Star Wars: Captain Phasma Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


I know I’ve looked at a lot of troopers recently. Technically this isn’t JUST a trooper – it’s the Captain of the troopers in Star Wars: Rogue One.  This figure has been out for quite a while and reviews have been mixed overall.  I still wanted it for my collection, though, and because I have it, I want to share my take on the figure.Captain Phasma came alongside my First Order Stormtrooper and that means this is another figure I got way below retail (almost $100 less), free shipping, and no duties or customs.  That’s a huge win in my book even if my guard was a bit up before the figure came due to reviews I read over the last year. Thank you to my source! Finn will hopefully be next!

The packaging is no surprise here and includes one of those awesome pictures on the inside flap that I love.

This figure is a bit larger than most – 13″ tall.  Captain Phasma features metallic paint all over her armour making her seem like she’s cast in chrome.  It is VERY reflective but I was also surprised to see it didn’t pick up fingerprints or smudges. I have no issue with paint flaking off anywhere either.

You may notice in some of the pictures some reflection and that just shows the excellent work Hot Toys did with making the armour look authentic to what we saw in The Force Awakens.

The head/mask sculpt seems spot on and is very similar to the First Order Stormtroopers’ helmet. The main difference, of course, being the chrome-like paint.  I am impressed with the weathering effects on the helmet (and all over the armour).  I was expecting it to be a completely clean figure but the effects give Phasma that “been in battle” look.

As mentioned, you can see the weathering all over the figure’s armour.  Similar to the First Order Stormtrooper, all the pouches and the thermal detonator holder are all permanently attached to the belt.  They are solid pieces and won’t budge.

Underneath the figure is a black under-suit that is really tight and doesn’t allow much movement at all.  If you see the middle picture below, the crotch piece, the high leg armour, and the tight under-suit all prohibit movement in that area.  That means less posing options, which is a bummer.

Adding to the lack of movement in the aforementioned areas, the torso also has barely any movement which is also disappointing and adds to not being able to pose the figure in a variety of ways. My figure also seems to lean a bit to its right and I can’t do anything to fix that.

The articulation points in the knees, the shoulders, and elbows aren’t hindered too badly by the under-suit but the rubbery suit gives a bit at those parts.  Unfortunately if you have your figures posed with these points bent, you’re going to see some wear and tear.

If you watch my video below, I filmed most of it last week and then had to redo a part at the end (I messed up how the cape should have been put on).  You can see what happens when I left my figure with the elbow point bent in a pose.

On the plus side, all these armour pieces have some great detailing on them along with the weathering effects.  You can even see the effect on the hands, too!

Down below in the pictures you can see some of the wrinkling and bending the material is subjected to when trying to pose the figure.  As well, the knee armour on the right leg popped off when trying to pose the figure and simply bending the knee joint.  The knee armour is held on by Velcro but the sticky part that is attached to the armour came off and I had to glue it back on.  What a pain in the ass.

I think Phasma is not too impressed with her lack of posing options!

Captain Phasma comes with a very large cape.  I was an idiot and didn’t realize when I did my video (I filmed before doing pics, which is usually a mistake) that I had put the cape on backwards.  Thankfully when starting to do these pictures, I noticed and fixed it all and filmed an addendum to my video and edited it.

At first I couldn’t snap the button into place because I couldn’t get my fingers in the right position under the helmet to make it work.  When I realized I had the cape on backwards, I also realized it was easier to pop off the head, snap the cape together, and then put the head back on.

The cape, when put on properly (sigh), looks great and bring a grandness to the figure. I really wish there was a wire in the cape so you could give it a little more life.

Phasma doesn’t come with a lot of extras. Like usual, though, there are many extra hands that come with the figure. Eight to be exact.  That gives you ten hands for your Phasma figure.  Hey, if you can’t really pose the figure well from the waste down, you may as well change the figure’s hands!


Captain Phasma’s only real accessory is the blaster rifle with the extended stock. I took a picture with it extended below.  It fits snugly in the trigger hands of the figure. I love the colour of the weapon and it contrasts well with Phasma when she’s holding it.

This figure has the same awesome feature the First Order Stormtrooper has – the ability to connect the blaster to the holder on the figure’s thigh via magnet.  I love this feature quite a bit.

Below are a few assorted pictures with and without the blaster in hand.

The figure looks great and it is good eye candy. I’ll give it that but this is another figure that doesn’t have a lot of options for posing.  The longer you have it in a pose I’m sure the worse the rubbery under-suit will look when you put the figure back in a relaxed pose.

Oh, look! The figure comes with a stand! Joy!


This would be one of those figures I would have been even more disappointed with if I paid what it is going for on Sideshow’s site ($249 US plus shipping to Canada and import fees and taxes – yikes!)  This time, though, I feel like the deal made me let the imperfections slide – to an extent. I’m still not happy with the figure overall and if I wanted something I could barely pose, I’d be collecting the Premium Format figures by Sideshow instead. Oh well, it is what it is and I got a deal.

Watch the video below for additional thoughts – especially the last five minutes where I added the part after I took the pictures for the figure. Enjoy!