Star Wars: Sith Probe Droids – Sixth Scale Expansion Set by Sideshow Collectibles


This feature is going to be shorter than usual.  The reason is I’m looking at this accessory pack that came out in 2007 and feature three similar probe droids that are on a stand so there’s not that much to really discuss. That’s not to say that just because I’m not writing a lot about them, they aren’t good.  I got these for 20 bucks unopened and I thought they would be a good companion piece in my shelving unit to go with my Darth Maul I reviewed last year.  Hell, if you missed it, I also had to destroy one.

The three probe droids come in this awesome packaging that showed what Sideshow Collectibles was releasing at the time.  I really like all the graphics on it and the front of the box is especially cool.

On the inside you can see how they were packed and there is also a small bio.  This edition of the Probe droids isn’t the exclusive (or the “inclusive” as they were known then).  The exclusive edition had one more of the sand bases that could be put another figure’s display stand.  I wouldn’t have use for it so I’m not bothered I didn’t get that version.

Once you get these things out of the package, you can clearly see all three are identical.  The only thing different are the sizes of the black plastic rods that attach into the bottom of them and into the display stand. I would have loved to see clear, translucent rods used instead.

I didn’t have any issues getting these in place except one of the droids where it was a bit harder than the other two to get the rod to go into.

I like the design of these droids.  They are pretty basic but they still do have some detail to them and a bit of colour in some spots.  I haven’t sat with any movie still but they seems pretty accurate to what I saw in The Phantom Menace. They are light and the only thing I think you’d have to worry about is the antenna potentially snapping off if your dropped them.

Besides the little display base, the set included a droid controller bracelet.  It doesn’t fit on my Darth Maul and I’m not putting it on any of my other figures, so it’s going back in the box.  I didn’t know Darth Maul needed one of these to control droids.


So there you go: a short little review/feature and some pictures.  For $20/25 they are a cool little addition to have to add some variety to your shelf.  I’m sure any collectors that are interested in these can track them down for what I paid with no problem.


Enjoy the video!