Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sixth Scale Mousers by Mondo


If you frequent my site, you’ll know I loves me some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My reviews of the TMNT 1/6 scale figures by DreamEX have been big hits on here (use the menu feature if you haven’t seen them) and on my YouTube channel.

DreamEX put out the four Turtles and Casey Jones but there has only been one villain: Shredder.  Krang has been teased but that was last year.  Here’s hoping at this year’s SDCC, we hear more news.

I give you all that background information because I’m lacking TMNT villains in this scale in my Deltof shelf! The solution? Turn to Mondo who have been releasing their own 1/6 scale TMNT figures. Long story short as to why I didn’t buy those Turtles is the lack of money to spend on them and I liked the designs of the DreamEX ones more so it was one set or the other.  That doesn’t mean I couldn’t splurge on these Mousers, though.

The two Mousers come in this really attractive box that features them on the front and an excellent painting of all four Turtles on the back.  When you open the box, the window box packaging feature a sketch of the Mousers that are on the front as well as where Mint in Box/Package fans could see them if they weren’t taking them out of the box.

The Mouser(s) feels pretty sturdy in hand. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be cheap, hollow plastic or something with a little bit more beef to them.  I can say that they don’t feel cheap at all and if, for some reason, they fell, I don’t think they’d break too easy.

The head is on a ball joint so there’s a range of motion there (see the video below).  As well, the figure’s legs move and all the little circle paint deco you see on the legs and feet, those are all articulated points! You’ll be able to get some good stances with your Mouser’s feet. All that articulation in the feet also means you won’t have them falling over.

The jaw is articulated (as they should be).  I love the metallic look and finish inside the mouth.  In the right light, it actually looks like inside of the mouth lights up on it’s own.  It’s a cool contrast.

Pairing the Mousers with the Turtles I have is a total blast.  You can have the Mousers attacking the Turtles and pose them swarting them off with their various weapons.  I had my thoughts about scoring a few more packs of these so each Turtle had two Mousers to fight – then I thought about cost.  I WAS lucky enough, though, to get this set for $40 with damn cheap shipping to Canada. I don’t know if I’ll get that lucky again.

I know the heroes and villains are from two different companies but the look and scale of the Mondo’s Mousers work well the DreamEX figures. For now Shredder as a bit of extra strength on his side in my display cabinet. I’m glad I picked them up and would gladly welcome more if the budget saw fit.


Enjoy the video!