Classic Predator Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Sometimes parting with your money for a collectible can be a thing of joy or a thing of utter disappointment.  When you’re obtaining a collectible, such as this Classic Predator, that came out five years ago from a seller who says it’s sealed and brand new AND you get it for a killer price, you wait in suspense until you get it in-hand.  I can say this figure didn’t disappoint.When deciding what kind of Predator figure I wanted in my sixth scale collection, I did some research to see what Hot Toys had put out in the past.  Funny thing is, I always compared others to this figure because the original Predator is the version I love the most.  The original Predator movie was a staple in my childhood and teenage years. I also really enjoyed Predator 2.  After that, blah! I hated Predators and Alien vs. Predator.  I didn’t even bother with Requiem. Rationale for all of that could be a feature all on its own.

I have to use the term “what is old is new again” here because although this figure was released at the end of 2011/early 2012, besides seeing some reviews on it a couple of years ago (and again while really researching sixth scale Predator figures), I’ve never seen it with my own eyes or held it.  Having it delivered in mint and unopened really made it seem like the figure JUST came out.

Maybe it’s because the majority of the sixth scale figures I have are Star Wars figures but it’s so refreshing to see a figure come in something different than what I’m constantly used to seeing.  The packaging has a slipcase that has a red plastic film over the window to give it the tri-laser colour scheme.  The back of the slipcase packaging has a really cool graphic as well.

With the slipcase off, there are visuals on the front, back, and the inside of the box featuring the figure you get.  I love the design of all of it and if I had the room to display the boxes for these figures, this would be one I would definitely have on a shelf.

This figure is 14″ tall and is pretty hefty.  This is one of the heavies sixth scale figures I own.  It features 22 points of articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees, and ankles.  Most of the joints and articulation are quite solid.  The only issues I have is with the figure’s right leg being a bit loose and the head coming loose from the ball joint sometimes when changing out the masks.  Actually the head being easy to take off and put on is a blessing in disguise as I find it easier to swap out the mouth pieces and the masks I’ll focus on in a bit.

I may say it more than once during this written feature (and I think I said it many times on my Instagram page AND in my video review from my YouTube channel (embedded below) but this figure is simply amazing and I’m blown away with the level of detail put into this – especially knowing it is five years old.

All the armour on the figure all has battle damage, scratches, and/or dings in certain spots.  None of the battle damage looks the same either.  Some places it’s subtle and it works so very well.  The netting covering the torso, arms, and legs is tight and I don’t think anyone has to worry about the netting ripping or breaking.

The paint on the figure’s body is also top-notch.  I figure it would take people quite a long time to get this level of detail just right.  I also find the skin on the figure to have a glossy wash that really makes it shine.

The loin cloth is a softer, delicate material and the left side of it doesn’t really want to settle like the right side.  The belt also has some detailing on it as well.

I really like that the feet feature the exact same deco as the rest of the body.  I wasn’t aware that the Predator wore sandals, though. I figured he was always barefoot.  The things you learn when you get figures in…

The head/face sculpt on this figure is phenomenal! Everything from the expression in the eyes, the texturing and the veins you can see inside of the mouth, the detail of the teeth, AND the beautiful paint job all over the head makes me shake my head that this stuff is even possible.  I applaud and take my hat off (well, if I was wearing one) to those artists that bring these figures (especially this one) to life.  The outside rim of the top of the skull also features minute detailing that add to the overall realism of the figure.

The dreads on the Predator are very well done.  They are soft rubber and feature little bands sculpted onto them.  They blend seamlessly into the the top of the skull and you can tell Hot Toys really did their research on how they designed the character for the film.

To change from the screaming portrait to the more reserved (but still gruesome) one, you just simply exchange the mandibles.  You can even remove the lower jaw because, as you’ll see after the next set of pictures, it’s how the masks fit onto the figure.  I think exchanging the mandibles and jaw was a great idea in order for Hot Toys to keep costs down instead of charging for an extra head.  It gives fans four different ways to display the figure

As mentioned, the figure comes with TWO masks.  There’s the classic Predator mask without any kind of damage and the same iconic mask with the left side showing significant damage with additional wreckage on it.  What an awesome idea!

