Star Wars: Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


I feel like a lucky man as I received a figure this week I didn’t think was coming out for a while longer: the Snowtrooper from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back from Hot Toys!I know I have been reviewing a lot of Troopers from the Star Wars universe lately.  It really isn’t on purpose in one way because I’m loving collecting the 1/6 scale (12″ figures) from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles and it seems like they’re coming out in droves or I’m just nailing the back catalogue.

The amount of money freed up from collecting the Masters of the Universe Classics line (see my Rewind features) every month has given me more than enough to snag one of these or more a month this year.

Without blabbing too much, when this figure went up for preorder, I hit the “buy” button pretty damn fast.  I love Troopers, I love The Empire Strikes Back, I love Suffocation (the band whose new album I’m listening to while t I’m typing all of this up), and I love the design of this character.  It was a no-brainer.

This figure came in three different options: the one I’m showing you, one that had some extra accessories so it could represent the character/form in the Battlefront game by EA, and a two pack that has two figures with more accessories.  I didn’t want my Snowtrooper flying around and I couldn’t pull the trigger on getting the two pack when I don’t believe Snowtroopers can fly.  Laugh it up!

As you can see, ol’ Snowtroopy comes in that familiar Hot Toys box with an excellent picture of the figure in front of a backdrop when you open the package.

Getting this guy out to display is a thing of beauty.  I mean, he’s just so true to the awesome Snowtrooper design from The Empire Strikes Back that I’m afraid that come wintertime, he’s going to pop out of my display case and demand something warm to drink.  He’s that awesome!

He’s 12″ and in the perfect scale for the line. While he does have more movement than many of the Hot Toys figures I’ve looked at recently, he still has some obstructions.  His arms at the elbows and shoulders have way more range than the last figures I looked at by Hot Toys. Namely the Shoretrooper and Death Trooper Specialist (deluxe version), which is good.  Unfortunately, there’s not much movement in the the waist, abdomen, or upper legs due to the cog piece.

One thing I was really surprised about was the fabric piece under the armour. I always thought the Snowtrooper was really, really white to make him/her almost invisible when battling on Hoth.  With this figure, it seems like the fabric is off-white/beige (listen to my colour rationale in the video below).  Perhaps I just wasn’t as attentive to the smaller scale figures as long as the helmet and upper armour was representing that blizzard-style look.

The figure still looks great overall even though I thought it was all going to be a brilliant, glossy white. The backpack piece, while also great looking and movie accurate (to me), is a bitch.  Why? It took me over 30 minutes with a steady hand and tweezers to get it into place.  The hooks are so hard to get into the latches and because this thing also has a magnet which attaches to the Trooper’s back (something I would have applauded for the Sandtrooper to keep that huge mo-fo’s stuff in place), it was time consuming.  Now that it’s place, I’m fine with it.


The place where the thermal detonator piece goes in the back that usually pops off with most Troopers is sculpted on.  The sculpting/detailing on the front and back of the armour as well as the backpack is minimal but also portrays what it was in the movies.  I was surprised by the amount of dirt on the figure had as opposed to a more clean look to the figure and the amour I was expecting. I understand it gives the figure an “in battle” look, but I was hoping to see something more untouched.

Oh man…when discussing that iconic Trooper’s helmet, I have to say that Hot Toys nailed it. Ok, there may those that are going to nit-pick here and there and that’s OK. To me, though it is spot on.

Although I think helmet is very movie accurate, I have to say I was very surprised by the thin plastic used for the veil (if that’s what you call it – I couldn’t think of that word for the life of me when doing the video).  It is so thin I’m not sure if there will be wear and tear over the life of the figure from just posing the head in different positions.

The rest of the helmet features the same dirty, weathering look I wasn’t expecting.  It’s still pulled off well and gives the figure a uniform look.

I’m featuring these boots with specific pictures because they are so well done. I love the detailing in the straps, the wrinkling, and the wear and tear.  They are still a bit dirtier than I though they would be but with the overall aesthetic of the figure, they work very well.

Moving onto the extras the figure comes with, you know you’re getting extra hands.  You get two closed fists, two trigger hands, and an open hand as the extras.  All have the excellent sculpting textures as featured on the hand the figure is packed with.


The figure also comes with a display base based on the snowy conditions on Hoth.  I love it!!! It’s cool (no pun intended) to see the vertical piece is also white to keep the motif/feeling alive.


The reason I’m showing the display base before the weapon this time is because it stands out when I lay it out on it. Unfortunately it seems like we’re getting the same blaster pistol we’ve gotten before.  What throws me off as I write this (and I’ll hopefully correct before or just after I publish this) is the scope to make the weapon a bit more unique then the ones before it.  Nonetheless, it is another excellent sixth scale weapon with intricate detailing in the sculpt work and paint accentuation.


This guy/girl was fun to pose and I’m sure there are people out there who will enjoy the various poses and hand combinations with or without weapons.

You’re not getting a lot of of extras here with this figure if you’re buying this edition and I think that should maybe take the overall price down a bit.  I just couldn’t justify getting the deluxe edition to see a Snowtrooper take flight. That meant I couldn’t part with more money for two of them.  At least you’re getting a character that is really true to form from a movie you love.  That’s how I’m looking at it.


Enjoy the video!!!