Star Wars: Stormtrooper Sixth (1/6) Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Some of you may be thinking, “ANOTHER Trooper?!?!”  Well, yeah!  I know I’ve looked at many Stormtrooper variants over the past few months but I’ve neglected the one I got first.  It’s the most iconic of them all: the Episode IV: A New Hope Stormtrooper.This figure came out mid 2015 – around the time I started getting into collecting sixth scale figures.  After getting myself a few figures and thinking that I would just collect the “main” characters from the original trilogy (you’ve seen how well I stuck to that), this was a must-have for me.

There was a two-pack of Stormtroopers also available at the time. It included this figure (at 12″ tall) and another one that was just a tad shorter.  The set also included an extra weapon as well as a weapon/gun rack.  To this day it’s hard for me to put the money down for a two-pack of Troopers because that extra money that could go to another unique figure instead of having two similar figures in my display case. Army building is just not an option for me with these figures at these prices.

The packaging, as you can see, isn’t a surprise when collecting these figs.  I’ve said it before that mint in box collectors must appreciate the consistency.  Instead of one of those awesome collages or multiple pose pictures of the figure that is usually on the flap when you open the box, we get half a helmet shot.

This figure is such an awesome tribute to the vintage Stormtrooper.  I think Hot Toys nailed the sculpt of the armor and the under-suit.  The armour is glossy white and clean without any scuffing or weathering effects.  The paint apps are minimal to keep with the source material and I appreciate the attention to detail.

For the articulation, you can watch the video at the end of this feature to get a better sense of the range of movement.  I will say the shoulder armour does hinder the arms being raised high but when do you really need your Stormtrooper posed with his/her arms raised out fully to the sides?

The head, wrists, elbows, and knee joints all work very well and I had no issues with loose or stiff joints on most of the figure. The ankles on this figure, especially the right one, are looser than I’d like and the figure can fall over very easily.  That’s kind of a bummer but I usually have this figure on its stand in my display cabinet.

Zooming in on the waist, you can see there’s no real room for ab articulation with how the armour needed to be sculpted.  I have no problem with that seeing how they needed to get the armour perfect. The sculpting of the armour around the knees is done pretty well, too.

When you get figures of this quality and in this scale, you notice things about the armour and costumes of figures that you may not have noticed watching the movies a million times or on the smaller action figures.

The belt is held together at the back with some Velcro and the thermal detonator hangs on the back of the belt.  I’m also a big fan of the blaster holster.  I had no issues with this one like I did with my Death Trooper Specialist where the damn thing basically fell apart.

All I’m going to say about the helmet is I think it is practically perfect.  I know there are people that go over these things with magnifying glasses trying to find any imperfection or flaw that doesn’t match 100% with the source material.  I’m not that kind of person and I just don’t see any flaws with it although I’m sure my ignorance may be popping out here.

The extra hands that come with this figure isn’t overkill.  There are six hands in total and that includes two hands for the blasters so you can pose your Trooper with a gun in either hand or set it up for some duel wielding action!

The first of two weapons the figure comes with is the blaster rifle.  We’ve seen variations of this weapon with other figures over the past few years, so you know what you’re getting here.  What I still really like about both weapons is the insane amount of detail and sculpting on them.  The extra silver wash on weapons give it more of a used look.

The Trooper can get into various stances and aiming poses with the weapons.  That’s great for always being able to shake things up with how he is displayed.

Below is the blaster pistol.  Once again, the detail on it and the wash makes it an awesome little accessory and a weapon I don’t have with any other figure.

I don’t know if I’m just not forcing it down enough, but I don’t think the holster is meant for the blaster rifle.  The blast pistol fits into it firm and snug, though.


The stand the Stormtrooper comes with is the same stand we’ve also seen come with many characters over the last few years.  It’s still better than the plain Sideshow Star Wars figures stands.


This figure is a huge hit in my books.  The classic, vintage Stormtrooper look is executed very well.  The articulation has few minor issues but considering I didn’t have issues with any other parts of the figure, I’ll give it all a slight pass.

While the figure doesn’t come with a plethora of accessories, what it does come with makes sense.  I felt the figure was worth the $200 US when I bought it and I still do.  SDCC 2017 has revealed that Hot Toys is releasing another new Stormtrooper in the future based on the classic Trilogy.  A release date and any differences have yet to be communicated as of the time I’m publishing this.


Enjoy the video!