What’s with the little plugs coming out from the masks, you ask? Well, both masks have an LED light up feature for the tri-laser.  You can also see on the inside where you plug the mask snugly into the empty spots in the face.

To activate the LED light feature, you plug the adapter into the back of the armour, hide the wire among the dreads and flick the switch! While you’re flicking the switch, you can also admire all the work that went into the back armour of the figure as well.  No part of this figure was taken for granted by the sculptors.

Below you can see the figure with the undamaged mask on and how it looks from different angles.  You can see that the wiring really doesn’t look too apparent in the dreads.  If I would have flicked one of the dreads into a better position,  it would have been better.

You can still see a little bit of scratching and denting in the mask although it’s still in one piece.  The LED in the tri-laser is pretty damn bright and you can see it well even in my well lit photo box.  I also really like the mesh detailing in the eye slots in the mask.

Below you can see the LED lighting with the damaged mask on.  With the angry expression in the figure’s brow and how piercing the eyes are, the battle damaged mask make the figure just seem totally pissed off.  I just can’t decide how I want to display this figure because every option is shelf worthy.

For fun, here are both masks with the lights in my photo booth turned off.

The shoulder cannon/plasma caster is not neglected whatsoever.  The level of detailing on it is equivalent to the the attention showed on the rest of the figure.  You’ve seen it in various positions in all the pictures so you can see it can be tucked down a bit at the front of the figure or you can raise it up vertically.  You can rotate the cannon as well to have it aiming where your figure is looking. Is it selfish of me to wish the cannon also had an LED light up features, too?

Speaking of light-up features, the left forearm armour has one as well!  You can take off the top of the wrist gauntlet that controls the self-destruct feature (as well as other thing) for a different one.  I am a bit disappointed that the wrist gauntlet doesn’t have the red, blinking symbols but then again, we have seen that with other Predator figures that have been released in other scales.

You swap out the one with the full display for the one with a small square cut away from it.  You flick the switch on the bottom of the forearm to activate the bright LED.

There are two different holograms that come with the figure which plug into the little square.  One shows the globe and the other shows what looks like a meteor hitting water or land with the aftermath of the explosion starting.

Plugging them in isn’t too hard.  You just have to find the sweet spot where it fits snugly.  The only downside to having these little holograms plugged in, the gauntlet opens slightly because of the weight of the small pieces.  I wish the latch had more of a hold.

I’ve given a lot of attention to the left forearm armour but the right one needs love, too.  Once again, there’s a great amount of detailing all over it.  Not only that but it has the retractable metal blade that the character uses to slay its victims.  The blades are heavy duty and do have a slightly sharp edge.  It’s not enough to do any damage or puncture skin, but when you’re used to more kid friendly brands and safety standards, it is always still surprising to see.

The Predator figure comes with four extra hands to give you six total.  I like that number of hands for figures because it isn’t overkill.  Seeing how the figure doesn’t come with any weapons to hold, that really eliminates adding grasping hands.

I’m used to getting a stand of some sorts or small diorama with my sixth scale figures but I’m not used to getting something this big, detailed, and awesome.  I like the hide/skin hanging, the large animal/dino skull, and the human-like skull.  There’s even detailing and texturing on the hide, on the skulls, and on the ground.  Take that, plain stands!

The bonus accessory the figure comes with is the Predator skull.  It’s an interesting piece to come with the figure as I thought Hot Toys may have chosen a human skull or a skull of a creature the Predator would have hunted.  Nonetheless, it is a cool little bonus and something that isn’t necessary for those who didn’t get the exclusive in order to really love the figure.


While the Predator doesn’t come with any weapons to hold, there’s still a variety of display options to keep things fresh with the light up left LED, the two masks and the two possible expressions from the mandibles, and the extendable blades.  It’ll be a figure I change things around with every few weeks.

I can’t say enough good things about this figure. I’ve had it for just over a week and it’s already become one of my favourite sixth scale figures in my entire collection. I can say it’s probably in my top three.  The attention to detail is simply insane and I commend all those involved in making it.  Yeah, it’s five years old but it sure as hell doesn’t look like it.  This is a figure worth hunting down and paying a bit of a premium for.  If I knew it was this good before having it in my hand, I would have paid more than what I did for it.  It’s that amazing.


Enjoy the video!