Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Leech


September 2011 brought another figure I was really excited about to my door: Leech.  For those not in the know, I love The Evil Horde faction of Masters of the Universe. They seemed so badass and I wanted this faction to become complete faster more than any other in the line.Leech went through a bunch of various looks throughout MOTU lore.  His vintage figure was a bit different looking than his 80s Filmation cartoon counterpart.  Then in the 200X cartoon and NECA Staction, he looked a bit different again.  This MOTUC figure was a true amalgamation of all the past styles of Leech all into one.

If you weren’t into the vintage Masters of the Universe figures, or at least didn’t have Leech, his action feature was the power of suction through his mouth.  It was done by pressing a button on the back of the figure in and pressing his mouth against a smooth surface and, through suction, he’d stick. This worked on glass the best, of course.  The Masters of the Universe Classics line wasn’t incorporating action features into the figures, so Leech didn’t come with the ability his vintage figure did.

The bio mentions how Leech has the power to drain the strength of his enemies but that’s old news. What is new and interesting, to me, is his real name and finding out that he was actually brain washed by Shadow Weaver instead of being a voluntary member of the Horde.

Besides the legs and upper arms, this figure was almost a completely fully-tooled figure, meaning that he didn’t reuse many parts the other figures did.  The torso is quite larger than most figures and I’m glad they kept his vintage figure proportions in tact.

I usually don’t do side profiles of my MOTUC figures in these features but because of Leech’s unique face sculpt, I thought a side profile with the whole body present was a necessity to really portray this guy well for people who haven’t seen him before.

I think the addition of the shoulder armour on the figure’s left arm is a cool bonus and I like all the extra sculpting on the back of the figure and around the neck area.  The large Horde emblem is front and centre, showing all those that get in his path who and what he’s representing.  The Horde armband that the faction wears is also apparent on his left arm.

As mentioned, the vintage figure’s head was engineered to be a suction cup and therefore his mouth was flat.  The Four Horsemen blended the various visages of Leech into one look.  I think the result was/is pretty damn good. I think back in the day there were people complaining that the mouth and teeth were way too big and I think some people wondered why an articulated jaw/mouth wasn’t created for this figure. I’m still on the side that thinks it turned out well.

I have to say the large teeth and large head makes this guy look absolutely viscous.  He’s not as menacing as the NECA Staction (my favourite design of the character) but he does look pretty damn pissed, riled up, ready to fight.  The one thing I’m not a fan of is the amount of paint slop on Leech’s teeth.

I love the suction cups on Leech’s hands and feet. They are large and the perfect size to drain Eternians of their strength and power.

One of the main staples of The Evil Horde is each member coming with a crossbow.  In the vintage line, the characters came with the same crossbow but in different colours. We already had Hordak and Grizzlor in our collections at this point and those two not only had different colours on their crossbows but there were variations on the head on them.  The Four Horsemen continued this trend with Leech’s crossbow as you can see below.

The crossbow fits well on both hands.  I never pictured Leech being a character that would use a crossbow because he’d be focused on getting close to use his suction cups or mouth (!!!) on his enemies but I suppose the crossbow could stun someone from afar and allow Leech to get close to utilize his powers.

Leech came with a bonus accessory that is pretty damn cool: a Horde net that’s shaped as the Horde bat logo! The vintage figure didn’t come with this accessory so it was a really superb idea.  Perhaps this net could launch from the crossbow?

The net is made from a soft plastic but it’s not delicate at all and you don’t have to worry about it tearing easily.  You can stick the suction cups on a flat surface to trap figures against it or you can wrap it around a figure and stick the cups together.


There’s a lot of fun to be had posing Leech getting the better of others.  What will poor Prince Adam do now?

While at this point in time we were now three strong with The Evil Horde, I wanted more and faster.  Leech was not only a fine addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics line but also to the faction I adore.