WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – July 24th & 25th, 2017


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We’re officially on the road to Summerslam! After Sunday’s awful Battleground PPV, I was hoping WWE would give us some good programming to make us forget about that event and get us all hyped for Summerslam in four weeks.  Did they? Read on!

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Source: WWE.com

Raw started off really strong with the encounter between Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns.  I loved how Strowman and Joe both stated that they were not afraid of Brock Lesnar or one another.  Reigns played up more of his heel side again with his promo as the crowd booed the hell out of him.

All three men started beating on each other and Kurt Angle tried to get security and then the locker room to separate them all after announcing all three men would face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam in a fatal four-way match.  If Angle really wanted them all to stop fighting, he could have got on the mic and said if they didn’t stop, they’d lose their spot in the Summerslam main event.  Boom – done.  I guess that wouldn’t make for good TV now, would it?

Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson was another great match between the two.  Samson continues to really impress me and working with someone with the talent of Balor only makes him look even better.  With Wyatt cutting a promo last week after Balor got knocked silly from Samson’s guitar, you knew he was going to cost Balor the match, especially with it being a no DQ match.  We know what Wyatt and Balor are doing at Summerslam now, don’t we?

The Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match for the number one contenders spot for Alexa Bliss’ Raw women’s title was another really good match on the show.  Was it as good as their NXT matches? Unfortunately not but it did get the crowd behind them slowly.  We’ve seen WWE drop the ball with Bayley and her character so I’m quite surprised that Bayley actually got the win in this match.  I would have put my money on Sasha Banks to be going to Summerslam because she hasn’t had a title shot in a while.  I wonder where they will be going with her next.

I’m still not liking this whole Jason Jordan being Angle’s son story.  The announcers played up that Jordan beating Hawkins was a big deal and it’s not.  Angle looked like a goof with the perma-smile watching Jordan backstage on the screen. I still don’t understand Corey Graves’ involvement leading up to this whole reveal.  Why would Graves have any texts regarding Angle’s personal matters? Who would have been texting Graves? There are still many questions that haven’t been answered.

I guess WWE put Emma in her place for Tweeting last week about not getting opportunities because she got her ass squashed by Nia Jax.  Poor Emma. Don’t Tweet when angry at your employer.  Seriously, though, they should do more with her and the other females that don’t get regular TV time. BUILD the women’s division, WWE!

It looks like we’re heading to Big Cass vs. The Big Show (with Enzo probably in his corner) at Summerslam.  It’ll be a good way to elevate Cass by taking down Show.

The Revival vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson was a really good tag-team match.  The Hardy’s music hitting and distracting both teams gives Gallows and Anderson a bit of an out for their loss.  I’m not sure where the Hardys are going to fit in with all the Raw tag-teams right now except enhancement.

I’d love to see Gallows & Anderson and/or The Revival face Cesaro and Sheamus for the titles.  Hell, I’d watch a rematch of Monday night’s show next week.  I think I may be getting a little excited for the Raw tag division again.

What I wasn’t excited for or during was the main event with The Miztourage taking on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.  I do like the aggression coming from Bo Dallas and I hope he keeps on that path. It’s also interesting to see Dallas and Curtis Axel hanging in the ring with Ambrose and Rollins because a few months ago, both men would have probably lost within minutes.

I suppose the main thing coming out of this match was Rollins extending his hand for Ambrose to shake it after they won the match and Ambrose refused.  I really think an Ambrose heel turn is coming and we may see it by next week so we can have those two square off at Summerslam.


Source: WWE.com

The show started off with the huge surprise of Chris Jericho returning.  The crowd was hot for it (except the part about the list) and I was damn excited! Just when you thought you were going to see a rematch between Styles and Owens (at some point down the road), we got the match last night AND Y2J was a part of it!

The match between all three men was really good and I’m glad WWE gave them about 20 minutes to do their thing.  I really liked the close calls when it came to throwing each other off of the person they were pinning to steal a win.

I think the involvement of Jericho in the match was to be the person who got pinned to protect Styles and Owens have have the feud over the US Championship extend to Summerslam.  I wonder if we’ll see Jericho next week to cost Owens the belt or if this was just a one-shot appearance. We may even see another title change because WWE may play hot potato with the belt until Summerslam to keep things interesting.  We’ll see next week when we get another rematch!

The Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin match was decent and it was the match that should have happened at Battleground.  The rematch with the screwy finish and beat-down from Corbin should have been on last night’s program instead of Battleground. It’s like they got their match order in reversed.   I wonder if this foreshadows Corbin successfully cashing in the briefcase opportunity sooner than later. Summerslam??

The match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Tamina and Lana was a waste of time.  Charlotte and Lynch should have destroyed Lana in less than a minute and then Tamina should have turned on her.  It would have been quick and to the point.

It was no surprise that John Cena came out to claim he was going to be next in line for Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship.  I thought it was interesting that he even referred to himself as “Super Cena” to throw it back in the hater’s faces (and those like me that reference him like that – good job, Cena!)

The surprise twist was Daniel Bryan coming out to announce that next week we’d see Cena vs. Nakamura for the number one contender’s spot.  That will be can’t miss TV. Will Nakamura get his first loss while being fed to Cena? Will Nakamura get the rub by beating Cena clean?  Will we see some kind of screwy finish to protect both men? I’m very curious to see how it will all go down so I’m already pumped for next week’s show.

I was surprised last night when Mike Kanellis got pinned.  I’m even more surprised that he was the one who took the pin during the Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn vs. Kanellis and Aiden English match.  I’m scratching my head.  Yeah, his gimmick sucks but it doesn’t show that WWE has a lot of faith in him right now.

Ask me how happy I was to see The Usos beat the hell out of The New Day before they could do anything.  THAT is good TV right there!

Overall, I thought both shows were really good this week.  They weren’t perfect and didn’t showcase all the talent they should have but I’d give two thumbs up for the effort put in by all.