Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Bubble Power She-Ra


I mentioned previously that November, 2011 was a massive month for MOTUC.  We had received Snout Spout and Swiftwind already and there was yet ANOTHER figure included in the month – the variant figure, Bubble Power She-Ra.Why did we get a variant of She-Ra before another figure or variant? I’m sure it all had to do with the release of Swiftwind.  If you had the original She-Ra figure and Swiftwind (as well as taken a look at the picture in my Swiftwind Rewind feature), you’d know that the original Classics She-Ra could not sit on Swiftwind at all.  The skirt prohibited the figure from being able to be placed on the saddle properly.  With Bubble Power She-Ra, that was taken care of.

I didn’t have any POP figures when I was a kid but one of my cousins did.  I was aware of some of the figures and I was even aware of this one because she had it.  I never understood the rationale behind the figure besides making a variant for sales.  Maybe they thought girls liked bubbles so She-Ra could dispense bubbles.

The bio, while clear for many figures, still doesn’t fully explain the whole concept of “bubble power” to my satisfaction.  So the new “Bubble Power” armour helps her stamina? How? Why? What the hell is a “fume of energy?” Why would she need anything new in the heat of battle?  I suppose it really doesn’t matter because people just wanted a She-Ra they could place on Swiftwind.

As you can see, this She-Ra variant doesn’t share too much with the first Classics She-Ra. One thing it DOES share is the inability to stand up for long on its own.  This figure, along with my TWO loose, out of the package She-Ra figures have some of the weakest ankle and leg joints that make them prone to falling over all the time.

I absolutely love the design of the outfit and the paint on it.  It doesn’t seem like armour to me but it really pops! The addition of new gauntlets and boots really does add to the overall freshness of this variant.

The sculpt on She-Ra’s face for this figure is fantastic.  I love this one more than the original.  I also appreciate the facial sculpt more because that square hole in the middle of She-Ra’s forehead we saw in the original release isn’t prevalent.  The new headdress is also done very well and I like the colour combinations used for the stickers on it.

The figure comes with four accessories: a shield, sword, comb/axe thing, and her Bubble Blaster. Out of all these, I only ever have her holding her sword and shield on my shelf.  I just don’t “get” or “feel” the Bubble Power aspect of the figure or the accessory, so it lays at her feet.


I’m not sure how this would intimidate any of She-Ra’s enemies.  The Bubble Blaster is just ridiculous to me and that’s saying a lot considering there’s so much ridiculousness in the MOTU/POP worlds. It just doesn’t seem intimidating in the least especially when she has a sword!


As mentioned, having a her sword and shield in She-Ra’s hands is my preferred way to display her on my shelf.  The Sword of Protection is different from the original release and I’d like to have read in the bio why there is a difference.

For comparison, here are the two She-Ra figures beside each other so you can see the difference in the outfit and the head sculpts.  It would be interesting to see what Super7 would and could to if they were to release an “Ultimate” She-Ra.

You can click one of the links below if you missed my Rewind feature on Swiftwind to see what the original She-Ra looked like when placed on him.  As you can see below, with the addition of the new skirt piece, Bubble Power She-Ra has no problem being able to sit on him.

One thing that’s great about getting this She-Ra figure for many was the ability or mix and match different heads and weapons to make the She-Ra figure that they really wanted.  I never mixed and matched but I did appreciate the scheduling and design of a She-Ra to be released in the same month as Swiftwind so the Princess of Power fans could have their hero be able to ride her trusty steed.