Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 24


Like usual, I’m playing catch-up with all the music I get.  I’ll be focusing on a load of CDs in this edition – some are new from the past few weeks while some are older releases. I’d also like to do my usual shout out to Dave at Mad Rush Media for the sponsorship and helping me obtain lots of great releases. Make sure to check out Mad Rush Media for you music needs!

There are so many new releases from this year featured in this edition and many will probably be featured in my top 20 of 2017 list because the albums from these bands are that good.  Read on to find out what ones really impressed the hell out of me!

VAST – Stripped: Violet (Self Released, 2017)

The sixth and final installment of Jon Crosby (VAST’s singer/songwriter) going through the band’s catalogue and performing the songs by himself acoustically.  I love hearing the takes on older songs.

VAST – They Only Love You When You Die (Self Released, 2017)

Two new VAST songs and some remixes.  I wasn’t blown away and am probably still hoping for songs in the same style of Music For People.  I know releasing a few songs at a time for some artists is the way they’re going, but I still prefer full releases or at least EPs with a few more songs, not remixes.

Obituary – Obituary (Relapse Records, 2017)

Just when I thought Inked in Blood would be the band’s best after reforming in 2005, here they go and release this self-titled album.  Every song crushes and the riffs and vocal delivery are killer, as per usual with these guys. I’m always expecting solid releases from Obituary but holy shit, the boys delivered here!

Rotting Christ – Genesis (Century Media, 2002)

Here’s an older release from the band and one I didn’t have in my collection.  I always think I’ve finished a band’s discography and then something shows up from Mad Rush Media and I realize I don’t have it.  I guess I should pay more attention to my “want list” on Discogs.

Septic Flesh – A Fallen Temple (Holy Records, 1998)

I supposed I can say the same thing here as I did about the Rotting Christ album.  This is also an older release by Septic Flesh and an original pressing of the album.  Sometimes I don’t buy reissues because I’m on the hunt for original pressings – this was the case with this album.  A great black/death/prog metal release.

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Zigurat (Self Released, 2015)

I first showcased Sergeant Thunderhoof last year with their 2nd release, Ride the Hoof and I loved it.  At the time I discovered them and bought that release, this one was sold out.  Fortunately they repressed it and I could score it.  It features more excellent doomy and groovy riffs with a really solid vocal delivery.  Make sure to check them out on their Bandcamp page.

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Live (Self Released, 2017)

Oh snap! More Thunderhoof action! Here is the live album they released a few months ago. A live album with only two self-released albums under their belt, you ask? Well, hell yeah! I think it’s a great move by the band to not only showcase how strong the songs on their first two albums are but it also is a great promotional way to get people to hear how great they are live and generate interest for people to go see them.  I would if they ever came here to Ontario!

They have all their vinyl and discography in bundles on their Bandcamp page as of the time of writing this.  If the Canadian dollar wasn’t a low as it is and the shipping wasn’t as high, I’d grab all three releases on vinyl and feature them in an upcoming edition.  Maybe the band will read this and give me a deal!! Here’s hoping!

Suicidal Tendencies – 13 (Suicidal Records, 2013)

I fell in love with World Gone Mad from last year but discovered it earlier this year. I never ended up getting this release at the time either.  I needed to grab it to hear it and, once again, I’m kicking myself for not getting this earlier.  This release gives you that old school ST feel and it really reminds me of some of the more classic releases.

Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him (Century Media, 2017)

This is Vallenfyre’s third release and it delivers more excellent death metal.  Paradise Lost’s guitarist, Gregor Mackintosh, created this side project as another musical release and I haven’t been disappointed with an album yet.  This one will probably be in my top 20 of the year if I keep spinning it like I have.  Unfortunately, it seems like this may be the final release according to some interviews I’ve read.

Suffocation – …Of the Dark Light (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

Sometimes bands get better with age.  Suffocation hasn’t lost a step at all even if their older releases are held by fans as the band’s creative peak.  I don’t really believe that because this release is another solid effort from the band and one of those albums that actually gets better as it goes on.  This may be Frank Mullins’ last album with the band.  Work and family commitments have taken priority and he doesn’t tour as much with the band.  Kevin Muller, who has been filling in live for Mullins, does guest vocals on this album and signs are pointing that he may be the one to permanently take over soon.

Origin – Unparalleled Universe (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

I don’t listen to a whole lot of tech-death metal. There’s only so much insane triggered drumming I can take in one sitting.  Releases like Origin’s need you to sit down and take the time to listen and have all the intricacies sink in.  These guys can play, don’t get me wrong, but I still need lots of hooks in my music to really have me grooving.  I have the rest of the band’s discography as they are one of the bands in this genre I do enjoy.  I just find their last album, Omnipresent, to be catchier.  Maybe I just need to spin this more.

Entrails – World Inferno (Metal Blade Records, 2017)

After the split from their vocalist and drummer, Entrails moved on and created their newest opus, World Inferno.  The newest members really haven’t added anything new or taken away from the band’s signature old school 90s death metal songwriting and delivery.  This is another solid release from the band and I’m happy it didn’t disappoint as I am a fan of all their past releases.  Check them out!

Mutoid Man – War Moans (Sargent House, 2017)

Damn! This one is already in my top 10 of the year.  Front to back this band brings it by combining big rock riffs with classic metal riffs, some deathy breakdowns and punk influence.  They blend so many genres and the songs are so unique from each other that you can’t help but pay attention throughout the whole album.  It’s rare that you get amazing front to back albums – and these guys have provided that with this release and their other albums.  Get it!

Decapitated – Anticult (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

Colour me surprised here.  While the last few Decapitated albums have been a bit of a departure from the band’s earlier releases (like many bands), I wasn’t expecting to hear what is probably the band’s most accessible material ever.  There’s a lot of groove and catchy riffs here but the songs are pretty much straightforward. That’s not a bad thing for me – I’ve spun this a bunch of times in a row because it is so surprisingly good in a peeled back approach sort of way.  It’s becoming a favourite of mine!

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (Relapse Records, 2017)

I took a look at Relapse’s reissues of Dying Fetus’ discography about a month ago in anticipation for this release.  The band didn’t disappoint and probably have released THE strongest album of their career.  There are classic breakdowns, incredible speed showcased, and insightful lyrics all wrapped in that Dying Fetus signature sound.  Just when you think a band can’t top itself or deliver something that crushes their past releases, here you go!

Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade Records, 2017)

To end this feature, I have to give props to Goatwhore for not only delivering another excellent album, but just like some of the other bands on here, probably the strongest in their career.

Bonus props to the band and Metal Blade for creating something cool for those of us that still buy our music.  The release is presented in a “spell book” that features some amazing artwork, the lyrics, and more.  This edition also features a bonus CD with songs performed live over the last few years AND all the bonus songs from Japanese and other releases.  THAT’S how to release a deluxe edition, people!

Check out the video below for some footage of me flipping through the booklet (and all the other music featured here) so you can have a better idea of what’s inside. Enjoy!