Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Snout Spout


November of 2011 brought yet another highly anticipated figure of mine to my collection: Snout Spout. Masters of the Universe was always known for outlandish characters and creations but for some, an elephant firefighter was just too ridiculous. I’m not one of the haters. I loved this character back in the day and still do!

Snout Spout’s vintage figure had the ability of actually squirting water out of his truck. You’d pour water into his backpack and press the button on it to send the water flying out to put out fires (kids, don’t start fires) or to forcefully remove protestors (or the evil-doers on Eternia…whatever floated your boat).

Snout Spout’s bio reveals his real name, Jaxton, and tells a sympathetic tale of how he was abducted by Hordak and transformed into a robotic/elephant hybrid.  It’s also quite disheartening to read this hero is very conscience about his appearance although he’s teamed up with the Masters of the Universe group to fight evil on behalf of all Eternia.

Snout Spout came on the regular male buck. That was expected but it’s the colour scheme of Snout Spout brings some new pop to it. It also helped that Snout Spout had new hands/gloves, boots, and crotch piece. The harness and backpack were also new to the figure. I would have liked to see a little more detail and/or paint on the backpack because it seems rather plain.  All these years later, I’m happy to say my figure has no issues with his articulation and has no loose joints.

The head for Snout Spout is a total throwback to the vintage toy. I remember when it was released, many people didn’t like that it didn’t incorporate some the 200X cartoon/NECA Staction look. I can understand that but with the Classics line updating the vintage figure, I’m glad the figure had the head it came with. A head-pack in 2015 gave 200X fans what they wanted in an updated head. I’ll be getting to that pack down the road.

Some collectors have reported that the snout on their figure has ripped or torn in some places over the years. Snout Spout’s snout has the ability to be moved and positioned a bit because of the softer plastic used and the wire inside. As you can see in my pics, I haven’t had any problem with my figure’s snout. The one in the package has no sign of anything deteriorating either.

Snout Spout comes with two accessories. The first is the same as the vintage figure – it’s his fireman’s axe that also has the little area at the bottom that was used to help lift the vintage figure’s snout to aim water.

The second accessory is a hydraulic spreader or “jaws of life” contraption. I think this is a cool accessory because you could use it to pretend you’re saving an Eternian’s life or you could use it to capture and squeeze the hell out of a foe (or maybe someone that owes some debt to the Royal Family, their government, or casino!)

Just like the vintage axe weapon, it has the little space at the bottom that could be used to prop up his nose to squirt water.  Posing him with his axe makes him look like a total bad-ass!

The hydraulic spreader is also a cool weapon to pose Snout Spout with.  Duel wielding both accessories makes Snout Spout look like a character you just don’t want to mess with. He’s also adequately prepared to get some Eternians out of messy situations.

This Is one of those figures that hits that sweet spot with me because it is totally a Classics upgrade of the vintage figure. It retains all the charm of the vintage figure while beefing him up with some upgrades. As mentioned, the 200X fans had to wait a few more years for a different display head but for what we got initially, I was (and still am) truly happy with the figure.  He was really fun to pose for this feature.