Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 23

I’m back to showcase even more musical goodness I’ve acquired over the last little bit.  I always seem to have a backlog but I’m playing catch-up in the next two weeks! Hope you’re excited!

Like always, before I start, many thanks to Dave at Mad Rush Media.  Make sure you check out the Ebay store and buy lotsa good stuff!!

Immolation – Atonement (Nuclear Blast, 2017)
Gold Green Vinyl Ltd to 300

The 10th studio album from one of the best death metal bands of all times delivers, as per usual.  The tracks on there grab you by the throat and don’t let go.  I know there are people out there that rest their laurels on the band’s first few releases, but I like the clear production on this because I find I can take all the intricacies in.  A contender for my top ten of the year already.

Katatonia – Souls to Decay
(Avantgarde Music, 1997/ Reissue: Peaceville Records, 2013)

A 10″ EP with four songs – three from the original release and then the additonal song “Untrue” that wasn’t on the original release. It was the last release to feature Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt on vocals.

Katatonia – Discouraged Ones
(Avantgarde, 1998/ Reissue: Peaceville, 2013)

This is the album where Katatonia started to change from their straight death metal/doomy roots to more of a progressive metal band.  There are many great songs on this release.

VAST – Stripped (Self Released, 2017)

Jon Crosby, the songwriter/singer of Vast, has been doing his “Stripped” series through the band’s website. It features him performing songs over Vast’s entire catalogue acoustically.  He’s combined all the songs that were on the band’s debut album and put them in the same order for this release.  So basically, this is the debut album from the band re-recorded by Crosby acoustically.  There are no other instruments featured on this release.  It’s a good listen, especially if you liked the first album.

Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare (UMe/Universal, 2011)

I’m so happy I found this for $30! Besides Dirty Diamonds, this release was one I was one of the only vinyl releases I am missing and I found it in a store brand new!

I’ve had this album on CD since it was released and it is almost a front to backer for me besides “Ghouls Gone Wild” and “Disco Bloodbath.” Those song are awful.  Anyway, it’s nice to kick back with this one in anticipation for his newest release, Paranoiac Personality, arriving next week.

Opeth – Still Life (Peaceville, 1999/ Reissue, 2012)

Another classic here! Still Life is one of those albums you can put on and just melt into.  There’s not much more to say than if you haven’t heard this release, make sure you do.  It’s better than the proggy stuff they’re putting out now (not that I dislike what they’re doing now – I just prefer this stuff more).

Bloodbath – The Fathomless Mastery (Peaceville, 2008)

More Mikael Akerfeldt action in this feature! This is the last Bloodbath album to feature him on vocals.  If you crave old school, early 90s death metal, sink your teeth into this if you have never heard them before.  Classsic stuff!

Rotting Christ – Theogonia
(Season of Mist, 2007/ Reissue: Back on Black, 2015)

In the fairness of your time reading and my time writing, I’m just going to lump my write-up of all three albums into this quick paragraph. Rotting Christ is a band you can depend upon to bring quality songwriting into the realm of death metal.  In these albums, you can hear the band progress and still get stronger. That’s not to say any of these albums are weaker than the other.

I know Theogonia just got re-released with new artwork but I’m not sure what else was done with it in terms of remixing or remastering.

Rotting Christ – AEALO (Season of Mist, 2010/ Reissue: Back on Black, 2015)
Rotting Christ – Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού
(Season of Mist, 2013/ Reissue: Back on Black, 2014)

Here is my video with additional commentary on each album. Enjoy!!