Star Wars: Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack – Sixth Scale Figure Set by Sideshow Collectibles

If you’re a regular to my page, you already know that I didn’t get into collecting 1/6 (sixth) scale high-end figures until a few years ago.  That means I missed out on a lot of awesome pieces.

Two of those pieces I missed out I wanted badly were the Jabba the Hutt sixth scale figure and his throne environment. As you can tell because of the highlighted links, I got what I considered to be two of my grails but Sideshow also released two creature packs to go along with Jabba and his throne as well as a palace wall diorama.  The diorama was limited to 750 pieces and it very expensive on Ebay, so I don’t see myself being able to score it.

I finally scored one of the two creature packs at my local comic/collectible’s store, Heroes Comics.  It was there for $100 Canadian, so it was a steal compared to the Ebay auctions in US dollars. This set was originally released in 2007 and cost about $35 US at the time.  The version I’m looking at is the regular edition. There was an “inclusive” edition that had one other small additional fly/lizard-like creature. I try and track down the inclusive/exclusive versions but I couldn’t say no for the price.

As you can see below, the boxes used to have a lot more going on in 2007 compared to what we get now from Sideshow and Hot Toys.   Inside the box you can read small bios on most of the creatures that come in this set.

Sand Skitter

This little tiny guy is like a hybrid of a rat and a slug.  I don’t recall seeing this thing at all in the Return of the Jedi so I’m unsure where the inspiration came from.  Perhaps it was a creature/character guide or they did make one and it’s somewhere in the film.  Someone can fill me in!

This little guy is a solid piece with no articulation. You can check out the video at the end of this feature to see how small this thing actually is.


According to the write-up on the inside of the box, Worrts are “dim-witted, frog-like creatures (and they) ambush predators that feed upon small road creatures and vermin, snapping them up with whip-lashing tongues and broad maws.”  I guess with all the excitement in and around Jabba’s palace, there is a lot of traffic and scraps which is ideal for these guys.

This figure is another solid plastic piece with no articulation.  I do like the sculpting on it and the sad expression makes me want to adopt him and give it a hug.  Anyone else get that vibe from this thing?


I’m assuming the name for this creature is Ghoel and his species is a “Wol Cabashite.” To make things simple, according to the box, “Ghoel is actually quite intelligent, though he spends the long hours of his sedentary existence hanging like a fungus from the wall of Jabba’s audience chamber, his long, snaking tongue arching out to scent and identify passing aliens and droids.”

I really like the uniqueness of this character. He looks like a slug but also reminds me of a catfish.  The large tongue has me thinking the character could even be blind and totally relies on its tongue for everything.

I didn’t get a picture of the underside of my figure (I thought I did) but it’s in the video. There is a magnet on the bottom of the figure and I’m assuming it allows this figure to attach to the Palace diorama that I’ll never be able to afford.

Salacious B. Crumb

I always dug Salacious Crumb.  I was so happy when I got cards with his pictures on it when I collected ROTJ cards back when I was a kid and I tried to get the majority of the figures S.C. came with in the 90s/early 2000s.  Once I got my sixth scale Jabba and his throne, I started hunting for him because Jabba just couldn’t be without his jester.

Crumb is in a static pose basically.  The only articulation is in his arms and they can only move up and down – and that’s even limited.  I was surprised to see I couldn’t move his head up, down, left, or right.

I think Sideshow did a really good job with the head sculpt on Salacious Crumb.  He looks like he’s practically jumped out of the movie.  I think the painting on the figure – especially the dark wash used on his ears and face is done very well.  I like the work done on the mouth, too.  The expression suits the character.


Below is a closer look at some of the detailing on Crumb’s hands, feet, arms, and legs. I wish this guy was more articulated as there’s so many fun poses I could see doing with him – like even crawling all over Jabba or attacking my Sideshow C-3P0.


Salacious Crumb comes with his own pillow to sit on. Jabba’s Throne environment came with a few pillows but this one is contoured to fit Crumb.

Four little figures with no articulation isn’t something most people would want to spend $100 on.   Unfortunately, that’s what you pay (or more) for figures on the aftermarket.  I’d love to see Salacious Crumb tackled again now that Sideshow and Hot Toys have come so far with sculpting and engineering of figures and articulation.

I’m happy I found the pack for what I paid for it and I’m the kind of person that probably would have paid that price just for Crumb alone if that’s how he was packed initially just so him and Jabba could be together again.


Enjoy the video!!!