Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Swiftwind


November, 2011 was a big month for Masters of the Universe Classics collectors. First we got Snout Spout and we also received She-Ra’s horse and companion, Swiftwind (not to mention another figure who will be in my next Rewind feature!)I’m going to start with what is obvious – Swiftwind’s mask on my figure is destroyed.  I normally wouldn’t do a feature with something that’s in that shape but as I’m going through the figures in the order they were released, I just can’t wait while I continue to try and track down a new one.

I was dog-sitting for a friend and somehow the mask fell off the horse and onto the floor.  By the time I noticed the dog in the corner chewing on something, it was too late.  I plead to any of the MOTUC collectors on here who may have an extra to please contact me. I will pay for it – I just can’t justify paying for a whole new figure just to get the piece.  In my mind, I call this figure “Battle Damaged” Swiftwind.

Sad tale aside, this figure’s box is pretty big but not as big as the giants I’ve already taken a look at.

The bio on the back gives some surprising background information (to me, at least) about Spirit being at Adora’s side when she was working for The Evil Horde.  He was loyal to her then and when she discovered the truth as to what she was doing and where she came from.

For someone who never owned a horse in any toy form before, this was a large animal/beast figure that I wasn’t overly excited to get.  Taking it out of the box for the first time made me actually gasp at the subtle details put into it to make it come alive and I dug it immediately.

The wavy mane was a good choice to make the horse seem like it’s in motion.  Swiftwind’s legs, knees and ankles are all articulated as well as the tail and there’s also a tad bit of movement for the head so you can actually get a variety of poses from him.

I really wish the figure would have come with two white hole covers so if people wanted to buy two so they could have a Swiftwind AND a Spirit on their shelves, you wouldn’t see the holes when/if you don’t have the wings inserted.

The head sculpt of Spirit/Swiftwind is stellar.  Perhaps I was/am more blown away with it because this is my first “real” horse in action figure form.

The saddle has some little wear detailing in it and can be removed if you want to.  The colours of it and the thing (I’m not sure what it’s called) around the neck, really pop in contrast to the pure white of the figure’s body.

When I was mentioning the subtle details sculpted into this figure, you can click below to enlarge the pictures to see the detailing around the mouth/nostril of the horse and the veins that are popping out in the legs and how they are blended into the body of the figure.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless that horse can turn into Swiftwind (remember, folks: mine is “Battle Damaged Swiftwind,” ok?).  When you add the mask (especially when it’s not destroyed) and the wings, the grandness of this figure grows.  It really gives off a magical feeling.


Popping the wings into the holes is easy and I’ve had no issues with them falling out of the sockets when popped in properly.  You can twist the wings in a full circle and you also get a full range of horizontal motion from them.  The colours of the wings also really make the figure stand out.

I’d love to gush about how well the mask is done because it is but my pictures of my “battle damaged” mask just doesn’t do it justice.  I will say it matches the colours of the rest of the pieces on the horse well.

I don’t have any stands so I just tried holding it with one hand to get a few pictures of what it may look like to have Swiftwind in flight. I don’t have Photoshop (and I have never really used it – so that’s not an option for me).

Whether you have the horse as Spirit beside your Adora figure or transformed into Swiftwind with She-Ra by his side, you can’t go wrong.  I wish I had a small apple prop to put into Adora’s hand to make the picture below even more adorable.

One of the issues with Swiftwind is to make the figure in scale properly, the She-Ra figure they had already released would have a problem being placed on him to ride due to the skirt of that figure not allowing her to move her legs apart wide enough to be able to sit on the saddle.

Mattel, The Four Horsemen, and others involved with the line may not have realized at the time of making She-Ra and developing her skirt (and the earlier figures) they would get to the point where they would be creating animals/beasts this large to go alongside the figures.

The fix for She-Ra not being able to sit on Swiftwind properly was also solved in November and you’ll see in my next Rewind feature the new version of She-Ra that came out at the same time as Swiftwind.


When Swiftwind was announced, I thought it would be really cool to have She-Ra’s main partner in crime (I mean, justice) but I just wasn’t expecting too much.  After receiving Swiftwind, I was more impressed than I thought I’d be.  I don’t really pose him too often where he sits in the ol’ man cave but I do appreciate what was delivered – especially now after doing this retrospective.