Masters of the Universe Rewind – Demo-Man


I’m in the final stretch of looking back at 2011 (I can’t believe it).  December brought us two figures and a vehicle.  The main figure of the month was really anticipated by many when it was announced because this character was never represented in plastic form before. Say hello to Demo-Man!

Demo-Man was actually based off a sketch from Mark Taylor when creating concepts for the original Masters of the Universe line.  We actually got a figure based off of Mark Taylor’s sketches back in 2010 when Vikor saw his first figure representation.

For me, I saw these sketches in the Power and Honor Foundation Vol. 1 book that documented the evolution of the Masters of the Universe line.  I thought the character looked really cool and almost occult-like.  I never thought we’d ever see a figure of an obscure concept art character.  Thanks to Scott Neitlich (brand manager at the time) and The Four Horsemen, Demo-Man came to life in figure form and holy crap in a hat, is he awesome.


Original Mark Taylor sketch

Does any know how to properly pronounce the “real” name of Demo-Man?  Insane name aside, the bio really doesn’t explain a lot about who or what Demo-Man is/was.  The bio explains that Demo-Man was an “extra-dimensional being” but that’s it.  Demo-Man must have had some crazy-assed powers because when merged with Keldor/Skeletor, it made him even stronger.  This is the kind of character that deserves more of a background fleshed out for it.

‘I simply love the transition of Demo-Man from sketch to figure.  While he does share a lot of the main male buck, the addition of all the armour pieces (and spiked bracelets), the shirt, belt, and the new  loin cloth almost make the figure seem brand new overall.  I think it also may be due to the neon green colour that really makes him pop from the shelf.  The only thing I’m not a fan of is the bulky area on the sides where the shirt clips together – an issue we saw with quite a few figures.

As mentioned, the armour and spikes on this guy just add to the visage of how powerful this character is.  He comes across as possessing supernatural strength.  I wish the spikes on the writs weren’t painted red, though.


This sculpt encompasses what “demonic” should look like in an action figure.  The evil, menacing expression in his face along with the rotten teeth and red eyes really make this figure one of the most frightening figures in the MOTUC line (for the right reasons, that is).

The horn on the top of the head being broken makes you question what kind of battles this guy must have been in that would actually lead to something like that happening.  I could do without the jewel/headband thing but I know it is staying true to the source material.  Perhaps it reflects the wealth he had and the aristocratic hold on those beneath him if he ruled a kingdom or world.

The beard with the bone in it brings out an almost barbarian quality to the figure – something that definitely ties into the Masters of the Universe world perfectly.

Demo-Man comes with three weapons: a spiked ball mace that is on a rope, a large sword, and a mace with a solid handle.  Demo-Man looks great holding all three and it’s awesome he came with this many weapons (and more stuff below).

Demo-Man needs to hold the mace near the bottom for it to stay in place properly.  I usually leave this one at his feet on my shelf because I prefer posing him with the other weapons he comes with.


I love the spiked ball on the whip because it just makes the figure seem like it’s coming alive and in motion.  He’s ready to swing this spiked ball at anyone that stands in his way.

The sword is nothing to write-off either.  The sword’s design looks like it is a nod to Arabian style swords. I wish I had a second sword because I think it would look really awesome with some red paint on it to make it look like it is splattered in blood.  Hell, the whole figure could use it!

With all the weapons, there should be no question whether or not to use them to get some dual-wielding poses.  For a character this sinister looking, you know he’d be able to lay the smack down and you need to have him portray that on your shelf!


One bonus the figure comes with is the skull with the helmet on it you can see in Mark Taylor’s sketch.  Not only is it an excellent homage to the details within the sketch, you can actually pop it on almost any of the MOTUC figures!  Because it is practically half a head, it does look odd so I never bother putting it on any figures and I never bought an extra figure for a body to put it on.

Below is my take on posing the figure close to the Mark Taylor sketch.  I had a great time playing around with it for this pose and all the others in this feature.


Another bonus the figure came with was an alternate head for Skeletor that is based off of the mini-comic artwork by Alfredo Alcala.  This was a head that fans had been clamoring for since they got their hands on the comics with their vintage figures.  I bought an extra Skeletor just to always have this head displayed on my shelf.  I love it!

Just like most MOTUC heads/figures, you can put the Alcala style Skeletor head on other figures, too.  I just don’t think it works on Demo-Man very well, though.  What I DO think that works well is how this head works as a transition piece between Demo-Man’s facial features to the Skeletor we all know.

Demo-Man is a figure that I loved when it came in, I’ve loved on my shelf all these years, and love even more after doing the pictures for this feature.  After doing this write-up, I really want to know more about pre-merged Demo-Man and the story behind this guy.  I hope we do in the future but in the meantime, I’ll keep my own story in my head.  Make sure you have this quality figure in your collection even if you’re not a MOTUC collector.

** This feature is dedicated to my daughter for her 2nd birthday.  Daddy loves you.