, check out the video at the end of the feature that’s embedded from my YouTube channel.

I said at the beginning of the video that my figures arrived with practically no damage and I didn’t see any paint slop or anything really wrong with my figures.  After taking pictures and editing them, there are a few instances where there is a bit of slop here and there, but nothing that stood out during my first glances or makes the figures unacceptable to me.  I’m also happy to say ALL my figures don’t have any derpy eyes. Hooray for me! Here are the figures…



The packaging for these Ultimate figures are fantastic because it brings back that nostalgic feeling of getting Masters of the Universe figures when you were a kid. I’ve read people are stating this is how MOTUC figures SHOULD have been released from the get-go and it’s hard to argue after admiring this truly classic packaging style.

All the art at the top on all these cards, as well as the comic cover inserted on the inside that also features more bio information on the character and the continuation of the MOTUC cannon, is by Axel Giménez (penciling and inking) while Jason Moore inked some of the images and Val Staples took care of the colours. Val Staples also looked after the packaging production, layout and artwork for all of them and coloured the card-back art and faux mini comic covers. Eric Marshall designed the logo and Nate Baertsch did the rock burst background.

According to some posts online, apparently the factory also made a couple errors on the layout of the package, like moving everything up a bit too high on the cardback. Hopefully this will be rectified with the new factory Super7 will be using.

I’m starting with He-Man because, well, he’s He-Man! He comes with the same accessories he did when he was first released: the Power Sword, half of the Power Sword, his axe, and his shield.  This figure also gets the Alfredo Alcala art-style Power Sword in He-Man’s gray and silver colour scheme.  That is a cool bonus.


As you can see, He-Man also comes with two additional heads.  The one he is packaged with on is the throwback to the original vintage He-Man head that was originally packed in with Oolar..  He also has the original Classics head and the main portrait/head of Oolar.

You can see the main difference with all the heads is the colour of the hair, the black wash added, and the work on the eyebrows.

The skin tone is a bit different on the figure than the original and the paint on the figure’s harness, boots, gauntlets, belt, and loin fur are all considerably different than the original release.  I am a fan of all the colour changes except the colour of the hair.  I think it’s a bit too dark.

Here’s the original MOTUC He-Man beside the new Ultimate He-Man.



Skeletor also comes with weapons similar to He-Man and many he came with when he was originally released as well.  He has the Power Sword and half the Power Sword in purple. He also has the Alcala style sword in purple as well! Let’s not forget that Skeletor never goes anywhere without his trusty Havoc staff.


Alternate head number one is the head that came on Keldor.  You can see the different paint application used for the head verses the original.  The eyebrows and the mustache have thicker lines.  This Ultimate Skeletor comes with the cape that came with Keldor as well so you can have a full Keldor figure or a Skeletor wearing a cape on display.

The second alternate head is the Alcala mini-comic based Skeletor head! The head originally came with Demo-Man and I bought an extra Skeletor at the time so I could always have one on display on my shelf.  I find the biggest difference with the new head is with the paint around the teeth.

You can also see the slight difference in body colour and some paint on Skeletor’s outfit.  As well, the forearms are different and so are the boots/shin piece.  The feet are also coloured on this release.  Overall, I think this reissue was done very well.

Here is the Classics Skeletor beside the Ultimate Skeletor for comparison.



Teela comes with three of the accessories she originally came with: the snake staff, her shield, and a sword, all with a slightly different colour scheme.  She also comes with a spear and the snake armour that is a different shade of red than the original.


Ultimate Teela comes with three different heads.  The first one is the one that came with the Battleground Teela figure.  The colour of the hair and the wash on it along with the paint on the face, particularly the eyes, make this extra head a knock out.  I am REALLY contemplating tracking down another one of these just so I can put this improved head on the Battleground Teela figure.  It’s such a huge improvement.

The second head is the ponytail head with a different application of paint for the eyes and the eyebrows.  I really dig this upgraded head as well!

The last head is the ponytail head but with the same hair colour as the Battleground Teela head.  Once again, there are so many different options for display here or to add on to your current Teela figures if you have them.

Here is a comparison shot of the old Classics packaging and the new Ultimate packaging.



Next up is Faker.  I’m not sure what the rationale was as to why Faker was chosen as an Ultimate figure when I’m sure fans would have voted for other harder to obtain Classics figures.  Maybe the cost for Super7 to do four instead of five was doable because all they really had to do was reuse the He-Man mold and accessories in different colours.

Faker comes with the Power Sword, half the Power Sword, a shield, a sword, AND the Alcala inspired sword all in orange.


Faker’s three heads are pretty cool.  First, the one that he comes packed with on is the throwback head that was packed with Oolar but in blue.  I’m regretting not getting an extra Faker to have him on my shelf like this.  It looks really cool!

The second head is the original Classics Faker/He-Man head but you can see the skin tone on it (and the figure) is a bit lighter, the hair colour is different, and the eyes are done differently.

The third head is the battle damaged head that originally came as a bonus with Intergalactic (New Adventures) Skeletor.  Besides the hair colour being different, there is black paint missing from around the robotic eye and the regular eye and one eyebrow is painted differently than the original.

One question I still have (and many others did and maybe still do) is why with Battle Armor Faker being so pricey on the aftermarket and in-demand, why wasn’t the battle armor included for this figure? I’m sure it all comes down to cost but I think sacrificing a few accessories for that would have been a trade off many fans would have approved.

Guess what? Here are the two different packages side by side for your amusement!!


You can really appreciate Faker even more when you see him right beside the Ultimate He-Man.


Ram Man

Last, but not least, is fan favourite, Ram Man! I’ll be comparing this figure a little differently than the rest because I did order an extra because I wanted to have him in his mini-comic colours on my shelf.

Here’s the original Classics Ram Man on the left and the new Ultimate one on the right.  While the many were expecting some different colour choices and applications on smaller things like the buttons, people weren’t expecting such a departure with the armour colour.

Going from a metallic silver to a dull matte finish/plastic was something unexpected for many and not shown with the prototype figure.  I would have like the metallic finish more but this matte finish does make it look even more unique than the first release.  I would have also liked to have seen some colour on the belt because without any extra paint on it, I find it to be very bland.

Seeing how this is the only figure I’ve taken out of the package, the joints on the figure were very stiff at first and I had to work them in a bit.

This is the card that came with Ram Man that has a mini-comic inspired cover by the aforementioned contributors (named just before I discuss He-Man) with the bio on the back that continues the MOTUC story.  I’m not sure who is writing the bios now and it remains a mystery right now.  For all the other bios, go here to

Here’s the Classics Ram Man beside the Ultimate Ram Man.


I really like what Super7 did with the Ultimates.  I totally understand people’s dissatisfaction with not getting what was advertised and the other gripes with quality control.  I’m not being an apologist at all but I really didn’t have issues with what I ordered.  If I ordered another complete set to display, I may have gotten figures with worse paint slop, derpy or messed up eyes, and figures with loose joints (or way too tight).  I just don’t know.

Aesthetically, the figures are a hit in my books and I’m really kicking myself in the ass for not ordering another complete set with so many cool options for posting these.

Enjoy the video!