Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Icarius


October’s 2011 Masters of the Universe Classics figure was on that I could have passed on then and I could easily pass on now if I wasn’t such a completest with some figures. The figure, now known as Icarius, was the second figure in the line to represent The New Adventures of He-Man era. It’s not a bad figure but it’s just boring to me.

I didn’t mind getting Optikk back in 2010 because I’m always down for more mutants and monsters in any line. A regular human from a cartoon I couldn’t get into isn’t the kind of figure I really want in my collection but I do understand the importance of him and that faction for others that enjoyed this era of Masters of the Universe.

Icarius is now known by that name because the original name for the character in the cartoon and the vintage toy, Flipshot, wasn’t available because the trademark or copyright was lost by Mattel and another company owned the name.

The bio references the old name (very clever) as it shares the tale of Icarius arriving on Eternia looking to find He-Man and She-Ra.

Out of the box and without the flying piece attached to the figure, you can see that he is a regular dude in and outfit. There’s nothing too special or exciting about him and I think when you take a pilot human character and insert him into a world of creatures, barbarians, magic, and more, humans aren’t the most interesting.

Icarius comes with two separate heads so you can have the character have his helmet on or off on your shelf. I’m one of those collectors that end up with an extra loose figure when it has an alternate head to display so I display both heads on my shelf. If I only had one, it would probably be displayed with the helmeted head because the one without the helmet looks a lot like Val Kilmer.

Some of my favourite aspects of the figure is the armour piece (although it’s pretty bulky) and the boots.  The torso piece has that pilot look to it and the boots have an aerodynamic feel to them.

The jet pack that comes with the figure is pretty big. I like the sculpting on it and the small paint apps to it.  I also dig the removable missiles because if you’re a kid playing with this, it makes it more fun!fullsizeoutput_39e3The accessory that Icarius comes with, if you don’t count the jetpack as one, is a missile launcher that can attach to either wrist.  Even without the large jet pack, this is a pretty cool looking accessory.


I’m glad this character got the treatment it did for those who are big fans of the New Adventures era. He has multiple display options and the jetpack/missile launchers are impressive. If I cared about this character and New Adventures, I may have liked this figure more. It’s not a bad figure by all means but I just have no attachment or solid feelings about it. It’s just a “meh” figure on my shelf and I could take him or leave him.