Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Hurricane Hordak


It seemed like September, 2011 was “The Evil Horde” month because not only did Masters of the Universe Classics collectors get Leech, they (myself included, of course) got the third quarterly figure of the year: Hurricane Hordak.

I’ve stated before how lucky I was to have most of the vintage MOTU line as a child. The figures brought so much enjoyment and allowed my creativity to shine. Alas, Hurricane Hordak was a variant of the Horde’s leader I never had! I think it was because I already had a Hordak and the Snakemen were the fresh and exciting faction that arrived the year this variant came out (1986).

The vintage figure’s action feature had various twirling weapons/accessories that could plug into the figure’s right arm. To get them to spin, you’d spin the dial on the back of the figure with your thumb. The three interchangeable weapons brought variety to the figure’s action feature. As well, the figure had shiny vac-metal armour and it really distinguished it from the original vintage Hordak figure.

I always loved the commercial for the figure because it pitted Hordak against Skeletor and we really never saw villain vs. villain stuff. I never even knew the back of the vintage packaging had the same vibe.


The bio for the MOTUC figure explains that by the time Hordak returned to Eternia, Skeletor was ruling – or at least on the throne.  I don’t think I had realized how far into this new story they had gotten at this point and that Hordak’s upgraded armour and new weapon arsenal was all to challenge Skeletor for the throne.  Very dramatic, indeed!

The figure is the perfect representation of a repainted variant. Besides the “canon” for the right “hand,” and different paint application, this figure is basically the exact same figure (as far as I can tell) as the original MOTUC Hordak. Now, because of the new bio, we know that the armour looks this way for a reason.

Speaking of the armour, my problem with the figure is the sculpted dial on the back of the armour. The Four Horsemen wanted to keep the vintage figure represented by including the dial but my rationale is, if there is no action feature, don’t sculpt the dial! Below is the vintage figure’s back for a comparison for the picture above.  It was taken from an old Ebay listing.


The head sculpt for this figure is great and it should be because it’s the same one used with the first MOTUC Hordak figure.  It wasn’t until I was doing close-up photos for this guy I realized the top of his left ear was missing.  Maybe my figure had a Vincent van Gogh moment during his moment of genius?


This new vac-metal is damn shiny even without the bright lights from my picture box beaming down on it.  I know there were people saying on the forums that the vac metal was flaking and coming off their figure (or has over time).  I’ve had this figure since day one and there has been no issues with mine at all even with posing him often and him falling off my shelf. Maybe I was lucky.


You can’t be “Hurricane Hordak” without your essential attachments, can you? Nope! Below you can see the three different weapons that plug into Hordak’s right wrist.  Hell, the piece on Hordak’s forearm is so well done and sculpted, you don’t even need to plug any of the attachments in for him to look cool.  The piece can just simulate a blaster.

I was never sure what these attachments/weapons were called so I went searching on the good old Internet! According to and their archived packaging of the vintage figure, the first weapon Hordak comes with is a four pronged battle shield.

I never really thought of this thing thing as a shield but it does make sense. If it spun rapidly, it could potentially block projectiles.  I always thought of it as more of a claw to pick up items (like in the vintage commercial) and launch them with hurricane-like force.  You could even imagine this piece creating a mini hurricane that could be aimed and controlled.  Anyone else have some ideas?


The second piece could also create wind or block projectiles.  This bat wing propeller is probably something Hurricane Hordak used for flight. Then again, with his ability to disappear and reappear with his magic, why would he need to take flight?


Lastly, this piece is a three headed “thunderball” mace.  These could probably spin and be launched at such force that even the strongest heroic warrior would be knocked back a few pegs.


For fun, here is the first MOTUC Hordak next to Hurricane Hordak.  You can really see the majority of the differences comes from the paint and the vac metal (and weapons, of course).


While this figure wouldn’t have been high on my list I think he turned out well.  My figure holds up really well today.  I don’t have an issues with paint, articulation, or loose joints.  Yeah, he has a messed up ear and I can live with that.  I’m sure this figure would have been even better if it HAD an action feature still but it didn’t – and I still don’t like the sculpted-on dial. Ugh!